We all know the mainstream media has the power to pull every string they need to when it comes to presidential elections…and folks, that’s already in progress now, has been for months. Manipulation and intimidation is the name of their game when it comes to low-information voters!

And just in case you haven’t noticed…since Chris Christie has had his recent problems, the newest RINO the left really, really loves and wants to see at the top of the republican ticket is none other than Jeb Bush! – Color me shocked, shocked I tell ya!

See what you think about this report:

The Republican Party never seems to learn. More specifically, it seems as though Republican voters never seem to learn. How many times can we get fleeced because the media tells us that a certain candidate is the right one? It has happened time and time again. This tradition goes back quite a ways, but the most egregious example of the Left hijacking our Party is from 2008.

Who would have guessed in 2006 that by 2008, John McCain would have been our Republican nominee for president? I certainly would not have guessed that John McCain would be our nominee. Why would we ever choose a candidate that is so unconservative? But we did, and he lost. Why did we choose him? Was it because we actually believed him to be the right man for the job? Was it because we liked his conservative credentials? No. We voted for him because the mainstream, liberal media told us to.

The hijacking of Republican primaries is a common practice for the Democrats. The Left decides that a particular candidate would be a weak opponent, and they then proceed to flood the airwaves with chatter as to why they believe that candidate will win the primaries. This chatter often contains the words “front runner,” and “favored.” The media constructs a narrative in which these weak candidates are the ones to beat in the Republican primaries. After being inundated with story after story about how these weak candidates’ victories are a forgone conclusion, Republican voters either stay home, or hypnotically pull the lever for the candidate the media has been hyping. It’s outrageous.

The Left knows how to play the media hype game so well, and we continue to fall for it time and time again. Now, once again, the media is beginning to construct their new narrative. This time, it pertains to 2016. According to Tony Lee, of Breitbart:

“Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has not made any formal moves to indicate he will run for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016, but he is already rated as the top contender by one university, even though he does not lead in any preliminary presidential polls.”

The university of Virginia center for politics has decided, and declared that Jeb Bush is now the front runner for the Republican nomination in 2016. This is classic voter manipulation. The left-wing media is beginning to pull all the right levers, thus ensuring a Jeb Bush primary victory in 2016. We cannot let that happen.

Yes, the manipulation is the fault of the Left, but it is our fault that we fall for it. By believing the false hype created by the media, and either abstaining, or choosing to vote for a RINO, we are willfully terminating our Party. We must stand for conservative candidates, no matter what the hype machine says, and no matter who they claim is the inevitable winner. Inevitability is a lie.

It’s time to buck the system, and actually choose our candidate ourselves. Vote for the best man, or woman, and tell the establishment, and the media to jump in a lake. We’re not falling for the hype anymore.


Check this out: *Ugh* Jeb Bush Says Illegal Immigrants Are “Risk Takers”

So, if Jeb throws his hat in the ring, will the leftist msm win…or not? We also can’t forget those in power behind the scenes on the right either, Karl Rove being one of them. He also has Fox News to use as his bully-pulpit too…don’t think for a second Rove and ilk wouldn’t love to see the likes of Jeb Bush being the republican nominee, they would. Include those in power like Tom Donohue, he heads the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Donohue is all for amnesty for illegals etc, etc. – We’re in for a real fight at the ready!

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