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A famous quote from Orwell’s book ‘Animal Farm’ states:


The Question of the Day is whether equal application of the law exists in America 2016?

We have watched the IRS scandal drag on for five years until now it has shriveled up like Michael Moore’s tiny weenus in freezing water. No one lost their job. No one is behind bars. No, the parties involved in tyranny against every day American taxpayers are either working with the IRS or collecting a fat retirement.

Oh sure, Trey Gowdy snorted and stomped in front of the cameras for effect (and campaign dollars) but it was all show. We’ve come to learn he is just another tool in the Establishment toolbox.

Just how many scandals has Imam Obama been linked to? All he has to do is enact Executive Privilege and the wussypants Republicans recoil like Whoopie looking in the mirror. Nothing happens.

Which brings us to Hillary Clinton. Dayum! What the hell does she have to do to get indicted? If we have learned anything, she can do anything and never be indicted! This includes selling off US tax dollars to the highest bidder to the Clinton Foundation. Not to mention her security crimes with a private server that was with certainty hacked by foreign enemies when she was SecState. Not to mention perjury in stating her hard drive was shredded. Or when found not shredded, that it never contained any classified documents. It did. All blatant lies told under oath before Congress.

So does equal application of the rule of law apply in America anymore? Or are the politically connected animals in Washington “more equal” to us lowly taxpaying animals?

I believe AWD readers know where I stand.



  1. Spurwing Plover

    Dont ever expect Hillary or any other of Obama the finks cabinet to ever be indited for anything look how slick willy was never indited for treason and rape the same for gore selling out to terrorists

    • So true. I laughed when I first heard of the “investigation” as per “Benghazi”. And boy, did I take endless heat for same. On this very website no less amongst other locals by all the know it all Republicans. I still do.
      I saw Gowdy from the start as being all part and parcel to the smoke and mirrors kabuki show, but I was wrong, or so I have been told. Sure glad that Gowdy and his got those stones fully turned, exposing and convicting the guilty for the stand down order and all that went with same that, of course, could never have been an arranged assassination. No, that would never have been the case now? Or would it? I mean, if “Benghazi” was indeed an assassination made to look like an attack it sure would answer many a riddle. What’s that old saying….., “Dead men tell no tales”? Ya, something like that.

      And hows about the doppelganger “Osama bin Laden” who was killed and whose body was lost, I mean conspicuously, immediately buried at sea as opposed being flown back to Dover? You know, the one taken out by the US Navy Seals who, ever so “oddly” lost their lives in a “freak” “accident” because of what they obviously knew? Whats that old saying…., “Dead men tell no tales”? Ya, something like that.

      I see that Antonin Scalia died of a “heart attack”. How utterly convenient. No, I don’t mean convenient, I meant just due to age. Of course. Of course it was his age. Nothing to see here, just keep moving……..

      And I’ve always gotten a big kick out of the “9-11” narrative. You know the one where the government claims a bunch of rag tag Middle Eastern street folk “terrorists” with no military background nor a bare bones minimum of at least 3,000 plus hours flying large, long haul commercial aircraft – and specifically Boeing equipment – could pull off what is claimed. Just loved the molten steel pouring down from WTC 2, or how WTC 1, 2 and 7 fell at free fall speed. Or how a Boeing 757 “piloted” by a neophyte could so perfectly put the craft right up against the side of a building like a bowling ball at over 430kts having been at flight level 41 (4,100 feet) only 52 seconds before. No fleet aviator could match that, but I digress. And that’s just a smidgeon of all the inconvenient facts, but I digress. Sure glad the US invaded Iraq and Afghanistan for the sake of “liberty and freedom”.

      It’s ALL an arranged show. Wish it wasn’t but it is. We’ll never get these monsters in charge and their supporting cast and crew either off the stage (DC) nor out of the building (our nation).

      Get ready for President Clinton a third plus time………………….

  2. DC is a club…..

    and we ain’t members.

  3. PrepperDaddy

    Your right AWD, we do know where you stand; you stand with us.

  4. I thought Trey Gowdy was a “stand up” guy. I must of missed the happenings of Gowdy that now has him in the dog house.
    What Happened?

    • mrchuck………Gowdy has been playing to the camera for quite some time now……all the big talk…..Gowdy knows how to speak “conservative lingo”…also known as conserva-speak……Gowdy is a master at it………

      I know at first glance he appears to have our backs but if you have watched any of these hearings that he chairs concerning the criminal IRS conspiracy and how Obongo has used the IRS as a weapon against conservatives and has gotten away with this lawlessness…….it appears the fix is in….nothing is going to happen under the watchful eye of Trey Gowdy…..”NOTHING”………can you spell nothing……can you understand what the true meaning of what nothing means……Trey Gowdy is part of the republitard establishment that knows how to talk a good game and do absolutely nothing even when he has the evidence in hand he won;t do a damn thing……..

      Gowdy had these IRS bastards dead to right……he had them…..he had them destroying evidence….defying court orders……defying the congress…….spitting in the face of congress and the American people……..he fu_king had them and he has done nothing…..”NOTHING”…….and he intends on doing nothing……

      Gowdy and his buddies that are running the show want that IRS power for themselves……they want this power for when it’s their turn to occupy the white house……they are intending to do exactly what this criminal administration has done with the IRS…use it as a weapon…….keep it in their back pockets as one for their tools that they can wield it when it comes time……..

      Trey Gowdy fu_ked us……..he has basically lied to us……the hearings were nothing but a sham……..and some of us are not fooled by his bullsh*t fake hearings…….nothing but a show……….

      Gowdy is as much a part of the establishment as bonehead Boehner was…..he is establishment just as much as McConnell is establishment…….he fu_king sold us down the road……and screwed us with no grease……..all the while pretending something was going to happen…..everyone of those criminals in the IRS and the members of congress that conspired with the IRS have gone scot free and Gowdy is going to do nothing……nothing……nothing……nothing……and it’s because him and his cohorts want that power for themselves… it’s fu_k the American people again……and please don’t think that when the establishment gets that power that they won’t use it against conservatives just like Obongo has used it against us……..

      I hate to rant on about this but I have watched this from the beginning and it stinks to high heavens and Gowdy is right in the thick of it……….and I for one am tired of being lied to by these fake conservative muther-fu_kers……………

      • “….keep it in their back pockets as one of their tools that they can wield it when it comes time…”
        This is very true. One of my favorite AWD quotes is that the political class is like the WWE. They snarl at each other for the cameras but then go for cocktails

  5. Spurwing Plover

    And Obama is the head pig Napoleon his band of vicious mutts is the IRS

  6. Amerigeddon the movie………..a flick about what we are up against…….who the god damn establishment really is and what they are really up to……and it ain’t good…….

  7. Rebelpatriot

    It really is astonishing to me that anyone in their right mind would want to be in law enforcement or the military. The DC circus of clowns is in full speed ahead and the law abiding, tax paying citizens be damned. This country is screwed from top to bottom. I myself, I have no more faith in the wretched system.

  8. One may just look at the race question in the nation to see that black and other minorities have a lot more rights and perks than white people. Illegal and unconstitutional laws like affirmative action and a hundred school associated perks show that there is a black privilege in this nation. Like the Animal Farm quote about equality said…..’all animals are equal but some are more equal than others’. That is the US in a nut shell. When they got away with discriminating against the majority whites then they decided that their political class should get away with murder too. After all… one seems to care. Well I fking caer and many hundreds of thousands just like me care and we have enough that ‘care’ that we are a sizeable army. Think about that…..Washington D.C.

  9. Gowdy was nothing more than the Emperor ordering gladiator games to distract the masses. I knew nothing would ever come of this.

    Now, Hitlery is only 2 weeks from winning the nomination. Just as we will never impeach the first black president, we will never indict a Clinton.

    Sadly, Merica is done, pull the plug. Take us off life-support.

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