Well now…isn’t this just precious? Here we have a couple examples of your typical leftist-loon spewing their typical agenda-driven racist diatribe…again. And as usual the mainstream media keep their lips zipped when it comes to their filthy hypocrisy. I, for one, am past sick and tired of this intentional lying BS…how about you? Talk about double-standard lies…if this isn’t proof of that, I don’t know what is!

First up we have SanFranNan’s off-spring doing her best to make everything and everyone she interviews a ‘racist.’

This is via Beltway Confidential:

Mediaite spies this video produced by Nancy Pelosi’s daughter Alexandra for liberal comedian Bill Maher mocking poor white people in the South.

The video features stereotypical white southern people, painting them as racist, toothless, hicks, clinging to their guns and religion while hating the president.

Each person interviewed by Pelosi is baited with questions like “Why don’t you like the president?” “Is it because he’s black?” and “You don’t like black people?”

Astounded by their views against Obamacare, a stunned Pelosi exclaims, “A lot of people in Mississippi need health care!” and “You don’t care about the economy!”

And blah blah blah!

Then we have the oh-so-classy leftist radio talking-head Stephanie Miller spewing her garbage as well.

This is via WFB:

LEE PAPA: Who’s saying she’s hurting Obama because of the GOP’s stance on women’s issues now. You can’t turn back the clock, and that’s what they want to do. They don’t want to conserve what exists, they want to actually turn it back.

STEPHANIE MILLER: So what happens in Crackerland this week, as we like to say? We have, what, Alabama and Mississippi coming up tomorrow.

PAPA: I think Santorum and Gingrich split the yahoos in Alabama and Romney just flat out wins Mississippi.

And just remember…if you reside in the south and your vote is cast for anyone else for president other than the ‘Master-of-Disaster‘…you must be a racist yahoo who happens to be a white, toothless, hick that could care less about the economy and all that jazz!

Seems to me they left out the bible-thumpin’, gun-totin’ rednecks…methinks they’re slippin’ on the job!

Dudes and Dudettes…we all know what the majority of the msm would be doing by now if any radio talking-head on the right had used terms that had been used here from Miller or any prominent republican son or daughter who did the interview above for HBO/Maher in the way Pelosi did. We can throw in the non-stop screeching from the democrats in congress, the print media as well, and of course the left-wing blogs to-boot!

Agenda, agenda, agenda!

Oh yes…hypocrisy runs deep. ~ True Colors Come Shining Through!


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