Dudes and Dudettes…are you ready for the rumble tomorrow with the Wisconsin Recall vote taking place? The mainstream media has been going bonkers today about all of this. The dems have been trying to play this down for more than a week if they lose the election with their same old talking points from many of the usual suspects…but things change with them as always, since yesterday the dems have really been revving it up for a win. The DOJ announced they will be monitoring the recall vote today as well as other states. Both sides have recall lawyers at the ready too, which I’m hoping the right side won’t need…but time will tell.

I have so much saved about this subject that I wanted to share with you it’s not funny, but at this stage of the game that would be an impossibility to do…so I’ll cut to the chase with a few stories that sum it up.

First up we have this via FNI:

The Wisconsin recall election between Governor Scott Walker (R) and Mayor Tom Barrett (D) is set to take place on Tuesday, but now there are warnings of possible voter fraud. Fox News’ Eric Shawn dug deeper into this alarming issue to find out if it will affect next week’s election. Gov. Walker told The Weekly Standard, “I’ve always thought in this state, close elections, presidential elections, it means you probably have to win with at least 53 percent of the vote to account for fraud. One or two points, potentially.”

Shawn talked to one Wisconsin voter who told him that she believes fraud can swing an election. Nancy Harrison-Noonan said, “I think voter fraud is a reality of our time, as I think Wisconsin voters are aware.” Another voter, Eleanora Givens, told Shawn that she has faith in the electoral system and in the people.

The head of the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, Kevin Kennedy said, “It’s a human driven process. There are always people who are going to try to gain the system. We, like all states, have crimes for election violations.”

In the city of Delafield, near Milwaukee, there are already allegations that several absentee ballots were submitted. Brian Sikma, who is the Communications Director of the conservative watchdog group Media Trackers, joined America’s News HQ today. He told Shawn, “Wisconsin has a history of tight elections and narrow outcomes and voter fraud could sway the election one way or the other.”

Sikma went on to explain that a county judge asked for the state’s voter ID laws to be suspended, so now going into Tuesday’s election there are no voter ID provisions in place. He continued, “There’s also the fact that absentee ballots, as you mentioned moments ago, there are reports that some ballots have been distributed perhaps improperly. So as we move forward, the integrity of the process could be in question.”

Here we have Gov. Walker with Neil Cavuto as well in a ‘Sneak Peek’…full interview later this afternoon. This is also via FNI:

In this sneak peek clip of the interview, Walker questioned why President Obama hasn’t campaigned for his opponent Mayor Tom Barrett in the state. Walker said, “I think it’s a sign that there’s real concern. What I’ve seen over the weekend are voters who tell me that they voted for my opponent or they tell me they’re Democrats but in each case, they tell me they’re voting for me now either because they like the courage to take on the tough problems, or a number of Democrats tell me they don’t like the recall process. My guess is the president and his folks just want to shy away from that.”

Cavuto weighed in saying that it is a tough position for the president because his approval rating is high in Wisconsin, and he may have felt that it would do him more harm than good to get in the middle of the recall election.

Now, when it comes to what Cavuto said at the end, I totally disagree with. As far as I’m concerned Dear Leader is scared of his own shadow if he went to Wisconsin now…he’s trying to avoid being blamed. Either way, you can be sure the democrats, especially the Union big-wigs have to be furious behind the scenes. We all know it too.

Lastly for the fun it…I want to show some ‘Stuck on Stupid’ for the topper today. This is via FreeBeacon:

MILWAUKEE, Wis. — Rep. Gwen Moore (D., Wis.) got down with her bad self at a Friday rally in Milwaukee, singing and dancing to the tune of “Hit The Road Jack” in front of a crowd of thousands.

Moore was speaking at rally for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who is challenging incumbent Republican Gov. Scott Walker in Tuesday’s recall election, when she burst into song.

“Hit the road Scott!” Moore bellowed—a play on the rhythm and blues song made famous by Ray Charles. “Great Scott, Scott Walker, you gotta go baby. We don’t want you no more.”

Moore led the crowd through several verses and choruses of the song, railing against Walker’s policies while swaying back and forth to an imaginary beat.

I’m telling you friends, that woman above is really stretching it when it comes to anyone with brain that works patience, but it’s amusing through my viewfinder in life. She exemplifies the definition of desperate.

So Dudes and Dudettes…do you think Walker will win tomorrow? Do you think it will be a referendum on the coming election in November? Will the unions finally get the message that this country is tired of their commie controlling ways, plus using tax-payers dollars for democrats and bundling money for those in power via money laundering/slush-fund chits etc? One last thought…if Gov. Walker wins, do you think other republican Governors will follow his tactics when it comes to the unions as well?

Throw out your thoughts…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!


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