Oh dear me…seems the so-called ‘maverick‘ of the senate is clueless about the promise of an upcoming filibuster on the gun control bill. That’s right folks…he just can’t seem to understand why senator Ted Cruz and a handful of others have guaranteed a filbuster…and the ‘wizard of smarts‘ says he’s really perplexed as to why that would be – he stated as such this morning on ‘Beat the Press‘…side by side with his ol’ chum, UpChuck Schumer. Of course he’s just playing a game of being ‘Stuck on Stupid‘ on this issue, he knows full well why this will be filibustered…but he has to pretend he doesn’t because it doesn’t fit his usual RINO agenda!

So, as usual…McRINO decided to combat the conservatives on our side of the aisle for the upcoming filibuster brouhaha by using the msm to lie, pose and posture while he whores himself for the media lights….again! – Of course, UpChuck is sitting beside him nodding his noggin up and down in agreement with his good friend. Ahhhh…aren’t bestest buddies the greatest ever? Can’t we all just get along was their motto for the day! – A real pair to draw to…NOT!

Here’s what took place. – This is via Mediaite:

During a joint appearance on Face The Nation this morning, Senator John McCain and Senator Chuck Schumer expressed their displeasure with Senator Ted Cruz‘s plan to filibuster any potential gun legislation he does not like.

Schumer and McCain don’t agree on the heart of the legislation but both of them appeared to be agreement that the bills should make it to the floor for a vote.

“Please let us go to the floor. If we go to the floor I am hopeful that what I call the ‘Sweet Spot’ – background checks – can succeed. We’re working hard there,” said Schumer.

McCain has clashed with Cruz before so he was understandably more flabbergasted with his filibuster threat. “I don’t understand it,” he said.

“The purpose of the United States Senate is to debate and to vote and to let the people know where we stand,” he said.

Arizona’s senior senator did not mention Cruz by name even though it was clear it was who he was referring to. McCain was reluctant to commit to embracing any kind of new or expanded background check system. He said that it’s a subject that the American people, through the Senate, need to have a vigorous debate over.

Near the end of the segment the two senators discussed New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s use of his personal fortune to advocate his anti-gun position. Both said that they supported Bloomberg’s right to use his own money to pay for political ads. The two Senators were staunchly opposed to the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling that permits Bloomberg’s unlimited political spending in the form of a Super PAC.

“I respect their rights to invest money and I am sure the television and radio stations in my state are appreciative,” said McCain

Schumer said that he thought Bloomberg provided a nice counterweight to the National Rifle Association’s lobbying efforts. “Why shouldn’t Mayor Bloomberg be allowed at least to give his point of view,” asked Schumer.

Watch clip below via CBS ~

UPDATE: Scarborough Outraged Over Gun Filibuster: GOP Basically Putting Rapists’ Rights Over Parents’ Rights

Morning Schmo has sunk to new lows…the pretend to be republican uses ‘rape‘ for his masters at msDNC! – This report starts off where McRINO left off…in fact the story starts off with McRINO from yesterday. Click the link and take a quick read, watch below…see if it doesn’t burn your buns!

How ’bout it…do any of you have a clue or message to send McRINO regarding this issue? – If so….

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!


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