Some of you may, or may not know the name David Horowitz. He’s one of the best when he speaks his mind via my viewfinder in life…and speak his mind he did a few days back. He spoke on so many topics that matter and affect all of us each and every single day in one way or the other that it wasn’t funny. Everything he spoke of was more than refreshing to hear. What he had to say was priceless! – The truth does matter…period!

Fighting fire with fire indeed! See if you agree with what he had to say…or not. – This is via AT:

Wow. David Horowitz really tells it like it is. I’m not sure why AFP Foundation didn’t put this speech on their Youtube Channel but it’s awesome. Here’s an excerpt someone sent me on the tip line:

“The reason why we have not attacked him is obvious to everyone, but no one will say it out loud. I will. The reason no one is willing to confront Obama the way he deserves to be confronted is because the color of his skin is black. Actually he is half black, raised by whites and one Indonesian. But no matter, since racist liberals have made the color of one’s skin all that matters. It is because Obama is a minority that no one will hold him to a common standard; or confront him with what he has actually done. Any political consultant will tell you that you can’t. This is how race conscious and race-prejudiced our country has become. This is why we lose elections. Because what is true of Obama is true of the Democratic Party and the liberals and socialists generally. They present themselves as the defenders of minorities. Whenever they are attacked, they use minorities as human shields, so they can call their opponents racist. If we can’t hold Obama accountable, how can we hold any Democrat, any liberal or any socialist accountable? Because this is how they fight, and will do so until we have a counter-strategy to neutralize their attacks.”

David Horowitz recently delivered this speech at the Americans for Prosperity Defending the American Dream Summit in Orlando, Florida. He entitled the transcript as “Fight Fire With Fire”.

Horowitz goes after the Obamas and certainly sets the room ablaze…

Listen and watch the man deliver his words below, the words above don’t do justice to all he said:

Here’s another speaker you all know that shares some of the same sentiments as Horowitz:

Limbaugh: GOP ‘Frozen’ By ‘Paralyzing’ Accusations of Racism Towards Obama Horowitz said right off the bat: Obama’s a ‘racial demagogue‘ to the max…and he plays his well-worn out card well! – Plus, O’s ‘lack of a moral conscience‘ had to be another topper as well!

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!


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