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Dudes and dudettes…here’s another example of liberal lunacy teaching some your young teens…and not teaching them well.

I’m telling you, critters like Caroline Heldman come a dime dozen these days, they come out of woodwork by the dozens. It’s endless, I fear it will never end anytime soon.

See what you think about this report:

Campus Reform notes that a professor at Occidental College described America as a “white supremacist society” that “dehumanizes people of color” on MSNBC Friday.

During a discussion on The Ed Show over the symbolic role that the Confederate flag may have played in the recent Charleston church massacre, Occidental Associate Professor of politics Caroline Heldman launched into a rant about American racism that no one else on the show, certainly not host Ed Schultz, bothered to challenge:

It’s a myth to think that racists are unusual. We are a white supremacist society. We are a society that on its face values white people, what they do, and their body, their integrity, more than people of color — not just African-Americans, but all people of color.

We dehumanize people of color in this country and so once a white person recognizes this, if they are given the opportunity and privilege of education then it is a constant struggle throughout the course of your lifetime to overcome it.

She gave no examples to back up her argument, nor did she acknowledge how much the Charleston shooting has unified all Americans in grief and support for the victims and survivors – all Americans, that is, except race-baiters and racists in the media.

It’s worth pointing out also that Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof has stated that he was frustrated he couldn’t find anyone else committed enough to his white supremacist cause, and so he carried out the atrocity alone.

Please read more in full here…it’s well worth another minute or two.

Insanity surrounds us…does it not?

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!



  1. Can there be any doubt any longer that higher education in America is simply a series of indoctrination centers that prioritizes promoting radical liberalism? The left and blacks have made up their collective minds that white American’s are, and will always be, racist towards ‘people of color.’ And the more we argue, the more entrenched their mindset becomes.

    Check out this website and the list it contains of people that share this same view:

    • Jenna…

      No, there is no longer any doubt whatsoever.

      Btw…your link is more than interesting.

      • Hi Buddy, Another day of PC crap in America. Thinking of not reading the news any more! I get too annoyed! All this bull about the flag!! Just another way of distracting attention away from Ovomit destroying America! Just refinished a child roll top desk&chair for my Grandson. He will love it! Tired now. BBL Me xxxxxxx

  2. Spurwing Plover

    Just another anti-american collage biggot and leftists sleeze-ball who should be living in another country rather then spewing their anti-american bile

    • Me thinks that Ms. Heldman should, in lieu of being a “white supremacist” by virtue of her race demonstrate outright humility, dignity by committing seppuku.

      • Mr. Rational

        She should give her job to some POC who deserves it more, and take over whatever occupation the POC was forced to take before.  Like, oh, armed robbery or peddling drugs on a ghetto corner.

  3. Mr. Rational

    “Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

  4. the liberal libtard progressives that don’t live in black neighborhoods want to make sure that you have to live in the black ghettos created by progressive democrats……….they don’t have to live in them but you will be forced to or you will endure the slings and arrows that they come after you with……..

    it is the intention of the progressives (communists) to tear the country apart so they can remake society into an urban utopia that is to their liking……which is a totalitarian state under which we the people will dance to their tune….”communism”………..

    this is only a part of the strategy that the dingbats on the “left” use to evoke fear into the general populace…..defy us and we will come after you and you will pay a price for your defiance……these libtards want to force a fight……their goal is to force a fight……in that way they can deploy “violent control” over the country where ever they deem necessary……..absolute control of the people of this country is the progressive goal…….totalitarianism with the radical leftists wielding their big stick in order to subdue the population………

    the more radical…..the more stupid they become…….the more militant they will become…..they have been emboldened and are now so out of control with radical left-wing ideology they will eventual turn on their own and eat them alive………no one is safe from the radical left……..

    these leftist agitators are dangerous…….their insidious darkness is over shadowing the entire country….. these progressive commie types don’t have the insight to see what they are actually doing to the country…….they think what they are doing is fun…….it’s fun to actively set out to destroy……..their intent is “let me be even more outrageous than the next radical”…..they are in competition to see who can be the most outrageous………they actually enjoy destroying…..their goals are to destroy…….

    destroying is easier than building…….and these progressives are taking the low road…..the low road to all out destruction…………

    • Right you are. Even though it’s a low percentage of loons like this, they win. Same as the homosexuals.

      Bluto…no matter what they win, we lose!

    • Carnac123

      Good article! What you say is true. We must, however, remember that if at some time or place, the white patriotic Americans do revolt, there is no guarantee that they will lose. When Washington and his people rebelled against England he only had about 10 to 15% of the people willing to fight and get involved; yet he won his rebellion. The lib-coms may get what they are asking for and they will regret it….even with all their fire-power.

  5. Nick Digger

    It’s no wonder her name is Hellman; this bitch is whiter than mayonnaise!

  6. RidinShotgun

    God all effing mighty, where does one start! To begin with, what she views as “white supremacist” is actually nothing more than the culmination of four centuries of political thought/philosophy & common law developed after trial end error into what we have now and yes they were developed by white males, it’s our system, too effing bad if you don’t like it! Go start your own if you hate it that much. If these people actually had to work for a living, if they didn’t have the playpen of academia, the only thing this babe would be able to do to make a buck is turn tricks!

  7. Carnac123

    This ‘tard was brainwashed at some public school into swallowing the ‘white-guilt’ teachings and now she is making money by pushing them. This is not a “white-supremacist society”. This is a “black-socialist-run” society and if there is some incident they can use, they try to double-down on that society making whites the cause for everything bad and painting all of us as bigots and racists. These liberals and blacks want complete domination. They want to force you think what they want you to think. She is a liar. The only people ‘dehumanized’ in the US are white people. Face it! Whites are governed by people who literally hate them and that includes even the white senators and Congressmen. This slut is so brainwashed I will bet she has a black husband. She is so eat-up with “processed guilt” she hates herself. I know I hate her.

  8. …Seems that Ms. Heldman’s idiocy just scripted liberal puke typically espoused by Jewish lefties like herself. Does Ms. Heldman think that Third World sub-Saharan Africa, where there’s no “white supremacy,” would be a better place for people of color to live?

  9. captainmike

    Interesting that the backdrop is New Orleans. If she’s so consumed with all this white guilt I would suggest she take her white ass over to the Lower Ninth Ward and see how that goes.

  10. Right, we dehumanize people of color so much that a black man is president and inter-racial violence is overwhelmingly black-on-white. Who does this wacko think she’s fooling?

  11. This is the kind of bitch I’d love to see get raped by 3 or 4 of the brothers

  12. so why doesn;t this bitch resign so she can be replaced by a person of color?

  13. Jeff Traube

    Ms. Heldman delights in fostering a sense of white guilt so we will accept foreign invasion. She is likely Jewish – as are Tim Wise and Noel Ignatiev who spread the white privilege meme.
    The way to combat it is to speak of Hebrew privilege in the US – as they are overrepresented in the Supreme Court, Congress, Academia, and the Media; and in Palestine where they have extreme privilege over the Arabs. Black privilege to get jobs and schools when less qualified, riot, walk in the streets; and Mestizo privilege to come in illegally. Finally, that the Austrians of the Hapsburg Empire had privilege, but when that was taken away, it had dire consequences for German speakers where they were not a majority.

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