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Dudes and dudettes…loudmouth Calypso Louie wants the U.S. flag of our nation destroyed. Anyone surprised?
Plus, Farrakhan had much more to say as usual…it’s never ending with this nutcase from hell!

Anyway friends and foe alike…have at it, you do the talking now!

There’s two reports to check out here and here:

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan expressed contempt for the American flag Wednesday, telling hundreds gathered in a D.C. church that it is a symbol of racism and needs to be brought down.

The controversial figure spoke at the Metropolitan AME Church, just one week after a white male shot and killed nine individuals at a historically black church in Charleston, South Carolina.

“White folks march with you because they don’t want you upset in the city,” Farrakhan said during his speech, a portion which was published online by WMAL. “They don’t give a damn about them nine. When they arrested that skunk …. they took him to the Burger King.”

“Man just killed nine human beings, and you know what they were saying? ‘You did a good job. Kill all them n******!’” he added.

Farrakhan then took aim at the American flag.

“I don’t know what the hell the fight is about over the Confederate flag! We need to put the American flag down because we’ve caught as much hell under that as the Confederate flag!” he said.

“Who are we fighting today? It’s the people that carry the American flag,” Farrakhan continued. “What flag do the police have? What flag flies over the non-Justice Department? What flag flies over the White House?”

The Nation of Islam leader said that taking the Confederate flag is “easy,” but not enough.

On Tuesday, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh made a prediction that the American flag would “come under assault” after the Confederate flag. At the time he said, “Do not doubt me.


During his syndicated radio program Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh opined on the recent mass shooting in Charleston, S.C., and the subsequent push for the state to remove the Confederate flag from atop its Statehouse.

According to Limbaugh’s assessment, targeting the southern symbol is but the first step in a much loftier goal among leftist ideologues.

“It’s not going to stop with the Confederate flag,” he asserted, “because it’s not about the Confederate flag. It’s about destroying the South as political force. It’s about isolating, targeting and identifying the South as [shooting suspect] Dylann Roof. Not Charleston, S.C. – the South. That’s what the leftists’ efforts on the Confederate flag are. Do not doubt me, folks.”

His monologue continued with a second prediction.

“If you take a look at the timeline of the progression of events,” he said, “the speed and rapidity with which the left is conducting this assault on all of these American traditions and institutions – if you don’t think the American flag is in their crosshairs down the road, you had better stop and reconsider.”

Leftists, he suggested, will start to believe that the flag “stands for America” and “as such, everything that’s wrong with it.”

Though far-left Media Matters for America attracted numerous critics to the comments section of its report on the recent comments, readers on other sites were more likely to share Limbaugh’s concerns.

“It wouldn’t surprise me,” one reader wrote on The Blaze. “The left is nothing but a bunch of lunatics and morons.”

Toss in your thoughts…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!



  1. Kill the slave masters – Shabazz

    Cultural marxism 101

    CNN host discussed tearing down Thomas Jeferson memorial “he was a slave owner”

    • Howdy Edtudo…I too heard that racist BS from Shabazz.

      Glad you have this info here for others to check out too.

    • master of sinanju

      Bring it you racist p.o.s. You will find this “white Hispanic” not very easy to kill. I have survived 2 attempts on my life on the job. You don’t have the balls but your gullible sheep might. Put your money where your mouth is and pull the trigger your damn self.

  2. Chump Change

    “What flag do the police have? What flag flies over the non-Justice Department? What flag flies over the White House?”

    Damn hoodoo voodoo! He’s transracialifyzin’ me!

  3. he’s going to need more than hundreds

  4. BT,
    here is an audio of that scum bag….that shows just what he is…

    this is a great example of a true racist POS…and how this man is still alive today and able to live in this nation is amazing …shows just how far we have fallen…..

  5. 1) Amendment to Constitution for $ 50K for slave reparations with mandatory loss of citizenship & return to Africa.
    2) Tax registered Democrats for the $ 50K since Dems are the party of racism & slavery
    3) make the 50K available to “transrace” dummies
    4) put the resulting mayhem on TV

  6. ‘*We need to put the American flag down*” … and replace it with what Mr. Farrakhan your Nation of Islam Flag ? How about a white flag? Nope, it’s too white and we can’t have any of that. Well we all know what flag you want to see flying over this country. You want the black flag of ISIS flying over it? Well I got news for you. That ISIS flag, for that matter any muzzy flag, has caused more harm and grief to the world than was ever caused by the Confederate or American flags put together. Besides, if black Americans and you would read your history you both would know that the Confederates were Democrats. That it was the Democrats who took control after the Death of Lincoln and it was the Democrats who fought the passing of civil rights laws going back to the days of reconstruction.

    I bet all the cheering black racists in the audience wouldn’t give up their Government Goodies from the country they hate so much, would they? Frigging ignorant hypocrites is what they are.

    One more thought:
    Where do you think that black racist Sheppard got his ideas from, hmmm?
    read HIS manifesto. It’s far worse than Roofs who no doubt was inspired by him as Sheppard was influenced by Farrakhan.

  7. Spurwing Plover

    Get Out of America Farrakhan and take your damn Nation of Islam Pigs with you take your star and cresent and go live in Iran or the gobi desert just GET OUT NOW

  8. This week has been a real downer to be a conservative to say the least! I feel so defeated with congress passing fast track and the Supreme Court legalizing queer marriage as well as the lefts attack on the confederate flag and now civil war icons!
    Less we forget the supremes upheld once again Obama care, wtf s going on here?
    Anyone out there feel the way I do? Deflated! So let down by our leaders and our political party!
    As far as banning the American flag: nothing shocks me any longer unfortunately.
    My only comment would be over my dead body! Especially after all of the men and women that died for our freedoms which that flag represents! A big foxtrot uniform to my liberal friends over this one!!
    Recommendation: we ban the rainbow flag as it represents anti Christian sentiment, hatred and intolerance!

    • Red Dot…you betcha others have commented on the blog post below this one. Latest have been toward the bottom of post thread.

      Btw…sadder than hell that less than two percent of this nation now rule us all.

      You can include OCare when only 6 million in this nation use that site.

      I can’t take anymore…if my hubby and myself were much younger we’d leave this nation…period.

      • Desert Rat

        B.T. do not despair. Bad week to be a conservative for sure. There are several bright spots hovering on the horizon.
        1. The Scotus Gay decision will actually fire up the “base” and also has the potential to get Christian Blacks to actually stay at home because Hillary is running far left of Obama if that is possible. She is all for gay b.s. and blacks hate her anyway.
        2. We were in a bad spot during the Carter era, and Reagan came along and saved this great country. The stage is set for someone like Trump who actually has the gonads to call it like he sees it to sweep into office. He has not backed down once since he announced and he has the money to see it through; I know we are all looking for the savior, but that is Jesus Christ, and he will make things right in the end I can assure.
        3. You live in the great state of Montana, and if this country continues to go off the rails, rural America will be the last section to see it, feel it, sorry for others, but that is why we are getting out of Vegas and up to Utah very soon. Survival of the fittest.
        4. You are right about leaving the U.S. my tax dude told me earlier this spring that the number of U.S. citizens giving up their citizenship is growing. Everyone needs an exit strategy I have, and it would definitely be in an Asian country.
        5. Finally, at some point this P.C. B.S. will come home to roost and if nothing else we might get to see a bunch of liberals actually get what they dreamed up, utopia, of course that will be some imported Muslim throwing a fag off the roof of a building in San Fran. I might stick around the U.S. to watch that on Fox news.

      • Hi Buddy, Hubby&I feel the same way. If we were younger……..out of here! Dirty shame. NO FUTURE for the Grandchildren unless there is a revolt. At the rate that muslims & mexicans are coming here ,whites will be a minority. Hell, the blacks are taking over. Shit

        • Joy…

          Quite the mess we’re in…I hope and pray there’s a way out.

          • The people have to rise up and take kit back. Don’t think it will happen. Too many just do not care. All that matters to them is their damn cell phones,tatoos, free stuff, porn, drugs. Damn shame Big. All the brave men&women who fought for our freedom! When my Son comes home hubby&I will do even more for them than before. I have been fighting for justice all my life. Nothing left!

          • Joy…

            You summed it up well.

  9. Spurwing Plover

    Time to have the Nation of Islam and the NBPP brought under a RICO invstigation and revoke their tax exempt status No tax exempt status for Terrorists

  10. I agree with Louie… the U.S. flag should be retired and replaced with a flag which demonstrates what model societies the Negro has created, and which shows how much blacks have contributed to Western Civilization …say, the flag of Zimbabwe, Somolia, or Haiti??

    • tutu………………

      you’re stupid……………….

      • Bluto…

        tuto has been here a very long time…what do you have it in for him /her?

        Just curious my friend.

        Btw…I don’t agree with her/him comment in post, but most times I do.

        • Big………I reread the post…..I misinterpreted the post……I at first read he was slamming our flag………I see now what he was actually saying……

          my error…………

          thanks for saying something – I understand the post after rereading it…………

          • Thanks Bluto…

            I thought you mentioned something about him/her being new here and a troll thing a few days back, that’s one of the reasons I asked too.

            Sure appreciate your answers…more than you know.

    • REV Wright

      REV Louis et al,

      Get in the shipping container.

      ONE WAY to Liberia.

      Whitey has had enough.


  11. I have a message for these two, Farrakhan and Shabazz,………….Go to hell !!!!!!!!!

    these cowards…..and that is what they are….they’re cowards……

    they scream “kill whitey”…… “kill da slave masters”……..while all along they are inciting others to do their dirty work that they themselves won’t do……that they themselves are afraid to do……… so they incite weak minded fools and others into a frenzied hatred to do the dirty work……….

    and blacks fall for this hook, line, and sinker………

    the amazing thing is, “blacks don’t learn”……they beat their heads against a brick wall and keep coming back for more……..all the while Farrakhan and the rest of these black leaders are in back rooms laughing their asses off living off the fat of the land at their own constituency’s expense……


    Bluto……..a creepy-ass cracka……and a true skunk of the planet Earth………………

  12. this is the reason the Constitution was written………………………..

  13. Disgusted Caucasian

    Yes…I have a message for minister shitskin….I hope your prostate cancer is terminal.

  14. Ha! I burst out laughing when mentioned he’s the Nation of Islam leader.

    Liberals call Christians “Loony” because of their beliefs and ways, yet Nation of Islam believes the white race was genetically engineered 6 thousand years or so years ago by a black “Dr. Moreau” type mad scientist named Yakub. A white army to take over the world if you will! 😀

    I’d sooner listen to Tom Cruise talk about how humanity is possessed by the long dead spirits of extraterrestrials and why we suffer so much because of them. Least it would be entertaining and worth a giggle! 😛

    All I have to say to Farrakhan is “Wallace Muhammad was a child molester!” And “So was his prophet!” Then I’d throw a ball of cold bacon grease at him and make sure to get him right in mouth. As if I could miss that shot! 🙂

  15. Spurwing Plover

    He would remind you of THE GODFATHER in that pinstripe suit he is wearing

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