Sean McElwee: “The U.S. military is a national security threat.”


Dudes and dudettes, this is an example of what leftist like Sean McElwee do when it comes to showing respect for Memorial Day, our military as well as our veterans past and present…it’s a crying ass shame via my viewfinder in life, see if it yours as well after you read this report:

True to the anti-American, anti-military hate that is central to the progressive vision, chose to honor our fallen heroes this Memorial Day weekend by warning that our own military is “a national security threat.”

In “The U.S. military is a national security threat,” Salon’s Sean McElwee argues that “America’s armed forces are a massive drain on resources that could otherwise strengthen the country”:

As the era of American hegemony winds down, it’s more important than ever for America to be able to demonstrate soft power. That means first, an American model that works, for other countries to emulate. But further, it means a highly educated population, long-term investment in infrastructure, adequate healthcare, an [sic] society based, above all else, on opportunity. However, it’s likely that the military budget precludes these important services.

By “American hegemony winds down,” he means the progressive agenda to dethrone America from its position as the world’s preeminent superpower. And who will happily take on that role? America’s enemies. And he neglects to mention that so-called “soft power” is pointless without hard power to back it up.

McElwee goes on to blame military expenditure for everything from American women dying in childbirth to police killings (by which he means, of course, police killing suspects; surely you weren’t expecting Salon to post an article critical of suspects killing police?). As an example of the government services our military is denying us, he notes that “just two years funding for the massive, $1.5 trillion F-35 fighter jet could fund free community college for all students for a decade.”

No one is happier about this article than America’s enemies abroad, who understand exactly what “soft power” means: impotence.


What say you about all this? – Do you have a message for Sean McElee, and if so what would it be?

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