Where does Obama get the audacity to use today for his gun control wants…hmm? When he does show a little compassion, grief and empathy for the victims that were shot dead late last night by some nutcase deluxe? Barack Hussein Obama is a shallow soulless entity…period!

He’s also been the most divisive president of this country since day one. The sooner this evil entity exits 1600 Pennsylvania Ave…the better for our nation!

Here’s a summary report:

He can’t help it.
Barack Obama pushed new gun laws – Bashed Republicans during his presss conferece Thursday on the Charleston church shooting.

Nine people were killed when a young white man, Dylann Storm Roof, shot up the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston on Wednesday night.
The shooter told the worshippers, “You rape our women and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go.”

Then he shot them dead.

Today Obama pushed for new gun laws.
(The shooter was given the gun as a birthday present.)
He also attacked Republicans.

“I’ve had to make statements like this too many times. Communities like this have to had to endure tragedies like this too many times. We don’t have all the facts but once again there were some people who wanted to inflict harm had no trouble getting their hands on a gun. Now is the time for mourning and for healing. But let’s be clear we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this kind of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries. It doesn’t happen in other countries with this kind of frequency. It is in our power to do something about it. I say that recognizing the politics in this town forclose a lot of those avenues right now.

He’s a uniter.

Listen below…it you can stand to:

So, do any of you have a response to Dear Leader? – What are you’re opinions about this matter as a whole?

Toss in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

I’ll leave you with this thought – The Real BHO!

Read below:

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