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Where does Obama get the audacity to use today for his gun control wants…hmm? When he does show a little compassion, grief and empathy for the victims that were shot dead late last night by some nutcase deluxe? Barack Hussein Obama is a shallow soulless entity…period!

He’s also been the most divisive president of this country since day one. The sooner this evil entity exits 1600 Pennsylvania Ave…the better for our nation!

Here’s a summary report:

He can’t help it.
Barack Obama pushed new gun laws – Bashed Republicans during his presss conferece Thursday on the Charleston church shooting.

Nine people were killed when a young white man, Dylann Storm Roof, shot up the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston on Wednesday night.
The shooter told the worshippers, “You rape our women and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go.”

Then he shot them dead.

Today Obama pushed for new gun laws.
(The shooter was given the gun as a birthday present.)
He also attacked Republicans.

“I’ve had to make statements like this too many times. Communities like this have to had to endure tragedies like this too many times. We don’t have all the facts but once again there were some people who wanted to inflict harm had no trouble getting their hands on a gun. Now is the time for mourning and for healing. But let’s be clear we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this kind of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries. It doesn’t happen in other countries with this kind of frequency. It is in our power to do something about it. I say that recognizing the politics in this town forclose a lot of those avenues right now.

He’s a uniter.

Listen below…it you can stand to:

So, do any of you have a response to Dear Leader? – What are you’re opinions about this matter as a whole?

Toss in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

I’ll leave you with this thought – The Real BHO!

Read below:

‘RAMADAN KAREEM’: Obama Tweets Muslim Greeting for Ramadan After Church Slaughter




  1. Has anyone heard bammy speak of the Man, Wife, 8YR OLD boy that was murdered in D.C….Oh….and their housekeeper. My understanding is….they were beaten to death with a bat then set ablaze. What this weirdo did was wrong and should pay the price, but it was no more heinous than the D.C. killer. We heard about the D.C. murders a couple days….boom…gone, we will hear of this for eons. Folks bammy doesn’t care about those people @ the church, clutch dem go boom thingys tight, dey’s a coming fer em.

    • david7134

      In my town, a white man, married, with kids, took his trash to the local dumpster. Then was shot in the back of the head by blacks aged 16 and put in the trunk of his car. They then road around displaying the body, even took it to school. They were not charged with hate crimes and no one cared.

  2. Disgusted Caucasian

    They murder our people by the truckload….it was only a matter of time before someone fought back. The perp wasn’t a nutcase, he’s just plain fed up.

    • Umm…he is a nutcase and a racist too. I don’t care what the race is when good folks like this are mowed down because of someone’s personal agenda. What happened to god-fearing folks is horrendous.

      • You are 100% right apparently going into the hood was just to damed hard you know thugs shoot back so this freak show goes to a church with unarmed people worshipping God to show how manly he was ,he should get ready for the brothers he’s about to meet in prison.

  3. Churches across this country need to arm themselves ASAP.

  4. Mr. Rational

    Where was his statement on the Navy Yard mass shooting?  The Omar Thornton mass shooting?  The need to vet employees better, and NOT hire felons with a history of violence?

    Where were his statements on the shootings every week in Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis, and everywhere else?  The WEEKLY death toll is a lot more than 9.

    Where’s his statement on the Long Island Railroad mass-shooting, and the need to keep illegal immigrants like Colin Ferguson (who is a Black man from Jamaica—a fact you will find listed almost nowhere) safely OUT of the USA?

    Nope, these things only matter when they can be used to attack and destroy America.

    • The one statement he DID make that really disgusts me is; “No other advanced country has these kinds of mass shootings.” I guess he forgot about the mass shooting in France earlier this year? Maybe he doesn’t think France is an “advanced country”? God, I hope we survive this president who goes on the air and bad mouths the very country he is leading. Even White liberal presidents were never that bad.

      I wouldn’t mind talking about gun violence but the problem is we can’t talk about black gun violence.

      Obama always frames the issue that it’s about gun violence in total or white people with guns. We’re not allowed to talk explicitly about black gun violence so the debate as it stands is a lose-lose for whites.

  5. Disgusted Caucasian

    I’m sure there will be a parade of posters here more than happy to throw the suspect under the bus in order to make themselves look like humanitarians. I won’t be joining them.

    • The suspect already threw himself under the bus…all by his no good self.

      I’m glad he will never see the light of day again…he doesn’t deserve it.

      • You are 100% right apparently going into the hood was just to damed hard you know thugs shoot back so this freak show goes to a church with unarmed people worshipping God to show how manly he was ,he should get ready for the brothers he’s about to meet in prison.

  6. How dare this f nut bear a flag I grew up under that stood as a divide, shoot innocent people in my church. Bring him to me and I will execute him with my bare hands, I will sort it out with God later, no problem. A church, seriously?!? I am mad without restraint. Living in South Africa and seeing shit like this happening on a daily basis makes you kinda get used to it, but not from whites, and as hell, not against fellow Christians of whatever color.

  7. Mr. President at every turn you promote hatred against white(republicans) WHAT HYPOCRISY. You and your liberal media are the biggest reasons for the hatred and division. You care nothing about democracy. Your agenda is to divide, weaken and destroy America, the American people and democracy.

    Why is it that Liberals automatically blame conservatives; if a gay person is the target, it’s homophobia; religious killings elicit cries of anti-Muslim bigotry. And, in this case, the killings of blacks by a white person is called a “hate crime” despite no one having talked to the murderer or heard anything he said that would remotely connect this barbarity with “hate.”

    Just once, I’d like the talking heads in the Media to wait for the facts to come out before prattling on about something no one knows anything about. The only reason to proclaim this act a “hate crime” at this point is to curry political favor with the black community, rushing to be seen as sympathetic and empathetic to African-Americans. And I find that despicable. Why is it okay as long as blacks are killing blacks, but the second a white person does, the President does this? How many were murdered last weekend in Chicago or Baltimore? I guarantee a heck of a lot more than 9.

    I’m tired of the hypocrisy.

    • I’m past sick and tired of the term “Hate Crime” too..we can thank congress for doing that. Now we have the federal gov. sticking their noses in as long as it’s about blacks too being murdered by a white person.

      Crime and murder is just that…nothing more. Let the states handle their own business.

  8. Spurwing Plover

    It figures the miserble scumball could’nt wait to push for more stupid gun control laws and to oink to the mayor of Charelston Dirty blood sucking leech while he support abrtion and armed terrorists he needs to not only be impeached but tried for his crimes

  9. On topic, I find it hard to rationalize why gun control is only a burning topic if a white perp is involved, and not while blacks is constantly mowing one another down at a huge rate.

    • Ditto that.

      I also posted along the same lines about three or so posts above in reply to Jenna.

    • Mr. Rational

      One part of the red-blue divide is the Blue elites wanting gun control to try to disarm the Black criminals, and the Red staters whose time for a response from law enforcement can easily be half an hour wanting none of it.  They really do not live in the same world.  The Blue elites keep trying to use these incidents to force their “solution” on everyone else.

      I say this as a guy who hasn’t put his carry weapon away for the night yet.

    • Grumpy…

      Infuriating isn’t t it? He’s such a phony POS!

      He can’t disappear soon enough!!

      Btw…Where ya been Grumpy, I’ve missed and worried about you?

      • Been having a series of heart issues…had to have a pacemaker installed(?)/implanted last week and I’m currently on the mend….doctor told me several months back to avoid as much stress as I could, so I took a sabbatical….I never quit visiting the site, I just felt compelled to minimize my commenting, as it contributes to elevating my overall stress level….I miss the interaction, but right now, “me” needs to be taken care of….

        • Wow…yes, you take care of yourself first and foremost we need your great input when you’re much better.

          Anyway my friend, thanks for letting us know where ya been and why. Much appreciated.

        • Grumpy,
          so sorry to hear about your heart issues…however I am darn glad you sound like you are taking more care of ya self…you are one of the nicest folks on AWD and you have been missed ..
          try to stay relaxed and don`t let this crazy world get to ya….

  10. Rebelpatriot

    I believe blacks will get their revenge. No matter the circumstances of this shooting. I would not be surprised if the same thing happens in a white church and the perpetrator is black. We all have seen what is going on around the country. This will never, ever end.

  11. Agreed. The most divisive “president” in history. Race relations have never been worse in thsi country during my lifetime.

  12. “We don’t have all the facts…” which has never stopped Obama from opining before

    “…but once again there were some people who wanted to inflict harm had no trouble getting their hands on a gun.” So would Obama ban all transfers of guns between family members? Gifts? Sales?? Inheritance??? Yeah. That’ll fly!

    Look for anti gunners to propose any number of Draconian laws that do not address the problem at all.

  13. Whites have been killed, raped, sucker-punched, and at the mercy of gangs of Sharpton-influenced negro “youths” for a while now. That was OK with the media and the government. No one ever said that the black man should get his act together and no one blamed all blacks for the violence that they perpetrate every second of the day. Now that some white kid becomes so deranged by the violence he has witnessed that he cracked and had the temerity to kill some of the “federal pets’ in their church then, according to the lib-press,…”white people need to take responsibility for his actions”. Since when? Why doesn’t every single black be forced to take responsibility for the crimes and the damage they have caused in the last 300 years? I call for all of them to take responsibility for their crimes and for themselves because I am tired of feeding them.
    I am NOT completely crazy yet. I do not condone anyone going into any church and killing people of any race at any time. I am sorry for the senseless deaths but I am also sorry for the senseless deaths of white people by the hands of blacks and those stories have a shelf-life of about a day. This story,….. because it was a white guy doing the killing and blacks dying, will be dragged out by MSNBC, CNN, and all the rest of the NEWS scum for weeks on end. The news is all excited. They can do their best to start a mini-war out of this situation and then they can help Obama ‘get the guns’…..; they think.
    White people scare this government. We scare even the white senators and congressmen. THey know we are the ones that will rebel eventually and stop putting up with their crookedness and their racism toward us. That is why every time one of us does something radical they spend millions on TV and the networks and government officials run on overtime to belittle us. I have a feeling this white kid is just the tip of the iceberg. You cannot keep pushing without a pushback…and that usually begins with mentally weaker and then it spreads.

  14. Man, can you get rid of some of these got-damn ads popping up all over this website?

  15. Obongo is reading rite from the democrat playbook. Never let a good crisis go to waste!

    It’s just awful what this kid did! With that said I believe Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and all the libtards in the media own this! I’m surprised that something like this didn’t happen sooner.
    What a shame race relations have come to this low!

  16. Ya gotta love this…SC doesn’t have a ‘Hate Crime’ law. It’s one of five states that don’t.

  17. I’m not saying I agree with what the shooter did, but compared to what blacks do to whites on a regular basis, this is only penny ante stuff.

  18. Because of this tragedy Obama, Al Sharpton, and all their comrades, have taken ownership of the discord even before the 9 peoples blood has dried. This psycho may have been crazy, but he was crazy smart. Look how many times this church in particular has backed the black panthers, the Baltimore and Ferguson riots, using politically charged BLM rhetoric every time there is an incident between blacks and whites, just like the community organizer in charge of all this hatred has.

    Where were the sensational headlines about four black men who killed a five-year old white girl during a home invasion robbery this month in Charleston? …Or the terror in April created by a mob of 60 black people who rampaged through the streets of the same city, robbing people, assaulting neighbors, destroying property, and creating mayhem and terror …..absolute crickets. It doesn’t fit the narrative.

    Why?….. Don’t white lives matter?

    Grief, mourning and love know no color. Vengeance, like the progressive mob, knows little else.

    They’re already gathering their BLM mobs and enticing their riot squads. Black Twitter was ablaze yesterday with the hate filled rhetoric of revenge. Last night a family in Atlanta was attacked, the blacks screaming it was payback for what happened in Charleston. As far as they are concerned a deranged, racist psychopath didn’t kill those people, the white man’s gun did…

  19. Max & Eric

    I`d like to start by Thanking the President and all Democrats and most Republicans, and all Of the kiss Ass Brown Nosers in the Federal Government, and State Governments around the Nation, And I don`t want to forget “our friends in the Media”. And all the Low Rent College Professors.

    its truly horrible when people are murdered, whether they are shot, stabbed, raped, set on fire, disfigured with acid, or had Draino poured inside themselves to get rid of DNA, Trust me I could go on all freaking day. you get my point. just getting kinda tired of it.

    You got your greatest wish, its what you have been waiting for, you torqued up this Dipshit and now you have all the fuel you need, Now you can start passing laws to make whites second class citizens if we even rate that in your noble eyes. What will the attrition rate be now or do you plan to accelerate the the current rate. Now thats a question probably best answered by Reverend Sharpton. what czar is he again…right I don`t need to know.

    Now I don`t really agree with your plans on sentence reduction for unfairly accused minorities “innocent” just because they murdered some dirty honkey. They after all can`t help it. Now giving extreme sentences for whites would make the numbers look better. I`m just waiting for waserman-schultz to introduce a bill allowing for road side executions of white people that violate traffic laws. Can you do it……yes, you can. and there`s just no sense letting all that ammo just sit around, after all its what you bought it for.

    Are white`s still considered Human ??? How about the plans to repeal the 13th amendment and introduce white slaves. Oh wait, whites were slaves to, but hey dosen`t matter. Maybe somebody should ask AL Or should I say Lord Al, I don`t know I`m just a dirty Hillie and we all know the constitution doesn’t apply anymore. and even if it does I have no legal right to interpret it, and in my hands its a subversive document. DUH !

    Cudo`s to the team that Torqued up this kid, this one followed Programing unlike that dipshit that shot up the movie theater. this would be what, your second success the school and now this …Good Job guys.

    I`m so pissed I`m gonna have a stroke.

  20. Spurwing Plover

    Did’nt take long for this slimey peice of worm ridden filth to exploit this for his own gain and as well as that of the dirty United Nations and his fellow demacraps he not only need to be impeached but banished from america for life him and his entire clan and his party of lowlife no account sidewinders and cowardly polecats

  21. Spurwing Plover

    Obamas entire cabenet reminds one of the name of a movie DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS obama movie DISPICIBLE ME

  22. Nosurprises

    It certainly starting to smell like a government job. Play the misguided youth.

  23. Handful of charcoal, some sulfer, nitrate rich fertilizer and a little patients…gun powder. That’s just the hard part, next part is quite easy, I should know, I made LOTS of zippo-guns with my childhood friend and we were like seven and eight years old.

    Made ourselves a black powder ball baring gun out of nothing but pipe and lots of duct tape. Worked flawlessly and made good size holes in 2×4 planks and old cars.

    My point – If someone wants to shoot someone and he cannot get a gun, he’ll make one. Where’s the gun control on that one? Heck, even if you outlaw pipes and firtlizer, You can still get nitrate from cow dung and bamboo makes a surprisingly nice rifle barrel! Lol!

    Anyway, nothing much else to say.

  24. president Shitstain needs to reorganize his priorities……what he really needs to do is re-examine his priorities……

    he seems to be quite confused as to who the villains in this world are………his luv of the Mooooslims seems to be misplaced, and misguided……..he seems to be placing the wrong emphasis on diversity……..the very ones he is proclaiming to be heroic are the one’s who need to to be curtailed……..

    president Shitstain’s Moooslim buddies just don’t have the same values we Americans have……

    and we don’t need or want Mooooslim family values……..Mooooslim family values just aren’t going to fit in with the values we have here in the “west”……….

  25. 18 months and this national nightmare will be over…….. it’s been a long 6 1/2 years that we have had to endure this (*^%#*&^%#^%%$#^&*) in the white house……..and we still have 18 months to go…..

    what the hell did we do to deserve this………I don’t know if I can make it…..

    18 long hard months to go……..

    • Bluto…

      18 months is pure torture.

      I’ll be posting another that will get under your skin too after I get the time.

  26. Obama has been training and ARMING so called “moderate Islamist ” (“rebels”). Thes same “rebels” have been flying “the black flag”
    So no guns allowed in the U S- but arming maniacs to kill Christians and other civilians is O K…Got it

    These Islamist have been slaughtering Christians all over the middle east, from Libya to Syria. He installed The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and they proceeded to go after the Coptic Christians. Where does this sanctimonious phony get off?
    Hussein has been standing by and refusing to lift a finger while these people are being slaughtered.

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