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Four innocent Marines are dead because of another insane gunman who forgot he was in a gun free zone. The Marines, of course, were law abiding and followed the rules. They had not a chance!

How many times must we see murders in gun free zones for libtards to realize and acknowledge that gun free zones are only gun free zones to the very people who SHOULD be carrying guns! Honest, capable, law abiding citizens. Criminals don’t follow rules or laws. That’s why they’re called CRIMINALS. Or TERRORISTS!

But liberals, at their core, really hate people. Almost as much as guns and our right to protect ourselves. Liberals love animals, hate people. Conservatives respect all innocent human life. We believe in the right to self-defense. Liberals believe that innocent life should and can be snuffed out at any time rather than agree to allow self-defense with firearms. Stupid like that. Or is it just pure evil?

Well, AWD calls bullsh*t on that! I go nowhere without Gunter the Glock. Have guns in every room of the Casa de Amor, too. Hell, I even keep a .40 caliber in my desk at work. I may very well be a victim of violence one day but it won’t because I didn’t have the opportunity to throw some lead downrange.

Too bad our ridiculously stupid politicians won’t allow our military the same right. Especially since this isn’t Muslim’s first rodeo killing US servicemen on our own soil.

Who agrees with AWD? Are gun free zones stupid or stupider? I think we all know the answer. And the answer also applies to liberals.

AWD is away for the weekend with my young ‘uns and the filly trying to clear my melon over the loss of our beloved Big Timer. Y’all discuss the topic of gun free zones and see what you come up with.





  1. Txsecededave

    Txsecededave agrees with the AWD. Txsecededaves little town of Argyle, in Denton county Texas, has a sign at the drive entrance to the campus that reads: ATTENTION … “Please be aware that the staff at Argyle are ARMED and may use whatever force is necessary to protect our students”. See the sign here …

  2. Locked7Loaded here! Can’t carry guns at a military facility???????????????? WTF thank you Bill Clintoon! Madness!!

  3. Vote with your money……

    It’s too bad there’s no list of company sponsored “Gun Free/Killing” zones……

    It’s looks like every link that I found was purged.

  4. The only thing stupider than gun free zones, are liberals. Our military personnel are just as qualified, and in many cases, more qualified to carry than most cops and definitely most civilians, just by the fact that most of our service members have been instructed in the use of firearms and explosives to an extreme level, and have most likely used that training in combat.

    Forcing our military to be unarmed and at the mercy of homegrown or imported thugs should be considered a crime in itself.

    I would also like to note that despite the murders of five white servicemen, not one business has been looted or burned, no muslims have been violently attacked in revenge, no protesters have stopped highway traffic during rush hour, no protesters have interrupted meals at restaurants, and there have been no riots as of this post.

    Does this mean that we as whites, are indifferent, well behaved, or should we call it civilized?

  5. Five dead now, thanks to the largest contributor to state-sponsored terrorism, BHO with his Iranian ‘stimulus package, and a immigrant Muslim who is somehow not a terrorist despite his very own words online.

    Disarmed armed forces, and armed civilians guarding recruitment centers.

    It is enough to make one question their sanity!

  6. I have to agree. I don’t go anywhere without my gun either. Gun free zones stupid.

    Liberals worry more about being politically correct than caring about the lives of our own people. And in doing so they are are creating a perfect storm of circumstances that are putting the American people at risk. They have then released onto the American public criminal illegals — even those convicted of rape, assault, and even murder. They are importing “refugees” from Muslim countries and scattering them throughout the fifty states. Many of these people deeply sympathetic to the “Death to America” jihadists who have declared war on us.

    ISIS is encouraging their crackpot, demonic psycho followers to commit acts of terror against Americans like the one in Moore, Oklahoma (which, recall please, the satanic little creep who beheaded Colleen Hufford was stopped by a good guy with a gun).

    They have established gun-free Fish-in-a-Barrel zones where the only defense unarmed citizenry have against a criminal armed with a gun is the police — provided the police get there on time. Speaking of the police. They have vilified the police to the point where they have effectively neutered them (and making them targets for a criminal armed with a gun).

    And now, they want to restrict our right to bear arms so that we have no effective defense against any of it….There is no better way to conquer a nation than to leave its citizens helpless, unable to protect themselves, unable to defend themselves, unable to fight back.

    Isn’t it odd that in America in the Age of Obama, you have the right to pee in the girl’s lav if you’re a boy, but you don’t have the right to protect yourself or your loved ones? A right to Life isn’t just a right to exist while being led around like pliant sheep — being told where to live, how to eat, what words you are permitted to say, what health insurance you must have, what hourly wage you must be paid, what “privilege” you must feel guilty over, or what cable news channels the President is okay with you watching.

    A right to Life is a right to autonomy, self-determination. And self-defense. It is a basic, fundamental human need. To protect oneself. In the best of circumstances, we have the right to self-defense. It is not only a right, but a necessity.

    Under Obama we have seen so many of our protective layers stripped away. And those among us who carry a gun and aren’t afraid to use it may very well be the last line of defense we have left. And we need to make it abundantly clear that this it is a line that we simply cannot permit this President to cross.

    I have a bumper sticker on my car that says:
    We live in a society of wolves. You do not fight back by creating more sheep.

    I REFUSE to be one of Obama’s compliant sheep…..

  7. Well I really don’t get too invested in all this gun talk because I don’t own any guns.

    But my cat Mr. Mittens is a gun nut. So naturally I rely on his expertise in matters concerning guns and gun free zones.

    He thinks Gun Free Zones are like bird-feeders for criminals, it attracts them and concentrates them in one spot…

    All one needs to do in a gun free zone is find the right seat and wait

    After all if it’s a gun free zone, shouldn’t you be free to use your gun too?

    Mr. Mittens advice… Be the cat

    this mr. mittens post is dedicated to the memory of bigtimer

  8. Gun-Free -Zones huh???…
    I know of one Gun-Free Zone….between Obammy`s legs…here is what I mean….

    hard to believe we have allowed these half a sissy pickle suckin Libtards to bring our grand country to this…..
    have a wonerderful week end all stay safe ..stay armed …be well..

  9. Problem with laws, all laws that is, laws only work within the law abiding community. Thuggies, Hoodlems, Gangbangers, Islamic Goat Shaggers, Illegal…err…I mean “Potential Democrats” and all manner of criminals in general do not believe in or follow any law whatsoever…and liberals support it also.

    Basically, gun control and fun free zones are only protecting the bad guy, because the bad guy don’t care about the rules.

    Do liberals go after criminals? Nope, they deify them (Google “Assate Shakur” mural for example) and demonize the law enforcement community. How much you want to bet, if the Chattanooga shooter was KOS the second he drew his gun, MSNBC and CNN would be calling for the heads of the military person who eliminated the goat shagger?

    Peace is a lie, there is only conflict and through conflict do we establish a stalemate in which two sides agree to avoid their own demise by sparing the other. This is called the “Peace Illusion” for the truth is too ugly to comprehend.

    In layman’s terms – Don’t go waking rattle snakes by throwing rocks.

    In liberal terms – Ay hommie, that dude will shoot us dead if we try to breaks in his home! Let’s go someplace else and find something to steal and sell for weed!

    Three year old terms – My dad would shoot you dead if you try and hurt me! BANG-BANG-BANG!

  10. cranky.white.woman

    Gun free zones are target rich environments. My 72 year old mother is a former LA County Deputy Sheriff, who is armed to the teeth and knows how to use them. She raised me to believe that the best thing to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. I remember her telling me “Now, I hope you never have to shoot somebody, but if you do, you shoot to kill. Go for the gut or chest, and if he’s still moving, put one in his head.” Years later, once I was living on my own, she told me “If somebody breaks into your house, shoot him. And if it turns out he was unarmed, stick a knife in his dead hand, wrap his fingers around it several times so there are plenty of his prints everywhere on it, so you don’t get arrested.” Words to live by.

  11. Jumpin Joe

    Anyone see the flag flying at half staff over the Black House? Big brother has not said one word about this. Hell he can’t even call out his muslim brothers and admit rag heads are the problem. Big Brother and his idiot lap dogs in the Senate and House will not allow the military to protect themselves. They will create another phony ass government agency, another layer of incompetent beaurecrats to waste money and limit freedom.

  12. Disgusted Cuacasian

    Rosa Parks gets to lay in State at the Capitol but it’s too much trouble to lower the flag over the White House for four murdered marines and a murdered sailor. However, the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia must be put into mothballs. Pigs!!!!!!

  13. I would never, NEVER carry my sidearm in a gun free zone! No! Perish the thought! Not me, nooooo way.

    • Max & Eric

      A business with a gun free sign, I Personally see it as a F.U. we don`t want your business so I leave and take my cash down the road. screw `em. I wouldn`t want to save their metro asses anyway.

    • Grey and Max, the CCW law where I live says that if you ‘accidentally’ carry into a place with a no guns sign and are somehow discovered and confronted, you have the right to say something along the lines of, “I’m sorry, I must not have seen your posted sign. I will leave now.” I would of course ask them to restock my cart and would never frequent them again…

      Even if they do call the cops, you can’t be arrested unless you cause a scene and refuse to go, or keep showing up armed.

  14. And the only thing dumber than a gun free zone is a bag of hammers. Gun Free = Brain Free.

  15. Alexandra

    Any place that has a gun-free sign may just as well put a huge bull’s eye on the door. Easy target!

  16. Odd my post or being refused…was it something i said????
    I commented on John ( sing like a Canary Mcain ) yesterday…was rejected…..????
    Oh well may be this one will post…

    a nation that turns it` back on it`s Veterans is sorry as hell to me …
    nuff said

    • Timmy T. Bone

      Here in the People’s Republic of NJ (PRNJ) its ILLEGAL to carry any gun. You need a special permit which nobody ever gets. The only time a gun is allowed of your house here in NJ is to go to the range, go to the retailer, go to the gunsmith. Thats IT! Hell on the way to any of these places you are not supposed to stop not even for gas. Otherwise its ILLEGAL. Ask NJ’ians how this has worked out? It hasnt. Despite all the draconian gun laws NJ’s crime is not any lower than anywhere else. Whats even funnier is despite carry of any kind being illegal businesses here have signs posted “gun free zone”. Oh really – the whole freaking state is a so-called gun free zone YET we still have tons of violent crime. About a month ago a woman here in NJ was killed in front of her house by her estranged boyfriend while she waited for her gun permit. Even with the gun permit it would not have mattered because in NJ you cant carry. As for the insanity of military not being able to carry – that makes even LESS sense. But thats life in libtard land.

    • jigg,
      Something about a pow that you will enjoy reading, a little long but well worth it,

      • Ga. Steve,
        Thank you I so enjoyed that read….
        my dearest buddy here in old Virginny was also a POW….one of the best men I know..

  17. So…they worry bout us when we csrry huh?…
    Well, I can not prove this but i strongly suspect that Mooch is carrying an entire Village of Muslim illegals
    in here rear end!!!!
    I mean look at this folks….

    now that dear friends is what i call open carry….mercy…..when this freak is out of the White house I will surely dance a jigg…
    have a great day all…

  18. Chicago Guy

    I agree 100%. Chicago and crook co. try to infringe on ccw as much as they can. They made their no gun signs look like the perfect outline of a Beretta m9. I use a Ruger sr9. It looks different, so that’s o.k. I guess. Oh, and by the way, Trump was right about Mc. Rino.

    • Chicago Guy,
      You are 100% correct on Mc.Rino..well said


    • Sweet Baby Ray

      Isn’t John McCain a veteran? Look at all John McCain’s gotten the government to do to help veteran John McCain! It might not be enough for veteran John McCain, but I’d say senator John McCain’s gone above and beyond “just doing the people’s work” helping, at least a few, veterans.

  19. It has been said that “you can put lip stick on a pig …but it is still a pig…
    for many many years now the MSM has been putting lip stick on Obammy Mooch..Congress..Gays ..Muslims …Black thugs…punks like Al Sharpton…now they trying to put a fresh coat on John MCcain…
    while the old boys of the Rino crew and the MSM are trying their best to paint Trump as a fool…

    Who really cares for the Veterans??….just look at the shape our VA is in…Sunshine Congress …they come out on special Veterans days ..beat their chest ..cry and say how good they love the Troops or the Vets….Yeah…blow that smoke up some one else`s butt…..
    your government is not ya friend and will do and say anything to stay in power ….
    wake up speak out….cause soon that will be taken away as well…
    if they ever get the guns ,,,then it`s when the fat lady will sing….
    stay prepared ….

    • And is anyone surprised that Obammy and the White House came to McCain’s defense? Yep, the Veterans deserve an apology (and much more) but from 0bama and McCain for letting the VA hospitals walk all over them. Trump has never been in a political position were he could effect changes within the VA.0bama and McCain have but did nothing to help.

      Seriously though, McLame deserves to be insulted.

      It’s quite a stretch to say that Trump insulted every soldier ever captured ever. That’s the lame stream media’s spin on what Trump said. They are doing everything they can to attack Trump for telling the truth and twisting what he says around to make him look bad. Perhaps Trump insulted every soldier who ever graduated at the very bottom of their class from Annapolis, crashed 5 war planes and then was captured. This soldier then went on to do a terrible job in the Senate and an awful job as a Presidential candidate.


      Notice that these stories omit the part about the personal insult McCain made about Trumps supporters being ‘crazies.’ Trump simply retaliated. It was personal, and it was clearly directed AT McCain, not every soldier ever captured. McCain is not a war hero, his commitment to putting Illegal aliens before Americans renders moot his actions under fire. He is a traitor who doesn’t give a damn about our veterans who come home to shame, homelessness and die waiting to be seen by a doctor at a VA hospital or facility. THAT’s the point Trump is making.

      Trump wants to strengthen our military and take care of our Veterans. He wants to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN especially for those that serve to protect our freedom.

      All this Trump bashing just shows how much he is feared by the establishment MSM and politicians. I’ll bet news crews have already questioned Vets about Trump but we’ll never see those interviews because the Vets are most likely backing Trump and are fed up with people like 0bama and especially fellow Vet and POW John McCain.

  20. They can bitch and moan about Trump saying McScamnesty was NOT a hero but I agree with Trump. IMO a hero is someone who sacrafices his safety and even his life to save others’ lives. McCain was just another unfortunate veteran among thousands more who were captured in combat and deserves to be honored but a hero he is NOT. McCain is a pos, backbiting, prog a$$hole!

  21. Spurwing Plover

    Look at the results of their stupid Gun Free Zones just open invataions for what happened in Chatanooga and No Gun Buisnesses like Buffalo Wild Wings robbers are not stopped by stupid swigns we should boycott all No Guns Buinsesses like Dominos Pizza,Pizza Hut and 7-11 find out which ones ban guns and stay away from them

  22. Spurwing Plover

    Make a copy of Wild Buffalo Wings stupid logo and use it for Target Practice when your sighting in your shootin iron

  23. Yet another fine example of the Governments love of our Vets……

    They know Vets can use the firearms so to nip any armed resistance in da bud the Feds are always working on ways to control ….The Rebel flag is a symbol of resistance so it had to go..Veterans could be a form of resistance so they must be dis -armed……
    sleep on American…sleep on..

  24. Spurwing Plover

    The ATF needs to be totaly abolished

    • Joe Stalin

      I noticed that ABC news for the last two days had on a video of some engineering student’s drone equipped with a handgun that was firing and, of course, was WHINING about his ARMED RPV was discharging material from a “civilian” aircraft and that it was against the rules to ARM a civilian aircraft.

      The NEXT thing of course will be the human garbage of BATF, the Cosmopolitans, declaring that a solenoid-fired semi-automatic pistol is “EASILY CONVERTED TO FULL AUTOMATIC FIRE” by a change of software programming and is so hereby illegal to own.

      You just watch: they declared a motor driven cam attached to your trigger to be an MG so undoubtedly, this is just down the road.

      IF you ever on a jury trial for these BATF regulations, remember, JURY NULLIFICATION IS YOUR RIGHT, so F-THEM.

  25. Spurwing Plover

    I see where two members of the Stupid Jackass Party(Demc-RATS) wants Emporer Obama to take tougher actions on Gun Control more reasons these polictical hacks need to leave when they break their oath to Uphold,Protect & Defend the U.S. Constitution

  26. Well we had cowboys and Indians, cowboys and aliens……how about cowboys and muslims? Just for fun of course.

  27. Dozens died, but none of bean-poisoning. T 16a0 he trouble with gun-free zones is that evil, usually crazy, shooters pick places to spread mayhem in zones where they can be pretty sure no one else will be carrying a gun.

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