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Dudes and dudettes…have you heard the news about Spokane, Washington’s NAACP leader being in some major hot water yet? It seems this nuctase has lied through her teeth numerous times in the past up to the the present, another reason she’s still swimming in the hot water she created all by herself. One fact is for sure…she’s totally delusion, as well as a pathological liar too!

Here’s a story from a Spokane reporter. Where he’s located at is our own local town to-boot!

Make sure and wait a few seconds before the report gets right to Troy. – Watch below:

Here’s the rest of story in full:

The parents of a Spokane, Washington, NAACP chapter president came forward on local television to tell the community and now nation: Our daughter, who says she’s black, is actually white.

The interview’s played out since in national media.

Ruthanne and Larry Dolezal told 11ALive’s Spokane, Washington, sister station, KREM 2 News, their daughter, Rachel Dolezal, is of German and Czech ancestry.

In a tweet, KREM’s Taylor Viydo wrote: “Dolezal’s parents, who live in Troy, MT, say Rachel has been deceiving people. They want people to know the truth.”

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In another tweet promoting the interview, Viydo wrote: “‘Our daughter is Caucasian,’ say parents of Spokane NAACP President Rachel Dolezal.”

The truth, they say, is this: Their daughter Rachel was born in Troy and raised with adopted black siblings. KREM reported they also said she always identified as black, even when she went to school in Mississippi.

Her parents said she married and divorced a black man, and it was after the separation that she ratcheted up her affiliation with the black community a bit. For instance, they said she began claiming to be part black, and even changed her appearance to present the image of being born to bi-racial parents, KREM reported.

“Rachel has wanted to be somebody she’s not,” Ruthanne Dolezal said, KREM reported. “She’s chosen not to just be herself but to represent herself as an African American woman or a bi-racial person. And that’s simply not true.”

Her parents said they don’t mind her advocacy for the NAACP, but find her deception appalling.

Rachel, meanwhile, told KREM she hasn’t spoken to her parents for some time.

“There is a lawsuit that’s been going on for almost a year,” she said, “once I supported my sister and allegations against her older brother.”

She also said she doesn’t consider Ruthanne and Larry – her biological parents – to be her real parents.

The ancestral history matter came to light after police began investigating a package mailed to the Spokane NAACP’s P.O. box in March that Rachel claimed contained pictures of lynchings and references to local race-tied cases – the ninth such racially charged package or letter she’s reportedly received in a decade, KREM reported.

Further investigation raised questions about the validity of the mailing and police are still trying to identify the responsible party. In May, Rachel reported receiving another racially-tinged letter, KREM reported.

Watch Rachael below…see what you think:

Friends…you’ve got to read this one, it will prove what a fraud she is too:

Breaking: NAACP Fraud Claimed She Was Born in TeePee – Posed in Native-Wear With Family

Click the link, it’s short, but speaks volumes.


Toss in your thoughts…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

As a side-note: Rachael Dolezal’s parents will be on Hannity tonight.



  1. I just commented about this on another thread. This Mudshark is so insane, she is denying her heritage and parents, and actually believes she is black. This is exactly what the left wants; whites identifying with blacks in order to destroy our own heritage and history.

    The NAACP responded by releasing a statement that said in short, that they were caught with their pants down and were fooled by a white girl, but to save face, they are claiming that being black is not a qualifier or a requirement for NAACP leadership. Yeah, like they would hire me, a middle aged white conservative, to be a leader in the NAACP.

    Does any conservative, or anyone with an I.Q. higher than a shrub, actually believe this BS?

    • This has nothing to do with being left or right. It’s about a women with mental problems. What a bunch of crap “this is what the left wants”. I think you are insane to make such a stupid statement. The NAACP fired her — not for appearing black or even about claiming she is black. It’s all the other lies — that she was raised in a Teepee, that a random black man is her father, and the false accusations of racist crimes against her. They fired her because she is a pathological liar, not because she is white. As for whites destroying their own heritage? That is really a stupid statement, considering it’s the other heritages that have been struggling to survive. You are almost as delusional as Rachel Dolezal.

      • Uhhh, she resigned, where did you hear that she was fired? And, yes, it is exactly what the left wants.

        In the future, before you hit the post button, you may want to pull your head out of the sand, and maybe check your facts; “she was fired” –MORON–

  2. Jumin Joe

    She could be Dear Leaders other sista from a different motha.

    • HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA good one. Just read where this dumb bitch insists she is black no matter what her parents think. ASS HOLE

  3. Ugh!!! Good ‘ole, disgusting, “Negro Worship” by dumb-ass white trash… I think I’m going to vomit.

    White adults have a lot of work to do if they’re going to save their race from extinction!

    • Well said indeed! Is something being put in our water that is turning people into assholes???? WTF This bitch should be slapped!

  4. BT,
    Things are not what they pretend to be in this world today…take for example this.the real Obammys…


  5. Spurwing Plover

    The NAACP is no different then any other liberal leftists group of radicals no differnt then the Nation of Islam or RAINBOW/PUSH

  6. Desert Rat

    Easy to be a fake black person in Spokane, try pulling that B.S. in Detroit or Chicago and see how that works out for you.

  7. Breaking News……
    Tucker’s folks just called…they say he is really Jewish…..

  8. Dohfugwimee

    I wish for you to all now call me PuttPutt, I am now a train… or a transpacificrailroad rather…

  9. George Zimmerman became a “white Hispanic” when the narrative required it. Rachel Dolezal is obviously a “blonde, freckled black woman”.

    Instead of “transracial” she should be labeled “transveritas”.

  10. Mr. Rational

    I’m with Heartiste on this one (read the comments, they’re priceless).

    Since we are being forced to refer to Bruce Caitlyn Jenner as “she” now, I think we should stand behind Rachel Dolezal in her quest to be deemed Black.  Then we should ALL demand to be acknowledged as “transracial” and deemed Black for all purposes of preferences in education, employment, loans and everything else.

    The SJWs made their bed, let them sleep in it (while we set it on fire and throw it off the top of the building).

    • Kauf Buch

      EXACTLY! Highlight the hypocrisy and utter stupidity of the Left’s

      On the other hand, if you’re ever in the mood to make a Leftie’s jaw drop,
      just tell ’em:
      “Ya see, this only goes to show ya: if ya wanna end the oppression of blacks, women, latinos and gays, all they gotta do is identify as white!”

  11. she should at least have changed her name to Shanika Washington

  12. Who on gods green earth would believe she was born in a teepee.hunted with a bow.A bizarre tale.does she rememember helping to strike the flint for the arrowheads.

  13. cranky.white.woman

    Well, if Bruce can be Caitlyn, then I suppose Rachel can be Shaniqua. Crazy stuff, for sure.

    This is OT, but Dallas Police HQ was under attack early this morning. I heard some guy in an armoured van — with gun ports in the sides! — shot at police HQ, and a pipe bomb detonated.

  14. Disgusted Caucasian

    If ever there was a traitor…….

  15. If Hillary can get away with using a black accent and talking about fried chicken to a group of blacks, why can’t this Dolezal woman pretend to be black? She is a liberal after all. Liberals can be as racist as they like, and not expect to pay any penalty for it, because when they do it, they are doing it for the “common good”.

    Maybe Hillary should take a step further:

    Is there anything that a Liberal can do that the media would find reprehensible?

    • Jenna…

      Lmao when it comes to that link!

      Btw…only problem I see with that is it makes Shrillary far more attractive than she’s ever been in her louse-bound life!

  16. Well, the National Association for the Advancement of CRAZY People has always been kind of all inclusive, so welcome aboard. There is plenty of room for one more crazy, racist, loony, lying, hate-mongering, embarrassment to both races in this organization in the post racial world of the fundamentally transformed America we now endure.

  17. Tucker,
    You are not the first to believe as you do…in fact there was once an entire nation nearly that followed your thinking…that nation was called Nazi Germany….
    Now how did that work out???
    I would suggest you stay on or hang out at your local Klan meeting….you will be better liked there……
    oh and have a nice kosher day..

  18. Michael T

    Yes I heard of her everywhere…yawn…

  19. bigtimer,
    This fits here— kinda sorta, but I live 5 miles from this place, This is a strange dude but he causes no problems and he’s still in business.

  20. She’s hot. I’m going to grow out my hair, put some jerry curl in it and apply with my college education and work experience and as community organizer for a NAACP job. Does it even pay well? Wish me luck!!

    Can you do something about the advertising on your webpage? I could care less about “What happened to these sexy celebs” or “Men, you don’t need Viagra for this” BS…..:)

    Sorry if I offend. I was enjoying Mr. Jose, Mr. PBR and my own personal pool #mypoolnotyours today and felt froggy to post. Love the AWD… a non-catylin jenner way. Keep up the good work…..alll of y’all.

    I love you guys!

    • If you want to block all those annoying adds you need to get a really great extension through Google Chrome: Adguard AdBlocker 2.0.11 This one blocks ALL advertising and pop-ups. Blocks ads on Facebook, Youtube and all other websites. Sometimes one will try and get through, but it quickly zaps it away. I also use Adblock. Between the two of them right now on this site, Adblock is blocking 13 and Adguard is blocking 14!

      Sorry if this sounds like an infomercial. Just passing along something that really works.

      • Ditto…I use adblock too.

      • Jenna, no, what it sounds like is why do you promote an extension that will result in me closing down AWD! You should realize by now that nothing is free. I pay several hundred dollars each month in hosting fees to keep AWD up and running. I use the revenue from those “annoying ads” to pay for it.

        There are only two readers that regularly contribute to support the page through the Tip Jar/Paypal. Their generosity is greatly appreciated. Everything else comes from ad revenue. So, anyone who uses Adblocker on AWD is in effect a moocher unless they contribute through the tip jar (which they don’t).

        I don’t mean to sound like an ass but it’s like me going to your job and selling your boss on a robot that can do your job. You wouldn’t like it, no?


        • Oh wow, sorry. I never intended to do that…. I had no idea I was stealing from you. 🙁

          Did you know that some of these ads are malicious and put adware, spyware and host of other beasties that locked up my computer when I first started coming here? So if I am a moocher, well, that can’t be helped.

          BTW: I just clicked on Walter and made a donation. So maybe the moocher part can be forgiven? I really love this site and all you and BigTimer do. Keep up the great work. It’s much appreciated. 🙂

          • Jenna, I’m sorry if I came down on you too hard.

            I’ve never had any ad put malware but if anyone experiences that, please let me know at once. Thanks so much for the tip jar contribution. We appreciate what you mean to the page!!!


  21. I just pity the white birth parents who are now being sued by at least one of their other/adopted black kids- boy wants to live with sista, in a ‘biracial’ home where ‘black culture is celebrated’. There’s one for the no-good-deed-goes-unpunished file!

    • Mr. Rational

      This is why you Avoid the Groid.  They’re lacking something essential for civilization or even social compatibility with White people.  They should all be recolonized to their continent of origin.

  22. This psycho has nuthin’ on my man Al.

    Pass the chitlins and grape soda, please…………………..

  23. If I had a son/daughter/pet spider, “It” would look a lot like Rachel Dolezal……”

  24. Like this crazy woman pretending to be black, we have a US President who got elected then re-elected by pretending to be an American black. He tapped into the whole “200 years a slave” thing and never misses the chance to stir up race hatred, telling blacks that whites are oppressors and are out to kill them all.

    Yet he himself has ZERO American black ancestry (if his father is who he says he is). His father is African and being from that part of Africa, undoubtedly has a high percentage of Arab ancestry himself.

    So our President has no personal ancestors who were slaves in America, but almost certainly has ancestors who were slave TRADERS. Obama’s ancestors probably sold the ancestors of some current American blacks into slavery.

    And just like this Dolezal woman, in pretending to be black, when even the slightest investigation of him would have revealed him as a privileged narcissistic Indonesian Arab/white, he was somehow were able to fool about 95% of black Americans in to voting for him, just because of the color of his skin.

    Both Rachel Dolezal an Obama have about as much in common with a black american as a Klingon from Star Trek.

  25. an Indian and a “wigger” walk into a bar…..that’s what should be on this little diddy…..

  26. carnac123

    This whore married a black man and they are now divorced. That tells me all I need to know of her character. Her parents are also scumbag liberals. They raised their blonde little white daughter with blacks. They adopted black kids to be the siblings of their white little girl. That too is sickening. Her parents should be beat with a whip antenna until they are black also. This Rachel slut should be made an example of. She should be shamed in front of the world as a sick, slimey, white traitor and then she should be brought to Africa and literally be stuffed up the ass off a very ticked off lion.

  27. Has anyone else heard that Rachel has been fired via the NAACP? I heard or read about it yesterday but can’t remember where?

    • The Blaze has an article about a woman who has a petition asking Shaniqua Dolezal to step down, and I know that she has postponed her planned public appearance. But Firing? I think that the NAACP would sell their kids into slavery (yeah, I said it) before admitting that they were fooled by a Creepy Ass Crackette, no matter how much she claims to be black.

      They are welcome to keep her, she’s insane and a mudshark to boot.

      • Thanks JMV.

        Btw… the article you are speaking of I caught earlier. Heck…maybe I just dreampt about it.

  28. oh, baby….yo so hot…….yo a fine bitch……wut be yo name bitch??????………

    • This Crazy Ass Crackette is an all around, equal opportunity fraud. Says she’s black, tried to sue Howard College when they wouldn’t hire her (she claimed it’s because she was white), copied a painting and claimed it was hers…just wait, she’s going to claim she’s married to Obama next.

      She really needs a psych evaluation, and a vacation in a room with padded walls.

  29. If I was a total loser, I’d probably claim black heritage too… much easier to suck off the government tit when one is black. I’ll catch hell for that statement, but being PC I,m not.

  30. Perhaps we should start calling her “Racial” Dolezal….

    Get this, the crazy white gal who passed herself off as black for years sued her alma mater, Howard University, for discrimination, claiming that the school discriminated against her because she was WHITE.

    And no, I’m not making this up.

    There will probably be further revelations regarding Dolezal, but in truth, she’s been ruined beyond salvage. She won’t be able to teach. Her career as a champion of civil rights is over. She may have lied, cheated, made false accusations, and plagiarized her art, but those transgressions pale in comparison to her not being a real victim of white racism.

  31. She’s just another stupid Whore

    • Bwahahahhahahahhahahaha………… serves her right…..

      this is the best news I’ve heard all day……….

      since she wants to be black, now she can be black and on welfare………………….

    • she’s just another god damn community organizer…………….

      wow, what a f_cked up bitch……….this “thing” is so damn demented it’s un-real………..

      a woman after Obongo’s own heart……two peas in a pod…………..

  32. pretty much everyone on the “left” is a misfit…..deranged…..and is dumber than a box of rocks…… the left has a clouded, ridiculous understanding of their own identity…….this one thinks that she is black, others think they are women when clearly they are men and vice versus………the truth of the matter is they don’t know what the hell they are………

    the libtard left is so f*cked up and that includes these homosexuals……..they’re nothing but perverts……homosexuality is a mental disorder…….they’re f*cked up in the head……..all of them……

    Bruce Jenner is not a woman……he will never be one…..and only another pervert would want to have anything to do with him………this Rachael Dolezal is another one who is seriously challenged mentally…….these dunderheads are making fools of themselves big time……they’re laughing stocks……

    homos are not right in the head……they have a mental disorder……they’re screwed up…..something is not right with them………and I’m tired of the lies that they try to make others believe that they were born this way……they are not born that way………homosexuality is a serious mental disorder and they should be institutionalized until they are cured of this malady………and if they refuse to be institutionalized in a mental ward then the only thing left is prison…………and that is where Bruce Jenner belongs… prison………

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