Dear Leader’s mansion…or the House of We the People?


When I saw this last night I was immediately offended that Dear Leader and crew would do something as low as this. Then again, he never had any class, and it’s obvious he never will. I am sickened that he used the White House to rub it in plenty of folks faces as well.

Our forefathers would be rolling in their graves if they could see what has happened to our nation…would they not?

Here’s one of many reports about this subject here:

In the wake of Friday’s landmark Supreme Court ruling that allows same-sex couples nationwide to marry, the White House was illuminated in rainbow colors for the evening on Friday.

Shortly after 7 p.m.. the north front of the White House was lit up in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet as about a hundred people looked on.

On Twitter, the official White House account displayed a rainbow-colored avatar of the presidential mansion.


In a statement, President Obama’s office said the White House took on the symbolic colors “to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to progress and equality, here in America and around the world.”

Via the president’s personal Twitter account, Obama stated: “Today is a big step in our march toward equality. Gay and lesbian couples now have the right to marry, just like anyone else. #LoveWins.”

And the Twitter account of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy featured a photo of the White House with an actual rainbow behind it.

Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser to Obama, also tweeted that the rainbow illumination reflects “what we always knew in our hearts.”

Whatta ya think…is Satan giving the high five?

Toss in your thoughts, you might see this situation completely different via your viewfinders in life.

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