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Desert Operations Training

“Let me make this perfectly clear, there will be no American boots on the ground in Syria.” And “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” And “The ACA will lower health care costs for the average family by $2500.” You get the picture.

Obama is doing what he said he wouldn’t by sending US special forces to Syria. Maybe the Special Forces can keep their doctors. Ostensively they are going to fight ISIS. But which ones? While the Shia savages and the Sunni savages operate under Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, ISIS, they’re all nothing more than different flavors of Muslim savages.

Why lose more American lives and spend more borrowed American dollars to fight for….what? What is the goal? Oh that’s right, this President doesn’t need goals except to pull out the Special Forces and leave a whole hell of a lot of expensive military equipment for whatever savage Muslim terrorist group comes across them.

AWD has said it for a long time. NO BLOOD FOR….UMMM….NOTHING! Especially when we can’t even figure out who is friend or foe. Let AWD break it on down for you….THEY’RE ALL FOES!

But AWD, ISIS is killing innocent Syrians. Yes, that’s awful but ISIS is doing the same thing in Africa. Do we send forces there? Or wherever they infect for that matter. It’s not America’s responsibility to eliminate ISIS. At least yet.

Russia sent troops to Syria so Putin could once again humiliate Imam Obama but their money ran out and they wisely pulled out. Syria is a cluster and will remain one. Just like every Islamic country that doesn’t have a savage dictator who can imprison/kill all the wild-eyed Islamic terrorists. Just look at Iran post-Shah and Libya post-Gaddafi.

Call me cynical but I believe the real reason behind this is the neocons in Congress really just want to make their quotas selling rockets and other military hardware for their employers in the defense industry. Just another war we can’t or won’t win that will spend another trillion and lose precious American lives for not one damn thing!

Tell me I’m wrong. I’m not. If America is serious about killing ISIS then we better kill the next ISIS group waiting in the wings while we’re at it. And that will require the cojones to use nukes. Because the next ISIS group is most certainly there waiting. Meet the new savages, same as the old savages. And the only way to kill the next ISIS is to kill every ISIS wannabe on Earth. And that will never be done with conventional weapons.

What will be interesting is when they nuke a western city with technology they could never have invented in a billion camel’s lives. And they will. Muslims don’t concern themselves with collateral damage. They just kill everything in sight to achieve their goals of global domination. And they have no problem calling America the enemy. Pity our ‘leaders’ don’t have the same resolve.

So do you agree with sending Special Operators to Syria? As you can see, I’m on the fence. Hahaha.



  1. no no no Hell no !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! screw Syria and all the muzzies

  2. Disgusted Caucasian

    No, no….and of course…..NO. Let the sand savages fight their own battles for a change.

  3. No. No U.S. boots on the ground. I don’t give a shit if ISIS is killing innocent (insert whoever here) anywhere in the world. Let the nations that they are killing innocent people in nut up and take care of the problem themselves. We are not the frigging world police (Team America, Fcuk Yeah!!) no matter what the bleeding heart sissies say. Whenever we go to a foreign nation to help them out, they end up spitting in our faces and hating us. To hell with them.

    The only thing we should be doing is preparing to kill them here, because it will happen, thanks to our patriotic politicians who have been importing them for the last couple of decades. Then we should finish by killing our patriotic politicians who got us into this shitstorm in the first place.

  4. If we are going to resolve to fight ISIS we cannot piecemeal the war like we did in Vietnam or Iraq. That is just what we are doing. The Russians came in to the northern part of that area of war and played for keeps and kicked ISIS a$$ all over the desert. We have been in the area for years and have not had that kind of success. Why? Because we have no leadership. We either have no idea how to win a war anymore or our crooked government doesn’t want to. They just want to use a war for economic means. We fought the German war machine and won. The German, whatever you want to think of them, in 1939 had a terrific fighting force that was second to none for its time period. They were better than ISIS ever thought of being and they were beaten by the US, Britain, and Russia. ISIS is not a group of supermen. IT is a ragtag army of murderers. They are pirates without ships. It takes a leader who will quit fighting a PC war and conduct real war against them. We have no leader in Obama.

    • We are also scared shitless of any accidental ‘collateral’ damage. That’s because for some reason we allow imbedded reporters to accompany troops on operations, and they report on every misstep our guys make. American reporters are not on America’s side. You can’t conduct a war and not accidentally kill innocents on occasion. Shit happens, and will happen as long as ISIS uses civilians as shields, and as long as these type of wars are fought among the civilian population.

  5. Spurwing Plover

    No way josie why should our military be sent into some entanglement to satisfy the U.N. War Mongers we need the troops at home to stop the riots and border crossing by illegal aliens and to place Obama under house arrest

  6. Putting 250 lives in danger just to try and show that you’re doing something?

    So what’s the plan, what’s the strategy? How do we know when we’re done?

    I have the greatest sympathy for any American Warriors having to serve under President Impotent. May God keep them safe because Barry and Kerry sure as hell won’t.

  7. This is a Secretary of State Clinton foreign policy “initiative,” just like the debacle in Libya (Just why the F*** are we involved in Libya anyway?). I once heard a Black man say Clinton was really “smart.” About what I have no idea. Sean Hannity regularly asks Hillary supporting guests three things that H. has done that materially improved America and typically draws spurious claims of successes.

  8. Spurwing Plover

    We need to keep the peace here in america let those other natiions be peace keepers in their own nations

  9. Find out where they are and carpet bomb.We did it in WWII and it worked.Will some innocents be killed ? yes but better their innocents than our innocents.Where is a George Patton when you need one? There are no more “fighting” generals only political generals.We need to clean house and update rules of engagement.

  10. The only thing these animals understand is war and death and strength, don’t believe it? Look at their current actions and history. When you have a leader? like Bathouse Barry who wakes up in the morning and is only concerned about his next vacation or golf game. Continuously lies to the American people and strives everyday to destroy this country, what would you think if you were a camel humper? And did I forget to mention Bathouse Barry is also a camel humper.
    A nice little present to turn some of their promised land into glass and a promise to send more would go a long way to get the point across, not more American treasure or lives.

  11. “What will be interesting is when they nuke a western city”

    if it’s washington, would it be a bad thing?

  12. I’m betting the special forces are made up of mostly Angry White Men – and racist marxist sociopath islamic sympathizer barack osama wants them all dead – so he’s sending them in to die in a no win situation.

  13. I could only see us doing it under one circumstance. First, there would be two, three, or four weeks of non-stop HEAVY CARPET BOMBING. Then, a small number of Spec-Ops could be sent it to finish the job with the clear understanding that NO prisoners would be taken. Anything still alive gets a bullet in the head.

    We’ll save the Nukes for Saudi Arabia and Iran!

  14. rightwingterrorist

    Short answer to the headline question.

  15. Quartierleblanc

    I don’t think we have to go to Syria to find some ISIS pukes to shoot. I strongly suspect they’re a lot closer than that.

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