By every account, guns are topping the Christmas lists for many Americans this year. Isn’t Christmas great?

Many are buying guns because they fear Obama will enact some type of executive order gun-control, they want to protect themselves from terrorists foreign and domestic, and in the case of AWD, why the hell not?

AWD and his children all have nice arsenals with healthy selections of shotguns, rifles, handguns, and tactical nuclear weapons. But guns are like dating cheerleaders. AWD always says, “what’s better than dating a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader? Dating a lot of Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders!” Ergo, more guns > fewer guns. It’s math, people!

Also, this is Texas. How could AWD possibly commit the serious faux pas of entering one of my local watering holes and tell my compadres I have only one gun? Or commit the serious faux pas of using the French term “faux pas” at my local watering holes? It would be as serious as calling a ‘magazine’ a ‘clip.’ Wars have started for less.

AWD has bought only two guns this Christmas. A Ruger LC9 for the filly who has never owned a gun or understood why she should until she met the Big Sexy this Spring. She’s getting her concealed carry, too!

I’m also giving a Springfield XDm in .40 caliber to my oldest son. He too is getting his concealed carry and the Springfield is a great gun by all accounts. Maybe he’ll return my nice Remington R1 Enhanced .45. Yeah, right.

My ex, the kid’s mother, married a rich dude so she is hooking them up with nice tactical shotguns for those without.

So what is Santa bringing or giving in your casa this year? Weigh in! We’re about due another post from AWD Gun Editor Quartier LeBlanc so I’m sure he’ll have another chart-toppin’ article about our favorite subject.

It’s 72 degrees in Dallas, Christmas is upon us, we have lots of guns and ammo, and AWD is about to hop on his Harley. Life is good! Merry Christmas, y’all!


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