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By every account, guns are topping the Christmas lists for many Americans this year. Isn’t Christmas great?

Many are buying guns because they fear Obama will enact some type of executive order gun-control, they want to protect themselves from terrorists foreign and domestic, and in the case of AWD, why the hell not?

AWD and his children all have nice arsenals with healthy selections of shotguns, rifles, handguns, and tactical nuclear weapons. But guns are like dating cheerleaders. AWD always says, “what’s better than dating a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader? Dating a lot of Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders!” Ergo, more guns > fewer guns. It’s math, people!

Also, this is Texas. How could AWD possibly commit the serious faux pas of entering one of my local watering holes and tell my compadres I have only one gun? Or commit the serious faux pas of using the French term “faux pas” at my local watering holes? It would be as serious as calling a ‘magazine’ a ‘clip.’ Wars have started for less.

AWD has bought only two guns this Christmas. A Ruger LC9 for the filly who has never owned a gun or understood why she should until she met the Big Sexy this Spring. She’s getting her concealed carry, too!

I’m also giving a Springfield XDm in .40 caliber to my oldest son. He too is getting his concealed carry and the Springfield is a great gun by all accounts. Maybe he’ll return my nice Remington R1 Enhanced .45. Yeah, right.

My ex, the kid’s mother, married a rich dude so she is hooking them up with nice tactical shotguns for those without.

So what is Santa bringing or giving in your casa this year? Weigh in! We’re about due another post from AWD Gun Editor Quartier LeBlanc so I’m sure he’ll have another chart-toppin’ article about our favorite subject.

It’s 72 degrees in Dallas, Christmas is upon us, we have lots of guns and ammo, and AWD is about to hop on his Harley. Life is good! Merry Christmas, y’all!



  1. Spurwing Plover

    Guns scare the gardenburgers right out of little liberal pansies and especialy toy guns they liberal twats at the schools will want the kids to exchange their toy guns for some dumb pink monkey dolls or give the kids a $100 gift certificate the TREE HUGGERS- R- US

  2. I am buying my eldest daughter a Smith&Wesson. 38 revolver.Cant go wrong with a wheel gun.You always know when it’s loaded and it’s very uncomplicated to use.The woman who is in charge of me,my wife of 47 years carries a Glock G42 we will go to the range together and practice.

  3. AWD
    Great post for Christmas, I bought my first AR platform rifle last Friday and
    Saturday morning I told the wife I didn’t know what to give her so I would give her money, when I gave her the money she was thrilled, I told her I thought it only fair to spend as much on her that I spent on myself . You are correct that people are afraid of an executive order from the big O, I already have guns that can reach out there and touch someone but I wanted what I wanted and dammit I’m gona have it, I got a Del Ton Sport 556 .


    Well I needed something more compact then my Ruger LCR for weekend carry. And keep the LCR as my permanent pistol for work since I wear much more baggy pants like military style cargo pants. It seemed from my intensive research all the pocket pistols are finicky and can have mixed reliability issues except for two. The SIG 238 and the Remington RM 380. I went with the Remington and 400 hundred rounds later it works flawlessly. I wanted a double action pistol instead of a cocked and locked so it won out over the SIG. When you go this small with these micro pistols the tolerances seem to be much more sensitive and the all medal ones in my opinion do better in for that class of pistol in the reliability department then the ones with plastic frames.

    • I think the single stacks 9mm’s are the wave of the future for much/most concealed carry market. They should displace the 380’s in many circumstances including the emerging female market. Affordable and reliable lasers will also drive this. The Ruger LC9 and S&W M&P Shield come to mind. IMHO the Sig 239 is the very best of the breed, but the expense of this weapon is an issue. I want one but I also want a Porsche. On the other hand, the Walther PPS is a very interesting weapon for the right price. I love the G26, but I don’t think it conceals as well. The G43 has opened to very good reviews, but the 6 shot magazine capacity is a negative. Springfield Armory also makes a single stack 9 that looks promising.

      • PrepperDaddy

        I agree completely about the compact single stack 9’s. I have an LC9 but hate the trigger pull. Picked up a Springfield Armory RO Champion in 9mm. It has a 4″ barrel and is now my EDC.

  5. My twin 17 y.o. daughters will be getting 10/22 semi’s. One is already on the way to becoming quite the shootist. She has a 24″ Remington 870 pump (it was her birthday wish), and shoots the sh*t out of both my SKS and my XDm. The other is just waking up to the sweet smell of Hoppes. So, being twins, I had to decide if the brouhaha of getting one a .22 and the other a more potent weapon at the same time was worth my sanity. Not now. Besides, I’m taking them both to Appleseed training at the end of January and that program requires a rimfire (at least on day one) and at least 250 rounds, so the .22 gives them access to this invaluable nationwide rifleman training program (and still-relatively cheap ammo) . BTW, I highly recommend this inexpensive, non-profit training — its offered all over the US.

  6. Quartierleblanc

    Sorry, but I have been up to my eyeballs in alligators. As a spoiler alert my next subject will be used/pre-owned handguns. I will acquire very shortly a S&W 3rd generation model 4006 for essentially nothing and I think the subject to be interesting to say the least. With the market for new pistols/handguns peaking, the time to look into the used market has never been better. My time to buy will be after the holidays and I think should be a good time for great deals. QLB has his lovely, right thinking daughter in law to think of and she and my oldest son will be spending some time with me after the holidays with the specific idea of choosing a new weapon for her. She seems partial to the S&W Shield with the safety.
    On a personal level, I can see another so called assault weapon on the horizon. So many choices and price may drive the decision especially with a non AR type. I’ve looked at the PTR 91 a H&K 91 clone, a Tavor and the FN PS 90.

  7. I know a family that just got a Ruger SR9c and a LCRx .38 2″… which explains why Ruger stock is up a 100% this year according to Capitalist Pig Jonathan Hoenig. Depending how things turn out in the job market next year, I would like to have a DPMS Gen 2 Recon and a CZ P09FDE. Just dreams right now though.

  8. Damn near 70 degrees here in Cincinnati… We’re setting a record.

    Santa is bringing us a Henry and a Mare’s leg. 🙂

  9. My husband and I bought each other shotguns. My youngest (age 6) got a nerf gun. Does that count? The older kids will get theirs in due time, but they all know how to shoot. I encourage every woman I know to get trained and buy an equalizer against perverts, ugly feminists, and big government.

  10. Disgusted Caucasian

    No new toys for me or Mrs. DC this Christmas. We have too much coin tied up in relocating to red state territory. We don’t need anymore guns but we always want more. If the cocoa Marxist waves his imperial pen, he won’t be keeping anything from me…that is unless he makes me into a criminal for what I already have.

  11. PrepperDaddy

    A KSG and Colt Delta Elite. Thank you Santa.

  12. Spurwing Plover

    A Lost in Space Laser Rifle

  13. Non conformist

    My aging hands were having trouble with my s&w 38’s so I bought an old
    s&w model 30-1 in .32 long. I love this old gun at range, sweet shooter and trigger and fairly accurate.

    Now I see ruger has an LCR revolver in .327 federal, which will also shoot 32 h&R magnum and
    32 long. I just love that idea. Can practice at range with 32 longs and use the 327 federal cartridge for self defense and carry! Gonna get one soon..

  14. S&W Bodyguard .380
    Just put my 300 round through it . Not one single problem
    Surprisingly easy to shoot, very accurate

  15. A Colt Commander 9mm with 4.25 inch barrel, steel slide and receiver. Replaces my wife’s Walther PPK 380 with a little more punch.

    Ofcourse, I may have to take to the range for a little while to make sure it works.

    Buy more guns!

  16. I am proud to see Americans arming themselves again. We are a proud people and we have let this government step on us for too long. The second amendment is in place to insure that Americans could rebel and throw off a dictatorship or government that becomes too intrusive. We need to arm for that coming possibility (sometime in the future) and to defend ourselves and families from the hoards of hate-filled criminals spawned by this regime. Steel yourselves. It does not matter if you are armed or not if you do not have the nerve to use your gun. Build your nerve. Arm yourself and know you will use it.

  17. Got a chance to handle both the Ruger SR9c and LCRx .38 snub on Christmas. I tried the LCRx with a Lazer-Lyte(?) LED target and bore-sight laser trainer. The LCRx is way better than a Charter Arms 2″ snub with it’s fantastic trigger and Hogue grip.

  18. Santa brought (a little early) a Springfield XDs 9mm. I can’t believe how nice it shoots. Still in break in phase but last time out it shot 200 rounds with no malfunctions. Another 200-300 like that and I’ll be ready to carry it.
    Unfortunately, Santa didn’t bring the Smith 686 performance center I asked for.

  19. Well Santa and a trade brought to me two Springfield XDm 9mm that stck 20 each. Now with Spinfield’s promo I’ll have 8 mag = 160 little freedom seeds to sow.

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