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Obama believes the Confederate flag “belongs in a museum”


How dare he! What the hell doesn’t have his no-good nose into? This is how he shows his grief…what a man!

Dudes and dudettes, I don’t know about the rest of you, but having to endure eighteen more months of this entity’s dictatorship has become our nation’s national nightmare! Plus, you can toss in his intentional endless divisiveness, race-baiting included.

Read this report and see what you think:

President Obama believes the Confederate flag “belongs in a museum,” the White House said Friday amid calls for it to be taken down, following a mass shooting in South Carolina.

“The president has said before he believes the Confederate flag belongs in a museum, and that is still his position,” spokesman Eric Schultz told reporters aboard Air Force One.

A mass shooting at a historic African-American church in Charleston, S.C., has renewed the debate over whether the Confederate battle flag should continue to fly in the state.

The suspected shooter, Dylann Storm Roof, reportedly drove a car with Confederate flag license plates.

And while the U.S. and South Carolina flags were lowered to half-staff following the shooting, the Confederate flag that flies near the state capitol flew at full height, a move that drew criticism.

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s office said Thursday she could not lower the flag without approval from the state legislature. The GOP governor has dismissed calls to remove it in the past.

Rep. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.), the Palmetto State’s former governor, said talking about removing the flag is like “opening Pandora’s Box.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R), a 2016 presidential candidate, called the Confederate banner “part of who we are” as South Carolinians.

NAACP President Cornell Brooks said Friday the flag must come down. He criticized those who say it’s simply a symbol of the state’s history, calling it an “emblem of hate.”

“When we see that symbol lifted up as an emblem of hate, as a tool of hate, as an inspiration for hate, as an inspiration for violence, that symbol has to come down,” he said Friday in Charleston.

Obama first called for the Confederate flag to be retired to a museum in 2007 during his campaign for president, months before the South Carolina primary.


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  1. The battle flag will always be somewhere in the South forever, it will never go away, people have tried in the past and failed and they will fail again.

    • ga steve…

      I bet you’re 100% right!

    • Do the math……………………..

      First, never let a crisis – ONLY one against the negro, mind you, go to waste. Second………….., make as much political (disguise) hay out of same, fan the flames of “racism” ENDLESSLY and NEVER EVER let same go. NEVER. EVER. PERIOD. Third, eventually equate the Stars and Stripes to the Stars and Bars and then after doing away with the BOTH flags do the obvious, do away with caucasian society.

      Welcome to Negroland.

      • johnsareforcrappingin

        That made not one bit of sense. None. Black gangs ruin our way of life. Got it. Black on black shootings all day long. Seven fuckin days a week. You have no respect at all for each other. Do you see white people burning their towns down when something doesn’t go right for us. No you don’t. Black’s doing drive-bys and killing innocent children. All the time. There have been so many that you and your kind should have already been shipped out. I have tried to have black friends and I am a nice person. All thieves, liars, opportunists, and you turn away for one minute and their trying to fuck your wife. It will never get better because you people just don’t give a damn. I’m not nice anymore. The black race did this. I did not have any slaves. I wasn’t even alive yet. So you and your friends can shove that right up your ass. You all use excuses for your own shortcomings. It’s aggravating listening to most of you talk. Cause you refuse to learn proper English. Trust me it makes white people really fuckin mad. And I know there are things blacks will continue to do because they know it. So where in this have I been able to tell you something nice. Can’t. I can’t think of one thing. I apologize for having to be honest and straight with you. It is the only way I know how. Every predominantly black town across the US is driven into the ground. Shootings, burglaries,rape,home invasions and murders. Trash everywhere. Fuckin graffiti everywhere. Start making all the loser black fathers be fucking fathers. That’s not the fault of the white man keeping you down. It’s Black’s keeping blacks down. Period. Me and my white friends didn’t do a damn thing to cause any of it. Yes there are scumbag cops that shouldn’t have the job. The powers that be are working on that. The rest is all 100% a black problem. Period. So what happens when a couple of the cops in the Ferguson get let go???? The blacks going to try to hurt cops and burn the fuckin place down again???? Probably. Fact. Big business doesn’t even want to come back now because two things happen. More items get ripped off than sold and well, yes it’s inevitable little baby black people will burn the rest of it to the ground. You know everytime you Black’s do this shit another white person gets their wings. And I say this because when you black folks don’t act right and just pull off all this shit. And that’s right. It’s the fucking reason most white people just hate your fuckin guts.

    • It is somewhere alright,on a pole in my front yard ,daily 24/7/360, always has been.

  2. Roof hated the American flag. Pictures have surfaced showing him burning & standing on the flag. Does Obama think Old Glory should be ‘in a museum’, too?

  3. There are more battle flags flown at Gettysburg today than anywhere in the country and there is not one single Confederate soldier buried there.

  4. …and Obongo belongs in a Kenyan village.

  5. Dear Mr. President you have NO power to make laws. You cannot, EVER, ban ANYTHING.

    Only Congress can make laws, with the consent of the President OR with an overwhelming majority to override you.

    Freedom of speech has never and should never be limited just because black peoples feelings get hurt, and there is no leeway in the Constitution allowing that. The only limit to freedom of speech is harmful (physically) intent, such as yelling fire in a crowded theater to watch everyone trample each other to death.

    If you ban the Confederate flag then the symbols used by blacks should also be banned/taken down and not allowed in public. It should go both ways and not be just for the benefit of ONE group of people over another.*pTYMrJwjzZD9983szFkr0j6ocy/NGEBanner1.jpg
    Five Percent Nation who subscribes to the idea that whites are “weak and wicked.”
    and only black men hold the power of God.

    The New Black Panther Party is a black separatist group that believes black Americans should have their own nation and is notable for its anti-white and anti-Semitic hatred. “There are no good crackers, and if you find one, kill him.”

    I am going out on a conspiratorial or tinfoil ledge here Mr. President, consider this one point: Who benefits from this act of terror? Certainly not Dylan Roof, who will likely be executed for his crimes. (As he should be). You and the government seems to have benefited here, as you did at Sandy Hook. You get to further your gun-control agenda.
    But it’s okay if the Black Panthers can openly shout for the murder of police officers, chanting with their open hatred, their intent to inspire other blacks in their hatred of cops:

    “A pig [cop] is a pig that’s what I said, the only good pig is a pig that’s dead!”
    “Oink! Oink! Bang! Bang!”
    “Marching down the avenue, 20 more pigs and we’ll be through!”

    And you do nothing to suppress their tools and instigation’s of hate? Until then Mr. President, the Confederate Flag will NOT come down. Why would you allow a few to dictate what the many should do? If we allow a few to dictate what the masses should do, than we are no longer a land of the free, but a land of the controlled.

  6. Nick Digger

    I think Bongo belongs in a museum, perhaps in an exhibit entitled “The Downfall of Affirmative Action”.

  7. Well in that case, the gay pride flag celebrates the tears and fears of countless little children being savagely raped and molested by deviants, yet I’m told be quiet because I’m being bigoted.

    Slavery indeed, back in those days, buying a slave was like buying a corvette and with the insurance to boot. Most of the southerners were dirt poor if not just making ends meet enough to survive another winter.

    Why is it NO ONE says anything about the Dutch? They were the true slavers and oppressors of the badly abused sons and daughters of Africa…yet not one damn thing is sad bad about them.

    Anyway, according to the logic here, because a few bad seeds waved the colors of old Virginia, it’s automatically associated with the evil.

    In that case, I say take down the gay pride flag for it’s glorifying child rape! Hey, fairs fair if you want to play PC.

    • It is not the colors of Ole Virginia, it is the soldiers battle flag, the Confederate States flag and the American flag were so similar that troops were firing on their own men, the battle flag was adopted because of this, It never flew over state house and never flew over a plantation, It is a soldiers flag flown on the battlefield.

      • Sorry about that, I got a wee bit carried away and started emulating my grandfather there. Whenever someone complained about his confederate flag he would yell “The colors of old Virginia shall never fall!” 😛

  8. mr. moorpark

    When you tell kids they can’t do something, they will do it anyway, even more so. If you try to get rid of anything, being (a flag, a gun for sporting, protection or just plinking, drugs) people will seek it out. A smart man would ignore it and have it die out on its own, but now you just made it a idea with influence.

    It will spread on its own now.

  9. I think the Watermelon flag should be banned,( the black liberation flag) it’s red black and green just like the watermelon and it offends me.

  10. Off-topic: I hope all you guys out there are enjoying Father’s Day!

  11. The name Barak Hussein Obama is a “made-up” name that Barry Soetoro christened himself with.
    All made up.
    Never registered, nothing.
    Just like his stolen SS#.
    So, why adhere to anything this posing Negro has to say.
    Everything about this negro man is a sham.
    The Democratic party has promoted this “talker” and backed his presidency.
    Shortly, this facade will be over, and this USA can get back to level footing and start doing things right.
    Just do not vote for any Democrat anywhere as long as Obama is still around.

  12. david7134

    I used to live across from the KKK headquarters. They always flew the US flag. This criticism of our heritage is meant only to demean those that hold freedom dear and which for a government that is not totalitarian as our present structure has become. If you note, much has gone into condemning anything Southern and making us to look like fools and backward. This is intentional as the discourse to march to communism in this country must change the South as we are the only section that loves freedom. That is the symbol of this flag.

  13. ThisObamaNation

    What happened to the right to free speech?

    • According to BHO’s world….that right only belongs to him!

    • You have the right to free speech if you agree with, and blindly follow the leftist dogma of men = bad, women = good, black = good, white = bad, conservatives = evil, liberals = saintly, cops = bad, thugs = good.

      If you believe otherwise, then you have the right to extinction….

  14. Alexandra

    I suppose if this guy had had “Choose Life” license plates there’d be something said about that.

    As a lifelong Yankee (born and raised in Michigan, living in Ohio) I say Obama should just shut his yap. I don’t find the Confederate flag offensive…and I have at least two ancestors who fought in the Union Army.

  15. Off topic, but it looks like Angel Soft has jumped on the man-hater bandwagon. It’s getting serious out there when toilet paper companies start doing this stuff, and if they all go left, what will I do then? I live in a desert, I’m going to use a cactus? I’m a pretty tough guy, but I have my limits.

  16. american flag is next

  17. Flags….they say alot about a person…and how one honors said flag does as well….

    i will refrain from any comment on this at the time…… flakes are too frosted.

  18. and another thing about this lying-ass president………here is the truth about his god damn amnesty and illegal immigrants……..if he thought for one second illegals would benefit republicans………

  19. Gov. Haley announces the removal of the Confederate Flag from Capitol grounds!

    Another reason I’ve never, ever liked her!

    Btw…you watch all republicans support her decision!

  20. South Carolina ..just lost it`s very soul to Obammy and the Negro marxist push..they taking Dixie down
    and have just drove another nail in the white man`s coffin..
    sad day indeed….


    • Jigg…

      Just posted a different report on this. I watched all of the BS from her, couldn’t take anymore!

      Btw…my post is right above yours. In fact we posted at the exact same time.

      • She went from “The flag can only be removed by order of the state legislature” to “Black Power!, Rip that flag down!, Kill Whitey” in a classic reversal of direction. That flip flop was executed with such precision, she should be offered the nomination for president by close of business today.

  21. I refuse to take down my Confederate battle flag…….not only will I not take down my flag I’m going to put this man’s portrait in a place of honor in my living room……..General Robert E. Lee…….

    ………….fu_k you Shitstain…….the more you try to put our flag down the more we will fly this flag…..

    proud to fly the the “stars and bars”…………….

  22. Calling for a burn the Confederate Flag day…

    And there are more out there.

    So friends, what good does it do to remove the flag at all?

    • Ya know, I was born in New Jersey, so I guess that I would qualify as a Yankee. I hope our southern readers will not be offended if I purchase a Battle Flag of my own to proudly display in as non-PC a manner as possible.

    • How about a national burn the fag flag day,

  23. Jumpin Joe

    Roof was also posing wearing a Golds Gym shirt. Perhaps we need to close down all Golds Gyms? Welcome to 1984 proles.

  24. Spurwing Plover

    The KKK was founded by the DEMACRATS the very same party Jessie Jackson belongs to and the late Robert Byrd was Grand Wizard in the KKK

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