This is the latest news regarding the Dictator-in-Chief and plans he seems to have to insert more gun control without going through congress. Seems the former supposed ‘constitutional professor‘ may do everything he can to stomp on the constitution once again with his arrogant nose in the air while doing so. After-all, we have gutless wonders for leaders on our side of the aisle…wanna bet they do absolutely zilch if he does carry this out?

Here’s the first report I’ll start off with for all you ‘Bitter-Clingers. You can read this in full here…it is somewhat longer and has much more information that should be very interesting to you as well.

If the apocalypse were at hand, one sign might be a burst of activity at Dunkelberger’s, a sports outfitting establishment in Stroudsburg, Pa.

Dunkelberger’s, like other purveyors of guns and shooting gear across the country, has experienced a boom in business this autumn the like of which Tim Strunk, a store employee for 23 years, has never before seen.

“It is through the roof, absolutely,” he says. “Assault rifle-style guns, the black guns, are doing especially well.”

Strunk attributes the buying spree partly to a “feeling that the end of the world is coming,” a foreboding perhaps reflecting end-times predictions from the Mayan calendar, among other sources. “The Doomsdayers are stocking up,” Strunk says.

But the greater cause of anxiety, he adds, “is the presidential election, and the fear that gun regulations will be changed” by a second-term Barack Obama.

To many gun-rights activists, those two phenomena – Obama’s re-election, and the apocalypse – amount to the same thing. “Obama is coming right at us,” warned David Keene, president of the National Rifle Association, soon after the election. “This will be an all-out assault on the Second Amendment.”

Obama’s personal disposition on the matter of guns was revealed in his famous “bitter clingers” remark during the 2008 campaign. Less remarked upon was his assertion just a few weeks ago during the second presidential debate that, if re-elected, he hoped to “get an assault weapons ban reintroduced.”

Now friends…this report talks about how Dear Leader may be planning on carrying off his scheme.

Gun rights activist John Snyder explained how the Obama administration could go around Congress to ban certain types of semi-automatic weapons. Fox News anchor Shannon Bream interviewed Snyder about the changes he said could be made in the classification of weapons under the National Firearms Act.

So you bitter clingers…what say you about all of this? Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!


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