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Phyllis Schlafly is one of the finest conservative fighters that I’ve been following for years. I have nothing but complete admiration for this hard working woman. She’s fought the good fight for our side of the aisle for decades now. In this case she has some advice for the GOP…see if any of you think they will take the time to heed her wise warnings. And one other fact about this woman, she never minces words when she speaks…she could care less about political correctness and all that jazz!

This is via Mediaite:

The Republican Party should ditch any attempts to reach out to the Hispanic vote and instead focus on courting more white voters. That’s the advice of longtime conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly.

While appearing this week on the Focus Today radio program, Schlafly told host Perry Atkinson that the recent attempts by the GOP to reach out to Hispanic voters through immigration reform constitutes a “great myth” because immigrants are unlikely to vote conservative anyway.

“The Hispanics who come in like this are going to vote Democrat,” she said. “There isn’t the slightest bit of evidence that they are going to vote Republican.”

She continued:

“The people the Republicans should reach out to are the white votes — the white voters who didn’t vote in the last election. There are millions of them. I think when you have an establishment-run nomination system, they give us a series of losers, which they’ve given us with Dole, McCain, and Romney and they give us people who don’t connect with the grassroots.”

This comes in stark contrast to the controversial Republican National Committee “autopsy” report which advised the party to attempt to reach out to minorities like Hispanic, black, and gay voters. Since the Romney electoral defeat, several conservative politicians and pundits have called for immigration reform as part of a strategy for winning over the Hispanic vote.

“The propagandists are leading us down the wrong path,” she concluded. “There is not any evidence at all that these Hispanics coming in from Mexico will vote Republican.”

Watch below, as clipped by Right Wing Watch:

Do you agree of disagree with Schlafly? Do you think any of the GOP will really listen and take her advice…or do you think they’ll deem her a racist of some kind for daring to mention the white voters matter the most in the big picture of demographics when it comes to elections and such?

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!



  1. Curmudgeon 7

    Dead on IMHO. I have said for years that you cannot win a national election without the white vote.(In the spirit of full disclosure I used to say white males but I am nothing if not becoming evolved.) So the dems either have to con us into voting for them or breaking our spirit and getting us to stay home. That our own party continues to insist on nominating moderate Rhinos doesn’t help. Since Reagan we have not had a true conservative nominated. How is that working out for us?

    Curmudgeon 7 OUT

    • It’s been a long time coming when we get a conservative for a president. I don’t know anymore if I’m ever going to see it come to fruition….I’m praying for ’16.

    • Mr. Rational

      What do you bet that Schlafly will never credit Steve Sailer for this?

  2. Spurwing Plover

    To hell with mexico the GOP should stop leaning over backwards for these illegal aliens and stop cow-towing to Obama and do as the american citizens want and oppose THE DREAM ACT and ILLEGAL IMAGRATION

  3. I totally agree with her!!!

    I’m so sick of hearing the RINO’s talk of reaching out to hispanics and blacks… the ONLY way you will get their vote is to become democrats and buy their votes with OUR tax dollars. There is nothing a conservative republican can say that will win the vote of the welfare class… NOTHING!!!

    I am also fed up with the accusations of racism against the TEA party by the MSM as if we don’t allow non-whites to participate in our rallies.. we do allow them but, the vast majority of them are opposed to an ideology of “self reliance” and hard work, and THAT is why you don’t see many black faces at a TEA party rally. The majority of blacks are Marxists which is the antithesis of what we stand for… even TEA party members are too scared to point this fact out because they will be called racist..

  4. http://bastionofliberty.blogspot.com/2013/05/lifedeath.html

    Best watch your words against other racial groups. DOJ will prosecute ya if you inflame Muslims with your speech or writings, its a violation of their civil rights and DOJ can prosecute you. Ya got $$ to fight them. This is tyranny 101.


    • Yeah, read that earlier today at Gateway Pundit. The audacity of Holder is something to behold. – I have no other words other than the man should be out of our lives politically. I can’t take much more.

  5. We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission. — Ayn Rand

  6. You seriously think that young voters are going to listen to an 88 year old hypocrite like Phyllis Schlafly????
    An advocate for the full-time mother and wife — while being herself a lawyer, editor of a monthly newsletter, regular speaker at anti-liberal rallies, and political activist??? I loathe people who do not practise what they preach.

    • Curmudgeon 7

      So she is hypocritical because she is an advocate for all the things you say she is not. She is a widow, she raised 6 children, she is an advocate for women who wish to be full time home maker/stay at home mother. She thinks it is wrong to belittle such women. She is an advocate for those who do not wish to be the big time “I can have it all” woman. So again how is she a hypocrite.
      The link is a bio of her. Found it on google. Just a little research goes a long way. (BTW I knew absolutely nothing about her, except her name until Big posted this.)


      • Cumudgeon…

        Glad you found that link…you can be sure idebac will ignore it.

        Btw…I’ve followed this gal since I was in my early teens. She was one force that fought the feminazas of all stripes…from Bella Abzug, Gloria Steinem and ilk…including those in congress too.

        My admiration remains…she was and still is right about the destruction of the family etc etc…

        • Yes, check out VDare.com and iSteve.com. Steve Sailer is right. D.A. King also is a savvy commentator who says the Repubs are wasting their time trying to win Hispanics. Ms. Schafly is a wise veteran observer who knows the way to win. Reagan and Nixon each won 49 states while drawing low percentages of minority votes. They knew how to energize white voters. Working class whites are a key demographic. The last Democrat to take a majority of the white vote for president was LBJ in 1964. He was one of the worst presidents of all. Nixon was pivotal in getting white voters to abandon Democrats, one reason liberals hate him. They hated his success. Sam Francis said the same thing as Phyllis. Both are right. The party is too stupid to face the truth.

      • “Just a little research goes a long way.”

        Oh I did my research. Just not from the same link as you. Maybe you should read a few other sources.

        • Curmudgeon 7

          And in answer to your snark about research in an earlier comment, there are 459,000 results for her name. I read half a dozen of them including one that referred to her as the “wicked witch of the Midwest”. Nice touch that one. Have a nice day.

    • I’ve loathed the likes of you since you’ve been on the board…your leftist post just proved why.

      …nuff said.

      • Don’t be any sillier than you have to be. There was nothing “leftist” about my comment. I was pointing out that the woman advocated stay-at-home wives and mothers, but she didn’t live her own life that way. WTF is “leftist” about that??

        Oh, I get it. Anyone who posts a criticism, no matter how true, MUST be a leftist. Hahahahahahahaha!!

  7. One thing for certain… give us another candidate without a backbone (Romney refused to attack Obama) and you’ll see people stay home once again refusing to vote.

    • Spineless RINO’s McLame and Romney… nothing but window dressing for Obama’s coronation.. it makes me think the GOP was complicit in the Marxist takeover of this country when they didn’t even put up a fight.. gutless bitches

      • Mr. Rational

        A number of alt right bloggers are saying that we don’t have two parties, we have two wings of the Big Money Party.  So far it looks like they’re far more right than wrong; look at how much money got spent to kill the nomination of Ron Paul, who was a clear alternative to Obama and also the “bipartisan” program of bigger government.

        • “we have two wings of the Big Money Party”

          Also known as “two cheeks of the same a$$”. 100% right.

  8. Greetings from St. Louis, the city that gave the world Phyllis Schlafly.

  9. this lady has it right….and I mean she has it right……..the repubs need to appeal to the white population of this country……going after the inbreds and the Mexican horde for votes is no way to win elections………let the democrats be known as the party of drunken Mexicans……….

    the repubs are to stupid to listen to someone that can reason like Phyllis Schlafly.

    last Sunday Bob Dope, er, I mean Bob Dole was on FOX News Sunday and literally showed his RINO colors…….Bob Dope said the repubs should shut down for an entire year and come up with a positive message to get along in Washington……just what we need….advice from a loser like Bob Dope……..I hope the repubs will wake up soon….time is running out…..our country will be lost if we don’t listen to those who have vision see the tyranny wrought on all of us by the democrats……….

    • Curmudgeon 7

      Man, your posts are what my posts look like in my head before I think too much. If the GOP pushes another Rhino I will stay home or vote 3rd party or some such. If “moderates” could win then we would have GOP Presidents term after term. The GOP needs to think about who is telling us that we need to be moderates. It is the dinosaur media & Karl Rove. We need a right wing fascist to run for President. Then we will see if Rush is right. Conservatism almost always wins.(For you trolls, Right wing fascist is sarcasm, I just want a true conservative to run.)
      Curmudgeon 7 OUT

    • Right on Bluto! you rock!

    • Bluto…

      I saw that interview with Bob Dole last Sunday too. He’s still stuck on stupid. Clueless wonders like him are and have been our side of the aisle’s problem for decades…we will ever really get rid of these twits?

  10. Isn’t this a woman who raised several children while attending law school? The closest thing to a Margaret Thatcher we have here.And I mean that in a good way.

    • “Isn’t this a woman who raised several children while attending law school?”

      Is that what you call a stay at home Mom?

      • You don’t need to be sarcastic-I was asking a question.And I fail to see the point of your jibe about “stay at home Mom” I normally wouldn’t resort to name calling(such a liberal tactic) but you seem to be a pin-headed troll.

        • Herbie…

          Not ‘seem’…he/she/it is a troll, a pathetic one at that. ~

          • Don’t you mean “infuriating”? It’s one of your six other adjectives. 🙂

          • I still don’t get your hypocrite charge. As an example, if a straight male advocates that it is ok to be gay & live a gay lifestyle, is he a hypocrite because he isn’t gay or live a gay lifestyle. Or perhaps it is just her message you don’t like.

        • “And I fail to see the point of your jibe about “stay at home Mom”

          ‘Course you do. Nobody here is very bright. Look up “hypocrisy” in the dictionary. Phyllis Schlafly was a hypocrite. I say “was” because she’s 88 and if the GOP are going to rely on advice from the likes of Phyllis Schlafly, they can forget increasing their share of the vote.

          • As long as the GOP keeps going along with conservative posers like McCain,Rubio and Rove they might as well not run at all because the real Conservatives will just stay at home again like 2012.

  11. Them Mexicans will never vote GOP in any significant numbers nor will the Blacks.That’s the truth ! They will always vote for Santa Claus.We need to appeal to taxpayers.People who work for a living not those who vote for a living.

    • Of course we do. You’re spot-on Lepke. That stupid statement from the RNC regarding an autopsy report on the GOP and elections was/is going in the wrong direction…AGAIN! – These people truly are clueless…it’s hopeless with them and those in charge.

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