Alexandra Pelosi strikes again…this time she goes after the left! She interviews many ‘Welfare Queens‘ that reside in New York City…I can already hear the Leftist-Moonbats screeching from their caves at this very moment planning their attacks…how about you?

Last week I posted about Alexandra’s put-down to white southern voters that had to do with the upcoming GOP primaries. For any of you who may have missed it, it was a ‘Question of the Day:Are You a White Toothless Hick from Crackerland?

Here’s her latest work via TB:

After Bill Maher debuted a clip last week from Nancy Pelosi’s filmmaker daughter interviewing stereotypical “redneck” Mississippi residents about their political views, Alexandra Pelosi unveiled a new clip during his HBO show Friday night, this time exposing so-called “welfare queens” in New York City.

The latest clip, which Maher predicted was “the thing that will make liberals go insane,” featured Pelosi’s interviews with a series of people outside an inner welfare office, most of them black and unapologetic about taking their government handouts despite being able-bodied and physically able to work.

First, here is the portion that aired last week, featuring white Mississippi residents calling President Barack Obama a Muslim and admitting to not liking him because he’s black:

There was a strong reaction to the clip last week, and Pelosi readily acknowledged that the people shown were stereotypes.

“They’re just snapshots,” she said. “Now, by Monday morning, you’re going to have the left-wing feeding frenzy attacking you for making the Democrats look bad.”
Youre Going to Have The Left Wing Feeding Frenzy: Alexandra Pelosis Latest Video Hits Welfare Queens Who Just Want Their Obama Bucks

For the latest clip, Pelosi said, “It’s not as if I have to go too far to find the freeloading welfare queens,” noting that the welfare office is across from her home.

She began by interviewing the doorman, who said he sees people every day who “don‘t look like they’re handicapped in any way, they just look like they don’t want to work.”

A sample of the responses she got from the welfare recipients:

– “I’m here trying to get some Obama bucks. That‘s what I’m doing, trying to get some Obama money.”

– “I want a check.”

– “Tell me why you like Obama.” — “Because he gives me stuff.”

– “Who you going to vote for?” — “Obama.” — “Why?” — “Because he’s black.”

– “When was the last time you actually worked?” — “About half a decade”

– “You’re a perfectly healthy young man, why aren’t you working right now?” — “My background. Once you go to jail it’s hard to get a job.”

– “Why should my tax dollars be going to you?” — “My ancestors came here to help build this place — my ancestors, slaves.”

– “Do you really want to work, or do you just want to get a free check?” — “I just want to get a free check.”

Now friends…I’m sorry Maher’s included in this, but it is what it is…and I, for one, am glad this was shown as well. His nutcase audience may not have liked this…but I sure as heck do!

Throw in your two-cents…do you think this will matter one way or the other via congress-critters on both sides of the aisle? This is a great opportunity for our side to use a portion of this clip on the House and Senate floor…because we sure as heck know the mainstream media will ignore this! Thank goodness we have Al Gore’s Amazing Internet…eh?

Like I always say ~ Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!


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