A Salaam ES&D!

Publishing company Random House is prepared to pay Imam Obama and his beard $60 million for their memoirs. I crap you negative. Who do they think will buy this sh*t? Certainly not the tens of millions who voted for Trump. And certainly not the fans of Obama. Most of them cannot read.

Let me save you the $40 or so it will cost to read what Bill Ayres writes for the Imam and Moochelle. It’s all racism! Done. Save your time and money. America is racist. You’re a racist and you oppose Obama only because he’s half Kenyan and you’re a racist. (You can send $20 to AWD for shooting you straight on what the books will say)

Some of the things expected to be covered in Obama’s book.

1. Racism
2. Favorite rappers
3. Racism
4. Islam is the answer
5. Favorite rappers who haven’t yet been killed
6. Reggie and his Love
7. Racism

Hussein’s book promises to be a real page-turner. If you’re a Muslim rapper. Other than that, send your $$ to AWD.

I don’t know about you but there’s something very nice about not having Hussein nor Our Lady of the Cankles in the White House. It smells like victory.

$60 million for a predictable book? Hell, AWD would take off his clothes and have sex with a donkey for that kind of shekels! Or Barbra Streisand. Actually, no I wouldn’t. At least with Streisand.

Publishers only gave Bubba Clintoon $15 million for his book, “Creative Tricks With Cigars and Interns.” And W only got $10 million for “I’m Really A Democrat Just Not Bright Enough To Spell It.” Random House is going to get screwed without a cigar on the Obama bore-a-thons!

AWD has written a blog for nearly ten years and I bet I haven’t made more than a dollar two ninety-eight! And you know what? That sh*t ain’t right. My lies have been much larger and more creative than Bubba, Hitlery, W, and Obama combined! Well, maybe not the lies of Bubba, Hitlery, W and Obama. Tough competition.

Any damn way, I can assure you I will not be putting out my hard-earned cash American to buy some book from a Chicago community organizer who hates my guts. I’d rather read stock offering prospectuses in the Wall Street Journal. And who can understand that sh*t? That’s right. No-damn-body!

Anyone who reads Hussein and beard’s books is welcome to write a review for publishing at the esteemed AWD website. There is no damn way I’m going to crack the cover. I’ve got better things to do. Like watching Bass Masters.

And for some Music That Doesn’t Suck tonight, my favorite ode to Hussein from R.L Burnside:


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