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Who is ready to die for our great nation?…Er, uh, or something kinda like that.


It's a Progressive Panacea!
It’s a Progressive Panacea!

I have a really hot Financial Adviser. Aside from being sweet eye candy, he’s pretty sharp when it comes to political and financial stuff. Now, he normally tells me the usual things I want to hear about from my FA, like money, the government, the latest government finagling to take more of our money. Today, he seemed more on the pensive side with a downtrodden affect. “What’s wrong?” received an avalanche of points relating to Gerontology and how it incorporates into the financial planning process. The things he discussed immediately caused my brain to internally generate the anguished voice of Charlton Heston crying “Soylent Green is Peopleeeee!!!!”.

In case you need to hear it again: Soylent Green is Peeeeooooplee!

Not his paranoia, all mine. My FA limits his speculations to numbers and figures. My own night owl tendencies have added immensely to my enjoyment of old, forgotten movies made prior to my birth and hence, fed my fantasies of inevitable doom. We can discuss The Omega Man another time. Though my FA gets me going on societal decline, I typically expand on his thoughts to full blown societal collapse and cannibalism, all by myself. So, advances in healthcare have increased life expectancies to a point where the fastest growing segment of society is currently people over the age of 90. This development poses a very serious problem to our country, whose unfunded liabilities have skyrocketed in recent years. Yes, when we say “unfunded liabilities,” we are talking specifically about old folks, among other things. They just won’t die early enough, like they did in the good ol’ days.
Several years ago, a friend was discussing his father’s cancer. He mentioned another family member who happened to be a Nobel Prize winning physician. The physician said our government was concerned with the Death Rate if cancer were actually cured. I hadn’t thought too much about it since but Obamacare and the implementation of the Independent Payment Advisory Boards (IPAB’s) is worrisome if the scheme has any connection with the management of the Death Rate. My adviser went on to explain that he believed a free society could never be convinced to accept the concept of what he called a “disease burden on the economic system”. He went on to discuss how Quality Adjusted Life Years are calculated. So after you are deemed by the IPBA’s to be unworthy of medical intervention, you should just get comfy and die…and saving any wasted funding from the government to prolong your value-less life. It’s for the good of the nation and you’re doing Uncle Sam a solid. Go ahead, try to convince anyone you know that dying for the greater good of the nation sounds appealing.  So, how to get the masses to actually go along with it? This is a problem for the government and it could only be solved by tricking We, the People into such a system.

The Single Payer system that incorporates the IPAB’s (Death Panels) uses formulas to determine whether a person receives medical treatment or not. Even more vexing to consider, it could eventually, through Executive Order or medical license regulation, restrict an individual from paying directly to physician for non-covered treatment, sometimes known as Direct Primary Care or Concierge Medicine. This should concern everyone. Numbers of physicians are facing how to proceed in the coming mandate, whether to turn to cash fee for service or retire completely. My own father has been in family practice since 1976 and is now facing this very question. This also reminds me of my great-grandfather who continued his dental practice through and beyond another tribulation, the Great Depression. There are family stories of the interesting forms of payment he accepted…chickens, home-canned goods and miscellaneous property. He had two identical dental chairs since, after all, it was during segregation, but that’s also a story for another time. The grand design of Obamacare may likely be to intentionally collapse and convert the current healthcare system into a Single Payer system, Death Panels and all. The government would then unavoidably have greater control the Death Rate. So we lower the burden of unfunded liabilities (you, your Aunt Edna, the surly clerk at Walmart) that is an aging population and give the government total control of our personal information.
I was already agitated by the conversation, but the question he left with me was worse: “Would the Progressives in power who are willing to use the IRS, the EPA and the Justice Department to destroy their enemies be willing to use the Death Panels in the same way?”
Yeah, this is probably just another mundane financial chat with the financial adviser.  I feel a movie marathon coming on.
Here’s a groovy trailer from Soylent Green. Yeah, baby.



  1. Spurwing Plover

    America need to totaly pull out of the UN and evict these tresspassers and illegal aliens from america

  2. We need to die in order to stop this shit from happening!

  3. I know some disagree, but I will always think Single Payer is what they want, death panels and all. I hope not, everyone in my family has lived a long life. My Dad is a healthy 85 years old and if family history tells me anything I could live to be 100. Holy Shit! Not that I’m sure I would want to, but I’d rather leave that up to God not Politicians.

    TB, I watched your cool movie trailer, made me want to watch a Quentin Tarantino movie marathon tonight.

  4. RidinShotgun

    Mike Savage touched on this a few months ago and asked the same question, “Do you really believe that the progressives aren’t going to use the death panels to eliminate their political opponents, given their track record with every other agency and how they’ve abused the power there as well? If you don’t, I’ve got news for you my friends, you’re painfully naive!”

  5. Good article, T-Belle! I’m convinced the whole website “mistake” was totally calculated to “necessitate” the single-payer system, complete w/ death panel. After all, it’s us older folks who (for instance) remember the Constitution, worship God (as opposed to Allah), and understand that personal income is directly relative to work. We also know the meaning of the word “enemy.”

    Yep, we’ve got to go.

  6. MONEY keeps people alive. True Fact. Now, how does keeping illegal aliens here and letting the US Judiciary’s precedents of making “Anchor Babies” citizens of any use in increasing the MONEY available to citizens alive? The illegals and their so-called “US Citizen” offspring send money to their foreign places of birth, steal the money of the Americans going to hospitals by jacking up the expenses so as to give FREE medical care, and STEAL the taxpayer’s funds for their children’s education. And think of all the FREE lunches provided to illegal alien children in the public school system.

    Simply deporting all the illegals, AND their Anchor Babies would free up a tremendous amount of MONEY for the CITIZENS. We must be the DUMBEST country in the world to allow Mexico to populate the US with their offspring who then claim be US CITIZENS.


  7. Annoying man

    Exit polls taken from the last 4 elections have shown that more young people vote Democrat and more old people vote Republican. Death panels are just another attempt by Democrats to manipulate elections. Besides, once they are dead the Democrats can have them vote Democrat.

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