Do We Really Need Immigrants from El Salvador?


Or for that matter, lets include those from Guatemala and Honduras. The two happy “citizens” in the caption pic are Miguel Angel Alvarez-Flores and Diego Hernandez-Rivera, (no relation to Geraldo) both accused in the “satanic” murder of a 15-year old female Mexican American. They also allegedly kidnapped and raped two other young teens in Houston. Luckily both girls managed to survive. The criminal pair are seen yucking it up, high fiving and posing for the cameras during their arraignment. They must think they’re back in their home country of El Salvador where the murder of women is almost a national sport and few are ever prosecuted much less punished. Unfortunately for them they live in Texas where better than even money says both will “ride the needle.” I’d like to see the look on their face when they realize that death row is really not a record label in the Lone Star State.

Both of these cretins are illegal aliens, er I mean LMAO undocumented workers who are from the great Central American Mecca of El Salvador. They are also members of the MS 13 gang.

Why is this important? Mara Salvatrucha or MS 13 is a multinational criminal organization, known for its violence. With 30,000 to 50,000 members worldwide, its recruiting base is in three Central American countries, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. There are estimated  up to 10,000 in the US living in a number of major cities. Most/many are illegal, sorry, I mean undocumented. A large number have been deported many times, but seem to have no problem returning here. Big surprise. Of course they are doing jobs that a lot of Americans don’t want to do, like drug smuggling/distribution, human trafficking, contract murder, extortion, armed robbery and prostitution. All three of these countries are Latin American shizer holes with homicide rates that make a drug cartel controlled Mexican border town seem safe. Violence, crime, poverty and poor education define their society and culture. In many circles these social pathologies are considered normal. Why do we have any of these individuals here and what do they bring to American society except to export their own misery into our country?

There’s no shortage of examples involving the senseless violence and criminal nature of these people. They are also recently involved in a wave of murders and viciousness in Nuevo Jork and Virginia. Further, their criminal activities seem to be on the rise. They’re now moving into Canada where they feel that authorities there will be softer upon their illicit undertakings with social “benefits” better. There’s nothing like the joys of liberalism and socialism in Trudeau’s Canada.

We have no real idea of how many immigrants/invaders we have from these three countries, but the presence of just one criminal gang among this particular demographic should give us pause about allowing any more of them in. They’re also not the only Central American criminal organization. Their main rival, the 18th Street Gang is just as big and just as violent. Imagine, from just three small countries we have imported/produced 20,000 criminals who now reside among us. That represents the size of an entire US Army division, most of them living off of our hard earned largess while engaged in a criminal lifestyle. Just think, all of this so that liberals can feel good about themselves. It’s a good bet that neither Merrill Streep nor Jimmy Kimmel has a single one living near them. They just want them to live near you. Is there any better example of why liberalism is a mental disorder and a path to societal suicide?

Take another long look at the caption pic. They think somehow that our legal system is a joke and that they’re celebrities. Within their own culture they are. This is what we have allowed to infect the United States. Liberals want their invasion into the US to be unchecked. That essentially represents a threat to thousands of years of Western Civilization. Within my lifetime this country put men on the moon and returned them safely. If the present process continues then in the future, and within the same timeline, the USA will resemble the same third world toilet bowl they came from. This is really what the leftists want and is their ultimate goal.

But I like to write about self-defense and firearms. If you don’t have a reason to arm yourself and train, this should provide a bit of motivation. Just remember, they’re coming to a town near you. That is if they’re not already there. Stay armed my friends


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