Do We Really Need Somali Immigration?



With all the hoopla and angst surrounding President Trump’s travel ban on Muslim immigrants from certain countries I have to ask a very basic question. Why do we need even a single refuge from Somalia, one of the places listed on the embargo? For those of you who don’t know, Somalia is an impoverished country on the east coast of Africa that is among the poorest in the world. It’s considered a “fragile state” with many of the citizens illiterate and most undereducated. Per capita income runs at a little over a dollar a day. All of the social pathologies intrinsic to third world Muslim dominated countries are rife in Somalia, including civil war, poverty, female mutilation, piracy and even slavery. You’ll get a Hollywood idea of what Somalia and its citizens are like from movies like “Blackhawk Down” and “Captain Phillips.” What would these people do here and what do they have to offer America? I suspect the interview with an immigration official and a Somali refugee would go like this.


Immigration: Well Habib, lets talk about job possibilities in the United States. First we have to establish your qualifications. Do you read and write English?

Habib: I do not even read and write Arabic, what makes you think I can read and write in English?

Immigration: You speak English quite well.

Habib: Yes, I learned it from watching American porno. Americans have the best porno. Maybe you could move me to California. I could be the next big thing, Muslim porn star.

Immigration: (sighs) I think that you doing a money shot with a woman in a burka and bad teeth is not going to set the adult film world on fire. Besides your chances of working with Jenna Jameson or someone in her caliber is probably remote. Is there some sort of job you already know how to do?

Habib: (somewhat disappointed and pensive) I could be slave trader. Very good business back home. I worked with my Uncle Ottmar in the slave market. Very good side benefits. (winks)

Immigration: No Habib, slavery and rape are illegal in the US. What about something in the agricultural business, that wouldn’t require as much of an education but would involve manual labor.

Habib: (now defensive) Do I look like a Mexican to you?

Immigration: (increasingly frustrated) Are there are any realistic job skills that you bring to the table.

Habib: I can go back to… er I mean become a pirate. Piracy very good business in Somalia and very respected. Miami or the west coast would be ideal.

Immigration: (more exasperated) No, Habib, piracy is illegal in the US and in the rest of the world for that matter. As much as I would like to set you up as a pirate off the coast of Malibu, the Hollywood elites who seem to love you so much don’t want you living anywhere near them.

Habib: (pleading) Then Miami will do nicely.

Immigration: Won’t work either Habib. Apart from law enforcement, the navy and coast guard there are lots of people there called Cubans, Columbians and Jamaicans, many of whom who could care less about the law and would feed you to the sharks in a heartbeat if you get into their business.

Habib: But you say you are a country of laws. What kind of country is this?

Immigration: I was thinking the same thing myself.

Habib: Maybe it would be easier if you just gave me my Obama phone, EBT card, Section 8 housing and a big fat welfare check?



Why are these people even here and why do we as a country persist in bringing more of them in? It’s completely and totally insane. When the MSM states that no one from Somalia residing in the US has engaged in terrorism, it is a huge lie. Abdul Razak Ali Artan was a 20 year old Somali who injured 13 people with a knife and car attack at Ohio State University in November of last year. Luckily no one was killed and Artan was shot dead before he could murder anyone. He wasn’t even on a terrorist watch list and was likely radicalized here in the US. Yet we have brought in tens of thousands of these refugees, most with little education and few skill sets for a modern society. If things don’t go completely their way who do you think they’re going to blame?

Here’s a word of warning to you idiotic libs. These people aren’t here to integrate into American society; they’re here to colonize. Even the dumbest redneck knows this but somehow Democrats and the MSM just don’t get it. We will end supporting the majority of them on the welfare rolls. Plus it’s only a matter of time till another one decides to claim his 70 virgins. Do we need any more examples of why liberalism is a mental disorder and a pathway to societal suicide?




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