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Red’s Drunken Poetry for 2016, Volume 1


Calmly eviscerate everybody.

Entry #1

Civilization is a fiction;
Bellum omnium contra omnes.
A wilderness of mirrors,
Where friend and foe both seem quite ominous…
The honest succumb; the hypocrites thrive.
What a wretched time to be alive.




  1. RedState,
    The dude has mentioned the discussion of philosophy in the past, Hobbesian may be partly right but I believe it will be the State that will cause the end of society.

    • Western societies rely on individualism and IQ points. Take away the individualism, you get bland, Asian-style social orders. Take away the IQ points, you get third world chaos. Locke’s ideas were more valuable than Hobbes’, but the genetic material is what ultimately tells the tale.

  2. In the 16th century in which Hobbes lived his idea of a one-ruler authoritarian was probably a King or Queen with the good of the country at heart. Very few in the US have America at heart anymore. Her leaders sell her out daily. Hobbes believed that all people were selfish and they could not govern themselves in the least; therefore men needed a strong government to keep them in line and from killing each other constantly. His ideas about a strong central government have not panned out. Strong governments become dictatorships and exist for themselves instead of the people. Unless God is involved in any government system, it turns to selfishness and murder. Hobbes failed to address that factor.

  3. rightwingterrorist

    “What a wretched time to be alive.”

    How’s that Chinese curs go?
    “May you live in interesting times”

    I would say we live in a cursedly interesting time to be alive.

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