Repost: Africa for Africans


Originally published July 15, 2013


The inevitable breakup.

We are a nation riven with racial animosities, predominantly black vs. white, African vs. European. Contrary to the late, great social philosopher Rodney King, we can’t just all get along. It has been fifty some years since the most important thing in the history of mankind—the civil rights movement—occurred, and race relations are as bad as they’ve ever been.

Blacks and whites in America are stuck in a marriage plagued with irreconcilable differences. It’s high time we recognize the only remaining solution is divorce. So here are the proposed terms.

Whites, having no homeland of their own anymore (thanks to diversity initiatives of the Eurotards), get to keep their racist, hate-filled, bigoted, backwards, redneck, neo-Nazi AmeriKKKa. Blacks will get to return to Africa and have nearly the entire continent to themselves, free of the oppressive racism of whites and all their white privilege and hate and whatnot.

But recognizing that evil whitey invented slavery and, with no help whatsoever from black people, brought blacks over from Africa to AmeriKKKa, it’s only right that whites pay for blacks’ return to their motherland. Hence, white AmeriKKKans will pay for the one-way trip for all blacks back to Africa, and even give them a stipend totaling $10,000 each, which they will be free to spend on all the amazing luxuries Africa has to offer in any way they please.

Any evil, racist, privileged whities living in any African country that welcomes their returning AmeriKKKan black brethren will be forced to emigrate (most likely to racist AmeriKKKa), to ensure that there will be no possibility of any more violent oppression of poor wittle bwack people by creepy-ass crackas.

Once all blacks have been repatriated to their motherland and liberated from the horrible, horrible racism of whites, Africa will no doubt experience a flowering of intellectual and creative brilliance the likes we have never seen, while poor AmeriKKKa will almost certainly wilt on the vine without all the vibrant diversity blacks bring to the table. But such is the just desserts of a nation filled with such hate-filled, racist, privileged white people.

I believe these terms of separation to be fair and think that, in the interest of poor wittle bwack people the world over, we commence with this exercise immediately.


RedStaterNYC, Couples’ Counselor


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