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Repost: Human Sacrifices to an Insatiable God


In light of yet our latest tragedy of “Diversity”, here’s a perennial repost…

[From repost on March 2016:] In light of this morning’s tragic–but completely inevitable and yet completely avoidable–terrorist attacks in Brussels, here’s a repost of an old post of mine back from 9/2014. (And, yes, I know that’s Kali.)


The news out of Rotherham, England is as infuriating as it is heartbreaking—at least to those possessing both heart and brain. Some have made the connection that the raping of thousands—thousands—of little white girls by Pakistani Muslims is not so much an act of perverse sex as it is an act of conquest.

I agree with this sentiment.

But the Muslims and sundry other ne’er-do-well hordes who now infest so much of England and elsewhere throughout Europe really didn’t have to expend much energy to conquer us. They simply showed up and reproduced prolifically—all on the dime of us subjugated whites.

(In our terminalist world, being a cockroach is a sounder strategy than being a civilized, productive human being.)

What does it say of a culture where the “men” stand idly by and watch their prepubescent daughters get raped by hostile aliens? What does it say of our leadership that they not only force this peril upon us, but then prevent us from being able to do anything about that danger except be victimized by it? That we can’t even so much as complain about it for fear of being branded a “racist”?

Our elites have given up the Jewish God and Christian incarnation of said God in favor of the god known as “Diversity”. Unlike the Jewish God, which commanded that human sacrifice be no more, god “Diversity” is voracious in her appetite for human flesh.

And it must be white flesh.

How many white virgin children must be sacrificed to god Diversity? How many innocent whites—from the youngest to the oldest—must be sucker-punched, beaten to a pulp, shot, tortured, and/or murdered in sacrifice to god Diversity? How much money must be spent financing our own subjugation to god Diversity? How much of our amazing civilization must be destroyed to appease god Diversity?

Our self-appointed elites are the high priests who, alone, understand the awesomeness of god Diversity, and therefore are alone in understanding why we must all bow down before her. We peasants cannot fathom the divine glory of god Diversity, and so should not resist, but welcome, our slaughter in her name. We should consider it an honor to be savagely beaten and killed in her name; to watch our daughters raped in her name; to see our friends and family destroyed by her; to see our civilization crushed under her foot.

Truly we do not appreciate the wisdom of our betters, the high priests of god Diversity, for it all seems…evil and insane.



  1. Newt Gingrich Speaks About France Attack – Newt Gingrich On Hannity

  2. And again, and again, and again. I don’t have Islamophobia anymore. I have Islamonausea. Douglas Murray explains below how the usual process will play out:

    “This is how it goes in Europe now. Everything barely worth saying will be said endlessly. And the only things that are worth saying won’t be said. What are those things? Among other things the fact that we are living with the consequences of an immigration and ‘integration’ fantasy which should have been abandoned years ago. Instead our governments have kept pretending that the weakening of Europe’s external borders and the erosion of its internal borders happening at the same time as one of the largest population replacement exercises in history could have no tangible effects on our continent’s future. They pretend that Britain will always be Britain, France will always be France, Sweden will always be Sweden and Belgium will always be Belgium.”

    • I know how to respond to the 7th century barbarians…….kill them!!!!!!……those you don’t kill “deport them”… them back into the sea…… if’s, ands, or buts……..

      it’s time to grow some balls….and do what ya got to do……… the entire country needs to rise up and say “enough”…..”get out”…….

    • As I said after 9/11, Muslim terrorists aren’t so much terrorists as they’re enragists–i.e., their savagery doesn’t fill me with terror, it fills me with a murderous rage.

      But I have evolved since that time. I don’t hold Muslims responsible, any more than I’d blame the gun used in a murder. Why kick a pig for being a pig?

      Those with the blood on their hands are those who take our money to finance the importation of these savages into our communities–and then take even more of our money to give them a plush lifestyle; who suppress the evidence of their savagery against us; and who condemn us for speaking out against this insanity.

      It is they–i.e., our so-called “elites”–whose hands are bloodied by these acts, and it is they who must pay.

      As I’ve counseled for a long time now: Maintain your lists. Let not one of these evil snakes slither free.

      Muslims don’t kill people. Diversicrats kill people.

  3. it’s time to go to war with Islam……WAR !!!!!…….it’s time to let these 7th century barbarians feel the heat… them back into the Middle East and let them kill each other………

    we should destroy Raqqa now,,,,kill every damn las tone of them jihadi bastards in that damn shithole…..kill them…..kill them……kill them all………

    Newt Gingrich said it for me……I agree whole heartily with his sentiments……..

    still “the Hildabeast” is refusing call this what it is…..Islamic terrorism…………..and president Shitstain is celebrating in the white house… know damn well he is……then he will come out with a fake statement to show how tough he is…… show how concerned he is………all the while behind our backs he snickering……..

  4. it’s time to recognize that we have not been diligent on going after weapons that kill people en-mass…….the systematic use of “trucks” to kill people must be re-examined……trucks are the issue here……..

    we must ban all trucks……all of them……trucks kill people….and should be banned….. even down to the Ford F150……it’s a truck isn’t it….and all those who drive these killing machines should be subject to homeland security investigations……including awd……….

    only terrorist drive trucks……..they need to be outlawed….the manufacturers of trucks should be sued and put out of business…… one should own a truck……… it’s time to take action against these murderous instruments of death……..

    president Shitstain will instruct congress to take this matter up during the next session after he visits with the civil rights organization “black Lives Matter”…….

  5. damn truck………’s time to get these trucks…….

  6. Has anyone seen this. –

    I do not have words…the people of this country better wake up.

  7. Looks like Turkey is currently in the middle of a military coup. The shit is starting to go down worldwide, it’s time to get your shit together and hunker down, it’s only a matter of time before it starts here, courtesy of Obama and company.

  8. The Turkish military is attempting a coup to overthrow their Islamist President right now.

    Things are moving very fast. Just saw John Kerry on BBC with his mouth opening and closing like a fish stranded on the river bank.

    US foreign policy (if such a thing even exists under Obama), is completely unravelling. All bets seem to be off.

  9. looks like Erdo-gone !!!!!!!`…..good riddance you Islamist piece-of-crap……let the military run Turkey….better them than the Islamists…….

    I’ll bet Obongo is crying his eyes out…………he just so love listening to the Islamic call to prayer…… world is crashing down all around me……..that bad man Newt Gingrich called my beloved Muzzies out and wants to deport them….oh boo hoo…….

    sympathy for the devil….eh Obongo……..whats the matter Obongo things getting you down……..just think, in a few short months you’ll be out on your ass and then we gonna get your ass and Hildabeast’s too………

    why don’t you go to hell Shitstain…..and take Erdo-gone with you………

  10. MSNBC reports the slaughter in Nice, France as a “truck crash”…………

    these sons-a-bitches need to be drawn and quartered………at a minimum they should be tarred and feathered and run out on a rail……….what freak’n nerve…….just how far will these bastards go to protect Islam………..

    unfreak’n believable………..

    • it is unfortunate that the Islamists have defeated the coup d’etat……….these Islamist bastards will throw Turkey back into the 7th century……….too bad……guess they’re going to have to learn the hard way…….

  11. As long as the left is in charge expect more of the same carnage. These attacks will continue and will be tolerated by Obama with the same old excuses. I fear for my sons as you do your daughters. White American males are targets of the #BLM terrorists Obama embraced in the White House. Just wait for the RNC in Cleveland. They have already promised war.

    Clearly, it is long past time to ban vehicles. Also civic celebrations that offend muslims or make them feel excluded and thereby cause the otherwise “religion of pieces” to overreact.

    Forget about the guns and grenades, it would ruin the lone-wolf momentary loss of control narrative that is sure to once again be used by OBAMA to explain why islam is not the cause of the murder and mayhem. It is Western civilizations fault the Muzzies are unstable and kill in the name of Allah.

    WE in AMERICA are a society, a collection of like-minded people, that’s what a society is. By introducing a very strange, corrosive and violent group of outsiders, those dedicated to an ideology that is the polar opposite of ours and other western societies, we have invited what we have been witnessing over the past month.

    Its time to take the kid gloves off, call a spade a spade and start deporting muslims. Personally, I’m in favor of deporting all and shutting down every satanic mosque in America, but we can at least start with those who advocate violence, allegiance or even sympathy toward ISIS and those who embrace Sharia. This is not rocket science and we will continue to pay the price for this liberal inspired madness.

    Rest assured, these attacks will only escalate in Europe and America until we stop it and the longer we delay, the longer we allow Obama to keep flooding our nation with them, its just going to get all that much worse and harder to correct when we finally will have had enough.

  12. Just for old times’ sake:

    Choice comment (no doubt one of many, many, many):

    “The #Cuckservative Dream: to be out-bred, outnumbered & replaced by people from the most violent, corrupt, and dysfunctional nations on earth.”

  13. Hillary Clinton Says ‘Islam Is Not Our Enemy’… Insists Muslims have nothing to do with Terrorism

    • I hope she keeps up with sort of rhetoric… will do her in…….

      these d’himi’s think we are stupid enough to buy into this rhetorical bullshit……we’re not…….

      let them try to cram the islamists down our throats……Black Lives Matter too…….

      it’s leaving a bad taste in our mouths and we aren’t going to forget it come Nov. 8

  14. What Pisses Me Off About The Bastille Day Terrorist Attack | Nice, France

  15. Disgusted Caucasian

    I can’t believe there isn’t a thread on the Trump VP pick.

  16. Snake Oiler

    “Those responsible are also those who each year allow a number of immigrants equivalent to the size of the city of Bordeaux, to legally enter France.” She also unequivocally stated that if we do not kill Islam, it will kill us.

    If you are not familiar with Marion Maréchal-Le Pen , who made the preceding statements, perhaps you should be.


  17. the “religion of peace” is now over in Germany spreading their “religion of peace” to Germany’s children and converting them to Allah in Munich at a McDonalds today……..

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