Repost: Human Sacrifices to an Insatiable God


In light of yet our latest tragedy of “Diversity”, here’s a perennial repost…

[From repost on March 2016:] In light of this morning’s tragic–but completely inevitable and yet completely avoidable–terrorist attacks in Brussels, here’s a repost of an old post of mine back from 9/2014. (And, yes, I know that’s Kali.)



The news out of Rotherham, England is as infuriating as it is heartbreaking—at least to those possessing both heart and brain. Some have made the connection that the raping of thousands—thousands—of little white girls by Pakistani Muslims is not so much an act of perverse sex as it is an act of conquest.

I agree with this sentiment.

But the Muslims and sundry other ne’er-do-well hordes who now infest so much of England and elsewhere throughout Europe really didn’t have to expend much energy to conquer us. They simply showed up and reproduced prolifically—all on the dime of us subjugated whites.

(In our terminalist world, being a cockroach is a sounder strategy than being a civilized, productive human being.)

What does it say of a culture where the “men” stand idly by and watch their prepubescent daughters get raped by hostile aliens? What does it say of our leadership that they not only force this peril upon us, but then prevent us from being able to do anything about that danger except be victimized by it? That we can’t even so much as complain about it for fear of being branded a “racist”?

Our elites have given up the Jewish God and Christian incarnation of said God in favor of the god known as “Diversity”. Unlike the Jewish God, which commanded that human sacrifice be no more, god “Diversity” is voracious in her appetite for human flesh.

And it must be white flesh.

How many white virgin children must be sacrificed to god Diversity? How many innocent whites—from the youngest to the oldest—must be sucker-punched, beaten to a pulp, shot, tortured, and/or murdered in sacrifice to god Diversity? How much money must be spent financing our own subjugation to god Diversity? How much of our amazing civilization must be destroyed to appease god Diversity?

Our self-appointed elites are the high priests who, alone, understand the awesomeness of god Diversity, and therefore are alone in understanding why we must all bow down before her. We peasants cannot fathom the divine glory of god Diversity, and so should not resist, but welcome, our slaughter in her name. We should consider it an honor to be savagely beaten and killed in her name; to watch our daughters raped in her name; to see our friends and family destroyed by her; to see our civilization crushed under her foot.

Truly we do not appreciate the wisdom of our betters, the high priests of god Diversity, for it all seems…evil and insane.


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