Last October, AWD had a phone conversation with the wife of a high-ranking Republican official who was one of the senior advisors for Mitt Romney. Someone whose name you would know. I mentioned that the RNC leadership and top Republicans hate the Tea Party, perhaps even more than Democrats. She said, “that’s not true, I attend parties with them all the time and they love the Tea Party.” Well, that’s good! We saw the purge of Tea Party-supported Republicans by John Boehner and his henchmen after the last election. Score one for AWD.

I also questioned the “wisdom” of allowing Romney to participate in Presidential debates moderated by Democrat Party hacks like Candy Crowley and George Stephanopolous. I told her Republicans are their own worst enemy and, indeed, the Party of Stupid. I asked her to relay our conversation to her husband. I’m not sure she did because it’s plain to see the Republican Party is more than content to commit political suicide and continue its campaign of losering based on the newly released RNC-commissioned Growth & Opportunity Project report.

First mistake. The committee selected to generate the RNC’s plan to return to relevance was populated with DC-insiders, wussypants RINOs, and other wastes of space. The general recommendation of the esteemed committee? Roll over on conservative beliefs and (for God’s sake!) do anything, everything, to try to get the Hispanic and other minority vote. Yeah, right!

George W Bush won 44% of the Hispanic vote. The legal ones, that is. He sits at the top of Republicans since Reagan in winning Hispanic votes. Why? Hispanics are a reliable Democrat constituency. RINO wussypants Repubs continue to believe if they “reach out” to Hispanics and embrace “comprehensive immigration reform” will cause Hispanics to reverse course and start voting for Republicans. Not only Hispanics, the RNC wants to spend a lot of money and time trying to win over the black vote. Good luck with that, wussypants RINOs!

These DC-poisoned fools refuse to recognize the 800-pound Democrat gorilla in the room that is yelling “Blacks and Hispanics will never vote for Republicans because Democrats are prepared to give away much more to these groups than Republicans.” So they will spend millions of “outreach” dollars to the Hispanic and Black voters only to find that 25% of Hispanics and 5% of blacks will vote for the Republican candidate in 2016. Yee haw!

It’s said that politics is the art of the possible. Well, some things are not possible! Republicans winning the votes of Hispanics and blacks is impossible! A reality check would greatly behoove the RNC.

The report states that Romney was a terrible candidate who didn’t connect to the American people. The simple fact is Romney is a big-government moderate who didn’t connect with conservatives. Millions of conservative Republicans stayed home on election day rather than vote for John McCain Mitt Romney. So the RNC will spend millions trying to become Democrats.

Every poll shows Americans do not want illegal immigration. Both Democrats and Republicans are against amnesty. Both groups believe immigration laws should be enforced. We spend billions on the upkeep of illegals who take a good number of American jobs and would readily vote for Democrats if given amnesty. Yet, Republicans are oh-so-ready to give amnesty to pre-Democrat, illegal aliens. Party of Stupid? Judge for yourself!

Why doesn’t Reince Priebus quit relying on those whose counsel has brought defeat and humiliation to the Republican Party? For that matter, why is Reince Priebus still employed by the RNC? Why not speak with traditional, conservative Republican voters across the country instead of DC insiders with their heads lodged firmly up their culos?

Want the Republicans to win again? AWD laid out a platform that will win when I announced my candidacy for the Republican nomination in 2016. Here it is:

1. Day one – sign an executive order to build an impenetrable double wall across the southern border and double the size of the Border Patrol. I will also send the National Guard to augment the Border Patrol while the fence is under construction. We will make closing and securing the border with Mexico priority number one! We will deal with the ones already here after we stem the massive flow across our borders. Hint: illegals in the USA won’t like it!

2. Sign executive order to halt ObamaCare – Americans have made it clear we do not want government-controlled healthcare. Or government-controlled anything else! We will return power to the states to make their own decisions on what form of healthcare they want. I will create legislation that enables Americans to buy health insurance across state lines. This will create competition and lower costs. I will also put an end to ambulance chasing lawyers who have driven health care costs to the moon!

3. Create legislation and a Constitutional amendment to reform the 14th Amendment. No more anchor babies being born to illegal aliens!

4. Revamp legislation that forces states and municipalities to provide medical, educational, and welfare services to illegal aliens. America is bankrupt and tens of millions of illegals living off of the American taxpayer will stop!

5. Defund the Departments of Education, Agriculture, Energy, Labor, etc totally within two years. The money wasted by these bureaucratic behemoths will be returned to the states where those needs can be more closely monitored. My goal is to reduce the size and expense of the federal government by 50% in three years. More after that! Every dime saved will go to pay off China and other countries who hold our debt.

6. Drastically reduce the power of the EPA to basically nothing. I believe a federal EPA in a greatly reduced form will be necessary to ensure one state doesn’t pollute its neighboring state but that will be the extent of EPA powers..and I might change my mind on that!

7. Create a cabinet post of private business experts with the challenge to eliminate waste in the government and charge them to reduce waste by 80% in every governmental department within two years. Every dime saved will go to pay off our national debt!

8. Ensure fair elections by creating Voter ID that each state will uphold. A republic cannot survive without fair elections and elections in America have not been fair for generations! Also, any state that has ‘sanctuary cities’ will be cut off from the taxpayer!

9. Kick the United Nations out of America and halt any payments to that corrupt organization. America has no need of the United Nations and has wasted too much time and money hosting anti-American thugs determined to destroy America!

10. Drill, drill and drill some more for oil! Enough BS about ‘green energy’! As President, AWD will drill in Alaska, in the sea, hell, I’ll even drill for oil on the lawn of the White House to show how serious I am about becoming energy efficient! We will tell the middle east to shove their oil sideways! I will also encourage massive retrieval of natural gas and other energy that can be used to keep energy prices down! Cheap energy is the fuel to the economic engine of America..and we will have more than enough! And for the green libtards who oppose my energy plan? Frack you!

11. Drastically reduce immigration the United States unless a person can bring money and jobs here. We will halt ALL immigration from Muslim countries permanently. Muslims on student and tourist visas will be immediately returned to their country of origin.

12. Eliminate the NLRB that has given life support to corrupt labor unions. I also will eliminate public employee unions by legislation or executive order! The time of labor unions owning corrupt politicians is over, baby!

13. Eliminate foreign aid and demand payment for loans we have given other countries! No country will forgive America’s debt and neither will we forgive theirs! We will not give the hard-earned wealth of taxpayers to foreign countries who hate us. They can hate America with their own damn money! Not ONE penny for any country…especially any Muslim country. Let them eat sand!

14. Eliminate perks for Congressmen. No more special health care and retirement plans. They will live under the same legislation they create for Americans! A lifetime pension for two years of service insults the hard-working American taxpayer! Done with that!

15. Demand payment for the protection of the US military in foreign lands. You want that aircraft carrier in your port or to scare off your commie neighbor to the north? Pay for it! Otherwise, see ya!

16. Unless there is some huge intelligence reason only the president has access to, I will immediately pull completely out of Afghanistan and Iraq. We will not get involved in Libya, Egypt, Lebanon or any other Muslim country except to encourage them to kill each other!

17. Totally eliminate welfare and social programs over 3 years. If states or private charities want to help with the poor and moochers, that is their privilege. However, the corrupt federal system of welfare will go away and lazy moochers will be forced to work or starve! With drastically lower taxes and government expense, Americans will once again have more disposable income to fund efficient private charities.

18. Defund Medicaid and allow private charities to take care of the indigent like they did before the corrupt federal government took control!

19. Create a flat or consumption tax that ensures EVERY American pays taxes..albeit at a much lower rate than standard tax rates. No more penalizing the producers of America to benefit the moochers! I will also demand a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution!

20. Fully embrace the 10th Amendment. Anything that is not defined as a federal responsibility in the Constitution will be the responsibility of the states!

I would also add that any Republican that has been in office more than 10 years be banished from the Party. Most of them are Democrats, anyway. Want proof? Look at John McCain and Lindsey Graham. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. Orrin Hatch and Susan Collins. I rest my case! Furthermore, screw Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich! Republicans should embrace leaders who have the balls to enforce constitutional principles and won’t sell out to voting blocs where they will never win! Want Hispanics? Run Ted Cruz for President!

The Republican Party will return to relevance and victory once it stops trying to be Democrat-lite. Conservative principles work and win elections! There still exists a large percentage (about half the country) who believes in traditional conservative and American values. We are sickened by wussypants Republicans who continually sell us out to Democrats on conservative American principles that should be written in blood! And we are sick of being sold-out by those whom we elect to fight for us!

Instead of demanding the enforcement of immigration laws, wussypants Republicans call for “comprehensive immigration reform” that will only guarantee complete Democrat control over the country! The RNC should try to gather the conservatives who stayed home last November instead of trying to win votes from Hispanics and blacks who will NEVER vote for Republicans!

The Republican Party will win again once it can prove it will stand up for Americans! Not the mooching classes bought and paid for by Democrats! I’m talking about real Americans who don’t rely on welfare, food stamps, social programs, etc. I’m talking about law-abiding, taxpaying Americans who expect our leaders to stand up for us!

Obama moved his reelection campaign to Chicago. The RNC should move to Dallas! Get the hell out of the hellhole of liberalism called Washington, DC! Quit listening to the paid lobbyists and insiders who have destroyed the Republican Party. Squash any talk of Jeb Bush in 2016! Haven’t we suffered enough?

Truer words have never been spoken than the person who first called the Republicans “the Party of Stupid.” AWD will never, EVER, vote for another wussypants RINO Republican because he or she is the lesser of two evils! I will vote for down-ballot conservatives. Those conservatives who vote for Republicans must realize that the path Republicans want to travel is little different than that of the Democrats! They are both killing America, one Party just not as fast.

Remember conservatives, the RNC is not your friend. Actually, the RNC is more your enemy than the Democrats. You have relied on the Republican Party and look at the results!

The Republican Party will once again enjoy success when they stop following the advice of lobbyists, DC-insiders and Democrats and return to tried-and-true conservative values!

Reince Priebus must be fired immediately! AWD is happy to speak with any RNC official at any time! I told these very words to Ted Cruz before he announced his candidacy for the Senate. And I’ll tell the RNC the same thing I told the handler for Newt Gingrich when Newt asked for an appointment with AWD……I ain’t looking for autographs! Bring your lunch!


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