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Six years of listening to Republicans beat their little bird chests about how they would repeal ObamaCare if returned to power! Well, the feathers haven’t been flying much lately now that there is ZERO excuse for the wussy pants boys in the GOP to totally repeal and kill the worst piece of sh*t legislation ever shoved down the throats of the American taxpayer!

But, but AWD! The Republicans are the good guys and the Democrats are the bad guys! Remember it was the Democrats who passed ObamaCare without a single Republican vote! I mean, don’t you miss George W Bush yet, AWD?

Anyone who has ever thought the previous paragraph is a moron. And you haven’t been reading AWD. I have said for years that the Republicans would NEVER repeal ObamaCare as they promised to do since 2010. Hell, the ‘replace’ POS they laid on us yesterday is total bullish*t! If you’re not pissed, you’re not paying attention.

And what barely passed the House with 20 “No” votes from the Republican caucus is rumored to be DOA in the even more-wussypanted Republican controlled Senate! Again, nothing more than political theater followed by a whole hell of a lot of nothing!

And this is just after the wusspants GOP passed a trillion dollar budget extension to fund the fun train until September!

Any Republican who calls this week and last as victories should receive an inverted suplex followed by a Wahoo McDaniel tomahawk chop to the melon! To further make the point, AWD suggests an unsanctioned piledriver outside of the squared circle. Rinse and repeat. I’m seeing Paul Ryan and Juan McPain.

I won’t go into details about how nothing this ObamaCare ‘replace’ bill is. You can find it on the internet. But it pretty much sucks. Fitting legislation from the Republican Party.

Trump should sign nothing and repeat AWD’s words:

My fellow Americans, it’s time you learned once and for all that elections have consequences. You voted on my predecessor twice because he’s half black and you didn’t want to be called ‘racists.’ Well, he’s 100% corrupt and socialist and you’re still called racist. His signature legislation has destroyed healthcare in America. It will totally collapse under the stupidity of the corrupt lobbyists who authored it. And I will let it happen.

Sure, the wussy pants GOP Establishment would love to alter a few things here and there to make it look like they are paying attention to the last election. But the truth is the GOP wants ObamaCare as much as the Democrats. Because they don’t work for you. They work for big insurance corporations and Wall Street banks. And both of those want to control the American healthcare market.

So I will not sign anything less than a full repeal of every got-damn work of ObamaCare. I will only sign a new law that allows Americans to buy health insurance across state lines to make premiums more competitive. I will cap lawsuit amounts by corrupt lawyers who have tied the hands of doctors, driving up costs. We will put our trust in the free market and not in the hands of corrupt politicians and those who own them.

ObamaCare will surely fail massively. People will suffer. There are always negative consequences for stupid decisions. Eight years of Obama and eight years of George W Bush were stupid decisions. Same with Clinton and the first Bush. America will not be stupid anymore. If we continue, we will suffer the consequences. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Don’t be stupid.

I’m afraid the Republican Establishment saw Trump coming like they did the Tea Party movement. They usurp any existential threat and quickly negate the threat.

If Trump fails, like it appears he will, I can only think of one final response from the American people who have been f***ed for far too long by our government.

Repeal and replace ObamaCare, Republicans? Don’t waste our time!



  1. I would like to wait and see what happens to my premiums and deductibles IF it passes before I make a final judgement. That appears to be a huge IF. I am not optimistic about it passing or reducing my overall health care cost.

  2. Butch, much ado about nothing is what I see. Plus, the wussy boys in the Senate will destroy what little the House sent over. Remember, for 6 years the Republicans have been calling for the repeal of ObamaCare. Now that they can repeal it, they wuss out! Why are we not surprised?


  3. Obongo-Care is never going to be repealed…….”never”……got it……get it through your thick head……it ain’t going to get repealed………the republitards like it too much… fact they love it………socialism and communism is here to stay……get used to it…………

    the Republitards are not going to forsake “K” Street……they will niver forsake their big dollar donors…….they are the establishment and that’s the way it is…….don’t get your panties in a bunch but there is no way out of this malaise……….

    I take that back……there is a way……’s called revolution……civil war……think I’m kidding…….unless we put them in their graves you might as well call everyone you meet comrade because until we get the balls to “do” these muther-fukers the “left” is going to rule the day…..all the days……for the rest of your lives……….

    I’ve had it with these bastards……….it’s time for them to eat shit and die……….


  5. “Nothing is closer to immortality than a government program”…The GOP howled over obamacare for 7 years because they knew he would veto its repeal…Then they started talking replacement…They had 7 years to come up with a plan and they didn’t have a damn clue…They are worthless like the dimocrats…It doesn’t matter which group comes up with the “health care” plan it will suck…The government doesn’t fix problems it is the problem…We deserve what we tolerate…

  6. Quartierleblanc

    I call it same song, different verse.

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