Just a friendly reminder. AWD has said for years the Republicans will NEVER repeal Obamacare. And he stands by his words to this day. As sure as Michael Moore will be a big bufforilla all day, ObamaCare will never be repealed by the Republicans.

Sure, we have a regular guy with determination to do what’s right for America in the White House. As he’s finding out, EVERYONE except those who voted for him are out to destroy him. This includes the Democrats that run the Republican Party.

As we have discussed in detail, the Republican Party is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wall Street and the Chamber of Commerce. Those two entities care not one little bit about the plight of the American taxpayer. Hence, neither does your lifelong Congressman and Senator who begs for your vote at election time but does nothing to help you once he/she returns to Washington. Congress is under the employ of globalist bankers. Nothing more, nothing less.

Wall Street has long sought to transfer healthcare costs from employers to taxpayers. More money for corporations and banks that way. As for the middle-class taxpayer who now pays quadruple what he did before ObamaCare for his own health insurance and now must pay to subsidize illegal aliens and uninsurable? Well, screw him! He should have gone to Harvard!

Yes, you’ll hear pretend-conservatives fortune telling that a bill to repeal ObmaaCare will be on Trump’s desk on….on….on….well, the 12th! Yes, the 12th of Never! They’ll get all lathered up on the floor (while tv cameras are running) talking about the negative affects ObamaCare has had on their constituents back in Hog Butt, Kansas. Before they go out with Nancy and Charles to Mortons.

Want to know what the Republicans were pitching to Trump as a way to pay for more programs just last week? A Carbon Tax! I crap you negative! A @#&* Carbon Tax!

I hope you notice that Trump is fighting everyone. The Republican Establishment minus McCain hasn’t been overt in their hatred of Trump and what he’s trying to do. But they will. They will slow down everything Trump wants to do hoping he’ll eventually just tire of fighting the alligators in the swamp.

Couple that with wild-eyed, paid anarchists and upcoming riots in major cities and Trump has a lot on his hands.

Trump wasn’t supposed to happen. El Jeb was supposed to cruise to the nomination and get spanked by POTUS Hillary and business as usual. Everybody gets rich except those who get screwed. And the only one getting screwed these days is the middle class taxpayer.

There’s a saying that goes “believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.” In Washington believe none of what you see and even less of what you hear. It’s all political pro rasslin. It’s a set up for people stupid enough to believe it’s real.

So go to your local congressman’s town hall and listen to him boast how he’s gonna whip Chuck “Mad Dog” Schumer’s ass once they’re back in the Washington squared circle! Wooooooo! But know that he and Chuck will be on the same private jet next week on the latest boondoggle to line their pockets and screw you!

Sorry for the grim reminder that America is over. Now for the separation of Red States from Blue!


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