Review of Remora 3 in 1 Holster


In a world of increasing violence, seemingly run rampant with unhinged liberals, BLM protestors, illegal alien street gangs and democrats in general, just about anyone with a lick of sense recognizes the need to be armed. Intuitively most of us with half a brain understand that your choice of firearm as well as some degree of training in “fighting the weapon” is necessary. What is often overlooked is that the selection of a holster to match the handgun as well as the tactical situation is just as important.

It’s no secret I really like the Remora brand of holsters and own several. For utility, convenience, and price point they can’t be beat and in many ways “trump” much more expensive holsters.

I won’t go greatly into the details of the Remora brand aka the “sticky” holster, but the name of the product should provide some idea of how the system works for IWB carry. For those of you who don’t know a Remora is a type of suckerfish that attaches itself to other fish such as sharks. The Remora is well… sticky and that’s the way it functions. You don’t need a belt or a clip for it to work.

Adam Brogdon, inventor of the brand and owner of Remora uses three polymer membranes to form a holster that hides as well as cushions the firearm. It also provides the friction necessary to retain the weapon and keeps the holster in place against skin and/or clothing.

I was looking for an ankle holster for a Ruger LCR when I decided to give the Remora a try. As many of you know choosing a good ankle holster can be a somewhat daunting task. The good ones are expensive. Retention, comfort, and slippage are all potential problems.

What does this particular product bring to the rumble? The company markets it as the Remora 3 in 1 Leg Holster. The basic setup is what appears to be a standard Remora IWB but with Velcro on the outside surface and a Velcro imbedded band that wraps around the leg holding the holster and weapon in place. There are also two small retention straps that are designed to break away easily upon drawing the handgun.

Here’s how it works. Secure the weapon snugly into the holster, place retention straps, then position the weapon where you want. Lastly, attach the band to the holster then wrap around the leg/ankle. Simple, boom and done.

The arrangement is remarkably comfortable for an ankle holster. Weapon retention is good. Slippage is minimal and fit can be adjusted easily. But here is where the real value of the Remora comes to play and that is in its utility.

The system comes with a rubber “patch” that covers the Velcro on the outer surface of the holster. Remove the band, place the patch and presto; you have an immediate IWB or pocket holster. Each arrangement works just fine. There are also a number of options including a thigh holster as well as forming the basis for a chest rig.

What’s the downside? First are con’s of all ankle holsters. Secondly replacing the weapon inside the holster after drawing without removing it is difficult and not recommended with all three modalities. With the IWB retention is good but not excellent. Function with pocket carry varies with the type of clothing worn. It also seems to work best with small, lighter handguns. However, in the holster world, nothing is perfect. The basic system is listed at $31.77 on their website therefore the price won’t break the bank. In the process you get three carry options for the price of one.

Why would I want an ankle holster? There are a lot of potential downsides to them. We already mentioned the comfort, retention and slippage issues. It’s difficult to conceal large weapons and you have to be stationary to draw. They are also “slow” with presentation. A lot of guru’s say that ankle holsters are only good for backups.

Here’s the upside. In the sitting position, as in a motor vehicle or restaurant, many of the disadvantages go away. There’s nothing more comfortable or as quick. (Or for that matter as sneaky) Ever try to wear an IWB for long periods in a car. How about practicing drawing your weapon while sitting in your auto buckled in and you’ll realize it’s not that easy. With an ankle holster your firearm is right there. It’s often forgotten that a good many of us spend a considerable amount of time seated. An ankle holster just sometimes makes sense. Your threat just might come when you’re in your vehicle or at a theater. The unhinged liberal can be anywhere at anytime.

The easy and quick conversion from an ankle holster to an IWB or pocket carry and vice versa makes this piece a must have in one’s collection. Pick one up and you won’t regret it. It might just become your go to holster for your small or backup firearm.

Stay armed my friends.


Disclaimer: I have received no money or products from this review, nor do I have any association with Remora Holsters.






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