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Rex Machina Gets Unpersoned from Facebook



For anyone who was friends with me on Facebook (under the pseudonym of “Rex Machina”), please know that my account has been unofficially terminated. I attempted to log in this morning to find that Facebook was requiring me to submit at least one government-issued photo ID in order to confirm the name on my account. Well, as you may guess, I submitted no such identification photos to the little Facebook Gestapo cretins, but I did provide them some images that wouldn’t even pass muster here. So, needless to say, my account’s official termination is only a matter of time.

(BTW, using my real Facebook account, I looked for Rex Machina and found nothing–so it appears Rex has already been “unpersoned” from all Facebook existence–past, present, and future.)

To be clear, Facebook was largely a waste of time and provided little more for me than somewhere to shit-post when I was drunk and ornery. That said, it did serve as the sole line of communication between me and some great people. Unfortunately, I will have no way of contacting them to set up alternative means of communication now that I can no longer log on, so in an effort to get their attention indirectly, I’m posting here. So if you happen to read AWD but only communicated with me via Facebook, please be sure to hit me up via my email address at

Best to everyone.

RedStaterNYC aka Ex Machina aka Rex Machina (7/4/1976 – 9/11/2015)




  1. Why were you EVER giving Mark Zuckerberg personal information to mine?  Nothing on my network is even allowed to talk to Fakebook.  He gets nothing from me, not even pings from sharing links on other sites.

  2. I’m reporting Rex Machina as a fake person to


  3. That’s hilarious considering I have one fake account there with a name in Arabic and a goat as my profile picture. And a few dozen friends located thousands of miles from where it says I live and work. No scrutiny yet. To be fair they did ban my Malcolm (x) Little account when I was inciting stuff during the whole “Compton Cookout” fiasco in San Diego. Luckily it also resulted in the whole group I was raging against being banned.

  4. cranky.white.woman

    I used Cranky Whitewoman as my name on FB, until they blocked me from accessing my acct one day, telling me I had to use a “real name.” So I gave them a real name. It just isn’t MY real name.

  5. Spurwing Plover

    The chi-coms were far worst then the nazis when it came to Mass Murders and then Stalin(Called Uncle Joe by FDR)and the Ukrain and thats to the infamous NYT’s no one found out about the attrocities of Hitler,Stalin,Mao and Castro

  6. RedState,
    You must be over target your taking flak.

  7. The bots thought you were dissin” China. Just change your name to Hillary Clinton; nobody will notice or care. I did notice you listed one of pet peeves as Texan bloggers with over inflated self-images and delusions of grandeur.

    • I mention China and in 20 minutes I get ads to meet Asian women. Lol…we’re toast. It has gone from being scary to hilarity. Now I’m getting a pop-up that AWD wants to use my location. Let me help, It’s RD#2 Bitterclingerville, PA. The place with the curvy woman with large American breasts, two pugs, and two Malinois that look like they might enjoy chomping on your musloid nuts.

  8. Bet the US government has a hand in these dealings. USG – you know, the guys who make a copy of the front of your US mail and parcel packages so they can use it for some unholy, totalitarian reason in the future. Are you an NRA member? The government knows because you get American Rifleman/Hunter. That calcium carbide you ordered for your carbide cannon and could be used in warfare to disable diesel engines? The government knows you ordered it. The same government that has hooks into Google. And maybe Facebook. And undoubtedly, politely “asks” telecoms to keep your e-mail around even after you think you deleted it.

    Not “paranoia.”

    Simple fact.

    • People fearing their own government…what the h e double hockey sticks happened? Can we change it? Do we want to? Does anyone care? If so, how?

  9. Spurwing Plover

    The first rule of tyrants is to disarm the public Hitler did,stalin did and mao did and so did Castro thats why Obama the Fink and the United Nations wants americans disarmed and why traitor John Kerry signed the Small Arms Control Treaty thats why Kerry is a Traitor like Obama,Clinton(Both of them)Biden,Gore and just about everyone in the District of Crinimals

  10. I won’t use face book.

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