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Berzerkley’s bashing of Antifa street terrorists at the fists of Trump supporters and other right-wingers can be seen as a metaphor for the election of Donald J Trump. The Right has simply had enough.

For years, leftist thugs have bashed peaceful Americans at political rallies. For years, crooked politicians have bashed the lives and dreams of Americans by selling us out to globalists, Wall Street banks, and major corporations.

Trump’s election was a foreshadowing of middle class America’s anger with the terrible treatment they’ve suffered from politicians. Saturday’s Berkeley thrashing of Antifa socialist brats is a sign of things to come. And the Political Establishment and the violent Left will not like what’s coming.

This storm has been brewing a long time. Frankly, I’m amazed more blood has not been spilt long before last Saturday. How long do the Antifa thugs expect good, decent people to allow themselves to be attacked without fighting back?

It appears Saturday’s riot at a pro-Trump rally may have been a trap set by Trump supporters. It’s rumored the event was hastily put together to lure in Antifa. When they attacked the normally-peaceful Trump supporters, the pro-Trump attendees were supported by various right-wing groups ready to rumble.

Even if this was a trap set by pro-Trump supporters, the left bears all responsibility for the damage and injuries. They have attacked peaceful citizens and have not been held accountable. That has changed.

In the future, conservatives will be prepared for attacks. It’s a matter of time until someone is shot.

It’s easy to beat those who don’t defend themselves. But the left runs away when they are met with opposing force. And maybe that is exactly what needs to happen.

The time for being the nice guys is over. If attacked, conservatives must be prepared to defend themselves. These attacks will occur mostly in Blue States where leftist politicians have disarmed their citizens. This sh*t doesn’t happen in Texas. Maybe in Austin but Austin is California.

The left has called for a civil war. Maybe it’s time to give it to them.




  2. Quartierleblanc

    Personally I think it’s just a matter of time till the violence escalates especially when there is pushback. It will probably happen in a place like Austin where libs feel comfortable but are surrounded by Texans. In short, they will wish for the return of “Stickman.” I can see it coming. I’ve noticed more and more people wearing “logo” tshirts and/or make America Great Again hats. I know that most are carrying. It’s sort of like hunting deer over a feeder.

  3. Escalate, escalate, escalate. This needs to keep happening. Keep puhsing “hate speakers” like Spencer and Yiannapolouspapadakosalos and Murray and others at college campuses, attend the rallies, and then proceed to beat the shit out of leftist scum who show up to try to shut down our gauranteed free speech. Then the guys with the guns–police and military–are going to have to decide who’s side they’re on as they’re given orders to violently shut down those defending themselves from this degenerate rabble.

    War cannot come soon enough.

  4. We are in the midst of a civil war of sorts over culture…I too feel like we will see it continue to escalate do to the gap between the liberal and conservative ideologies…The left wingers are nothing more than deranged lunatics hell bent on the destruction of American culture…People on the right are starting to push back and it is only a matter of time before the $h!+ hits the fan…Stay armed my friends

  5. It is getting to be like the 60’s all over again.
    Just a bit of a difference the right is not going to let the left do what they got away with in the 60’s.
    It it getting close to that time that we BURN down the libturds’s house.

  6. One of my favorite pieces of wisdom comes from W.T. Sherman:

    “If war be the remedy of my enemy’s choosing, I say, give it to him.”

    Sherman knew a lot about civil war. At the outbreak of the war he was president of what would become Louisiana State University. He warned his Southern friends there what they were getting into but they wouldn’t listen.

    I still don’t have a reliable tally of all the Southern cities he burned besides Atlanta.

    At the end, he proposed a complete destruction and pauperization of the Southern Aristocracy and that’s what happened during Reconstruction.

    Lessons for us? We have to destroy the Progressive institutions. Defund colleges and bust the tenure system there. Reform local education by banning teachers unions and encouraging charter schools. Bust up media conglomerates by itemizing cable programming bills so you aren’t required to subsidize MSNBC and CNN. No unions for civil service workers.

    You’ll have other ideas too.

  7. Divide and rule. Still working after all these years. Antifa is one thing. There is the (((greater))) issue still to be tackled.

  8. Yes, Martha.
    There really is a doG (dyslexia is a pain).

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