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Semi-automatic AR-15 Assault Rifles attacked the Istanbul Airport in Turkey today. Over 36 are reportedly dead after the AR-15’s with expanded Magpul high capacity ‘clips’ exploded bombs in the lobby of the busy airport.

The AR-15 Assault Rifles reportedly acquired the explosives used in the airport attack through the infamous gun show loophole where hand grenades, missiles, explosives, and nuclear bombs are regularly sold to anyone with money.

Reportedly, the AR-15 assault rifles with the fully automatic, pistol gripped clips shouted ‘Alihu Chuck Norris’ as they mowed down members of the Religion of Peace® in Istanbul. When police closed in, the Assault Rifles exploded themselves to avoid apprehension.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said the attack was aimed at undermining Turkey through the killing of innocent people by crazed semi-automatic assault rifles.

“It is clear that this attack is not aimed at achieving any result but only to create propaganda material against our country using simply the blood and pain of innocent people to keep the Second Amendment in the Great Satan,” he said.

Erdogan continued, “Once again, members of the Religion of Peace® have been killed because of evil Guns of Death from America. We need a sit in at Parliament, that’s what we need!”

AR-15IL immediately claimed responsibility for the airport attacks. Imam Al-AR Armalite said:

“Alihu Chuck Norris! AR-15’s are the true assault rifle and will dominate the world! All other rifles, especially the lowly infidel bolt actions, will one day bow to the AR-15! It is only through the AR platform that Paradise can be found!”

AR-15’s were proud to kill the infidels in Orlando, Great Satan and we are proud to kill members of the true Religion of Peace® in Istanbul. To ensure maximum death, we even brought our high capacity 31-round Magpul nuclear tipped clips!”

There are already demands that Turkey outlaw the AR-15 Assault Rifle platform after today’s airport massacre. An unnamed Turkey leader said:

“Why do we need AR-15’s? They are a curse upon peaceful people. And the extremist semi-automatic AR-15’s with high capacity clips are beyond evil. I mean, Turkey is not the Great Satan! We don’t need these extremist AR-15’s around and I call on President Erdogan to outlaw all members of the AR-15 with high capacity clips terrorist group.”

Democrats in America are prepared to hold congressional sit-ins, gay pride parades, as well as “Be Like Che” beauty contests to protest the AR-15 terrorist platform.

California Democrat Nancy Pelosi said in a prepared statement:

“Why does anyone in America need an AR-15 assault rifle with semi-automatic bullets? The Constitution never mentioned AR-15’s like it does ObamaCare. We Democrats will submit legislation that will make illegal the evil AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle with full-automatic triggers and high capacity sights. I don’t care what bird hunters say!”



  1. Of course we want the AR15 banned. Mohammad has decreed that the faithful followers of the religion of peace are to use the peaceful and kind AK 47! Alihu Snakbar!!!

  2. Well, looks like the religion of peace had another fun party at the airport in Istanbul, Turkey. From news reports it was well attended and a lot of the quest decided to stay much longer than planned. The planners have let everyone know they have plans for further parties wherever large groups congregate.

    Globalist authorities welcomed the news. They have pledged to never let events like this go to waste. U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, has promised to supply additional party favors to the party planners as required to liven up the events. He later stressed that party goers will not be allowed to bring there own.

    In the event things gets out of hand free transportation will be provided to take incapacitated party goers to specified locations where there loved ones can pick them up.

    Invitations not required because events have been planned at numerous places to surprise all of those present.

    Are we blessed or not. It is really good to see how well the religion pf peace party planners and our government officials work together to support these efforts. Stay tuned for further after action reports from on future parties.

  3. Have you ever wondered what would happen in the Middle East……

    if the industrialized nations refused to sell guns, bombs, missles, and/or other weapons of war to the savage jihadi moslems of the religion of pieces?

    • They would beat each other to death with rocks if that was all they had available.

    • Joe Stalin

      Not much for internal conflicts. It just takes a few engineers to design up a small arms factory and a few chemists to design up and manufacture propellants and explosives. The ragheads have certainly shown a knack for the manufacture of explosives. And they most certainly have been making firearms for centuries. Turkey makes Caniks and their own version of a piston AR-10. Egypt makes AKs. So embargos probably would little, if any effects, IMHO.

  4. Completely off topic but I wanted to report. I watched the CBS evening news last evening. I know, I know, take the red pill and cut the cable. Anyhow, I decided to time the segments. The Benghazi report was in yesterday and the story was 2:57 in length. Apparently a woman’s college basketball coach’s untimely death (may she RIP) was more important than a Congressional report on the murder of a United States ambassador and three other Americans. – 4:17 in length.

    Reporting live from central PA—Wes out.

  5. I see the right-wingers are at it again…..the tea party has struck with their terrorism….. these right-winger types are riled up and have struck once more……what else could it be… know the tea party is racist and as violent as ISIS according to Jeh Jonson, Hillary, and Elizabeth Warren……..

    you know when the tea party types hold a rally and it is left cleaner after the rally than it was before the rally it is only a ruse to fool you……they are so violent and can fool you into thinking they are peaceful so you have to be careful about them…..they could fool their own mothers……..

    we know we will find the smoking gun to put the blame on the tea party where it belongs…’s only a matter of time……. we’re on to you tea partiers…….

  6. And at this very moment Obama is preparing another stern lecture/speech in the Rose Garden to defend Islam, blame rightwing Christians with guns and warning of a backlash against Muslims. And after that he will include a few jabs at Trump while he is at it. Why not? Hillary needs another attack dog since she has no spine.

    Molon labe

    • Jenna, That is known as disclaimer lecture 121 now. It’s the one that ALWAYS starts, “We know that it is only a very small percentage of Muslims, etc……” So now we can all save time as we issue the disclaimer by simply typing, “121,” and nodding in all-knowing agreement after EVERY terrorist attack. This will enable us to more quickly move from unimportant subjects like murdered innocents, and onto the vastly more important work of worrying about where Transgenders may pee, and global warming. We can also get back to dedicating our lives to stamping out black guns (color bigotry?), and possibly even all of the proverbial “blunt objects” which are constantly jumping up by themselves and bashing out the brains of our fellow Americans. I’d like to spend more time talking, but I have important work to do harvesting some crunchy babies.

  7. this attack took place because Americans have too many guns…….I’ve had it with Americans and their machine guns……just how many guns do you need “thousands”….. “millions”……. “It doesn’t take10 bullets to kill a deer”!!!!!!!!………

    what do we have to do, sit in on the House floor to make you understand that you don’t need guns……and that we should take them away from you…….

    if Americans didn’t have guns this attack would never have taken place…..we have to place the blame where the blame belongs…..with the tea party…….it’s the fault of these tea party extremists….and with no other……..maybe a smattering of returning American veterans could be thrown in there as well….you know how dangerous they are……….

    it’s time to repeal the second amendment…..after all the constitution is an obsolete document and was written by old racist white guys……if Americans are made to give up their guns these attacks will stop because we will love our enemies like Loretta Lynch has suggested………and ISIS will love us back…..can’t you see how this works……….

    put the blame where the blame belongs….with the tea party……..

    • After Candy Crowley’s overt bias during the ’08? debates, they try to complain about Faux News? Pussies.

  8. Rebelpatriot

    It was an early 4th of July party in honor of the Great Satan’s independence. May allah bless their evil little hearts. Aloha snackbar.

  9. News flash, one of the guns used in the Paris attacks was traced back to a gun dealer in Phoenix that assisted Eric Holder and his crew in selling off record guns that later walked by themselves into Mexico. ATF is now trying, by orders from on high, to kill the story.

    The Dealer was found to also have an unlicensed full auto weapon and will not be prosecuted. Does this set a precedent that we can now all own full auto weapons and not be prosecuted.

    Judicial Watch broke the story. Looking for secondary confirmation.

  10. Today, Obama directed the Secretary of Defense to announce the opening of the U S military to Transgender soldiers. Sex change surgeries will be prioritized…
    this was announced right before The 4th of July.

    The Generals are remaining silent once again…
    The is not a joke: Google it

    Savage explodes! Worth a listen

    • Great, slack jawed drooling faggots can get expensive sex change surgery, but I have to wait forever just to get a damn appointment for a check up, and I get trouble from the VA if I make too much money.

  11. Quartierleblanc

    I”ve already had a talk with my weapons. It’s hard to get AK’s and AR’s to get along in the same safe. Take the AK out and you want to drink vodka. I just don’t understand.

  12. carnac123

    Obama’s handlers are a little miffed at him and he is feeling the heat. His’ NOW’ masters are mad because Americans still have their guns. He has faked some mass killings and actually assisted others and still the Americans hold on to “guns and Bibles”. He has done most of the one- Worlders’ agenda. He has been a good communist. He and his buddy, Michael (Michelle)….have discriminated against white people to the nth degree. He has broken the armed forces. He has take away freedoms. He has championed the rights of the weird and pushed their lifestyles down our throats. He has almost started wars with Russia and he has weakened our war against radical Islam. He has made us ashamed. He knows that if he does not get the people’s weapons then all he has done is in danger of being destroyed by one uprising. He will not get one more weapon. He will not get one more caliber. He will, however, get a war one of these days. The people are tired of this bought-and-paid-for government. We are tired of this dictatorship. Get ready to put your bullets where your mouth has been. Soon you will have no choice.

  13. out of control hateful guns are at it again……..a bunch of guns shot up the scene in Dallas last night and reaked havoc in the streets……….killer guns out of control……. our illustrious attorney general Loretta “I hate white people” Lynch has said she will protect our constitutional rights but will investigate this hate crime……which is a euphemism for “we will nationalize your police force and take complete control of your police force and force them to bow down to us”……….

    we have nothing to worry about folks……president Shitstain will look into this incident…….Shitstain commented from Poland that the system is racist and we will visit previous positions regarding these “powerful weapons”………I am sure “I hate white people” and Shitstain will get this situation under control………

    I know what your thinking “just what the hell is going on here”…….it’s got to be the white peoples fault that this is happening……they have too many guns and some of those guns have gotten out of control………

    we all know only bad people have guns…….

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