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RINOs, Cucks, Neocons and Trumpism


RINOS and CUCKSThe term RINO, an acronym for “Republican in name only,” got traction with the rise of the Tea Party. The slur refers almost exclusively to politicians or other party operatives who bill themselves as Republicans—which is to say, conservatives—but whose key policy preferences always turn out to be left-leaning. Any number of Republican members of Congress could serve as prime RINO specimens. Lindsay Graham might be the all time best example, but Paul Ryan and John McCain are certainly fit to carry his bridal train.

A cuckservative is differentiated from a RINO primarily by the aspect of sincerity. A RINO is a cynical climber with no core values beyond personal ambition. A RINO is playing the DC game—talking right and edging left—cashing government (or corporate media) checks for as long as he can keep his post and then moving on to lobbying or some other lucrative vocation and/or lavish life-situation. From the standpoint of personal character, a cuckservative is almost the RINO’s precise opposite—a well-meaning fool who gets nothing for his trouble except denigration and marginalization.

The first part of the word “cuckservative” derives from the somewhat archaic term “cuckold,” which describes a husband who has been unmanned, in a social sense, due to his wife giving herself to another man. The word implies a devastating level of humiliation, not necessarily because the man’s wife has been unfaithful, but because the situation came about, and presumably continues, under the husband’s nose. A cuckold is not someone who discovered the truth about his wife and immediately killed her and her lover. A cuckold is the man who is too idiotic or timid to confront reality and take action. The word has been a scathing insult, historically, because a man who could not or would not prevent the most egregious violation of his most sacred property was not to be taken seriously in his community.

“Cuckservative” is a scathing insult for the same reason. Where a cuckold has forfeited his manhood by not securing the respect of the person who should respect him most, a cuckservative has forfeited his political manhood by surrendering the principles that are most vital to his worldview.

The cuckservative is a conservative being “cuckolded” by leftists, neocons (which I will get to momentarily), and RINO agents. The cuckservative is an earnest conservative who is being put in the position of tolerating, or pretending not to see, his political power being eroded or demolished outright in the name of fighting “racism,” “sexism,” “homophobia,” etc. The cuckservative gives up the very first principle of conservatism—maintenance of Western traditions—because he cannot bear the alternative—publicly confronting the taboos associated with human group differences.

Calling a person a cuckservative serves the same purpose as branding a man a cuckold served a century or two ago. It is to say, in essence, “You are a public jackass and a waste of my time.”

In this mix we have neoconservatives, who are best understood as RINOs oriented to Jewish group agendas. Where the gentile RINO is just a used car salesman saying and doing whatever nets him the most profit—at the expense of normal white Westerners—the neoconservative uses right-wing rhetoric while advocating whatever is “good for the Jews”—at the expense of normal white Westerners. Exactly like the RINO, the neocon does a dead-on imitation of a real conservative when discussing free markets and the Constitution. But, exactly like the RINO, the neocon will not fight for the preconditions necessary to have a sane economy and the rule of law. The neocon will not fight to maintain white demographic dominance, and sovereignty for white nations, so all of his pontifications regarding “conservative principles” are completely hollow.

(There is confusing overlap, as a RINO and a neocon will generally strive for the same outcome—duping the cuckservative. The difference is that the RINO is ultimately working against his own interests, because he is destroying the nation and civilization his children and grandchildren must live in. The neocon’s allegiance is to Israel and to Ashkenazi Jews wherever they are, and as a Jew he is always in danger of being marginalized in a successful white nation, so it is in his interest to neuter Western conservatism, and to direct gentile conservatives’ energies into international quagmires and crusading against “racism.”)

For decades, the struggle for Western traditionalists has been to find a viable political identity in this situation. Fringe right-wing movements, such as libertarianism and paleoconservatism, became havens for people who would not toe the mark with cultural Marxism and internationalism, but these movements were always made non-factors in the media and national elections.

The advent of “Trumpism,” however, has entirely inverted this scenario. The RINOs and neocons suddenly find themselves shut out of the discussion as cuckservatives begin en masse to correct course, turn their backs on the Becks and the Krauthammers and accept the simple offer of borders, jobs, defensive use of our military, and conscious maintenance of a traditional demographic balance.

The #NeverTrump movement is the neocons and RINOs attempting get a leash on American conservatism again so they can bring it to heel and teach it to salivate at the prospect of endless war, and not to whimper too much about nonexistent borders.

Will the #NeverTrumpers win? Right now they are on the ropes and being hammered. If this continues, if Trump is able to take the White House and stay the course, we could see a common sense-renaissance. Cuckservatives everywhere might be rehabilitated, color returning to their pallid, withered political identities as they put aside their terror of “racism” and gain the confidence to demand concrete preconditions for a stable and robust Western society.

It could happen, and we should all pray that it does. With Europe falling and SJWs and degenerate migrants poised to capture the U.S., Trumpism may be the only hope left for the Western world.



  1. Kauf Buch

    Pray tell, Bill M., what distinguishes YOU
    from NEO-NAZIs vis a vis your anti-semitism?

    Sites like Radix don’t help your argument.

    • Bill Matheson

      Define “anti-semitism.” If we avoid sloppy thinking and sophistry by defining terms it will turn out a) that we agree on fundamentals or b) that you’re a liar and/or an intellectual coward.

      • Agree on the sloppy discussion of anti-Semitism. When a true headline about Bill Kristol is attached to a pro-Israeli article is anti-Semitic we’ve got problems. Right now apparently even pointing Semitic hertiage or that there’s some less than perfect history there is “anti-Semitic”.

        Well no. What’s funny is I have asked more than once of people who clearly do hyper focused on Jews what exactly I’m supposed to next with that info. Crickets. It’s get Trump elected, bad mouth Milo, and that appears to be the master plan for the moment.

        • Kauf Buch

          That’s part of my point, Amy…when you ask such folks how they are NOT a part of – or enabling – NeoNazis, they go *crickets*, as you say, or reverse the attack (look up DARVO).

          Too many are indeed of the neo-nazi ilk and can’t admit it…unlike their “colleagues” at places like Radix.

          Such folks are the Useful Idiots of the fascist Right and will be dealt with accordingly (i.e. rewarded with their death) as were the leftist enablers of the Bolsheviks.

          • It’s not my job to “enable” or force people to shut up. If they want spend their days paranoid that everyone’s a Jew, who I am to stop them? (You get there, by the way by noticing that Christianity has more than it’s fair share of Judaism, and through Christianity, Islam also has a nice helping of it.) Or if they want to be pretend to be part of a political movement that lasted all of 12 years, well people do weird things with their leisure time.

            The fact is that when I look at negative Semitic history, which has become a fear based taboo, the past becomes much clearer. Crazy ranters on the edges weren’t responsible for the Holocaust. Nor did Hitler wake up one day, decide to hate Jews, and convinced the people of Germany beyond their reason that they had a Jewish problem.

            A Semitic engineered genocide in Armenia had happened before the Third Reich, and Holodomor during it. The Germans were reacting and perhaps not wisely, but understandably to history that happened right next door to them.

            So no, I’m not going to spend my days worrying about it. If nothing else, they make me look quite sane and that’s helpful. The left never disavows or worries about it’s nutters and it’s time for us to do the same.

      • Kauf Buch

        Cute diversion, Bill M….not answering my straightforward question.
        In THAT sense, you DID answer it.

        • Bill Matheson

          You mean you can’t define the term your whole argument rests on? Just deflect and call names?

          I’ve had the same response from SJWs when they cry “racism” and I ask them for a definition. They panic, then fall back on more rhetorical nonsense, and when I point out that they still haven’t provided any substance… crickets…

          Let’s start with this definition: “Anti-Semitism” is an utterly empty term used to stigmatize rational assessment of Jewish behaviors and group agendas.

          What part of that do you disagree with?

          • Just answer my question.
            It’s not an “argument”; it’s a QUESTION…
            …one which you REFUSE to answer:

            what distinguishes YOU from NEO-NAZIs vis a vis your anti-semitism?

            Please note: I’m NOT saying in any way that all Trump supporters are bigots.
            I’m asking insofar as YOU go.

          • K. Buch,


            “If you wish to converse with me,” said Voltaire, “define your terms.” How many a debate would have been deflated into a paragraph if the disputants had dared to define their terms! This is the alpha and omega of logic, the heart and soul of it, that every important term in serious discourse shall be subjected to the strictest scrutiny and definition. It is difficult, and ruthlessly tests the mind; but once done it is half of any task.

            Will Durant, The Story of Philosophy (Chapter 2, Aristotle and Greek Science, Part 3, The Foundation of Logic)

            Someone who refuses to even attempt to define terms is a weasel.

            Your device–to ask a question that relies on silly buzzwords you either aren’t smart enough, or are too much of a weasel, to explain–is crap.

            If you can attempt intellectual honesty, glad to help you understand the world. Let us all know exactly what you mean by “anti-semitism” and for that matter, “NEO-NAZI.”

            PS Define “bigot” too, since you’re throwing that word around.

            PPS You are also mistaken (or just being a weasel) when you claim you aren’t making an argument. What you’re doing is called begging the question…Sneaking your lame conclusion–that any criticism of jews is “anti-semitism” is “neo-nazism”–into your dopey question.

          • Let’s define “anti-semitism” as “hostility or prejudice against Jews” and “bigot” as “a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions”. Good enough for the dictionary, right?

            That makes me think you, Bill, would say that you’re NOT anti-Semitic, because you simply employ a “rational assessment of Jewish behaviors and group agendas”. Others would say the fact that you think there IS a Jewish group agenda is NOT a rational assessment at all, AND evidence of your anti-semitism.

            What would you say to those people?

          • I would say that, clearly, at the heart of the issue is whether there is a Jewish group agenda, and we should dig in and examine that question without calling names.

            Your definitions are inadequate because these terms are now used to say that a person harbors *irrational* hostility. Dislike of a certain type of person or a certain set of ideas may be the sanest thing in the world, depending on context.

        • Godwin’s law in 5-4-3-2……

    • Here is the simplest, most up to date, definition of ‘Anti-Semitism’:

      Opposing anything that is part of the jewish agenda. In the case of Trump, Trump is saying he wants to interfere with the jews’ plans to flood all White homelands with 3rd world Afro-Muslims, Mestizos, Asians, Syrians, Bantu Somalis, and every other indigestible, incompatible, parasitic non-white race of aliens from every 3rd world hell hole on Earth – which is probably the most important item on the jew’s agenda, because they want to put an end to White Western civilization and the White race that created it.

      So, without a White homeland – there will be no White race, which is the ultimate goal of the jews.

      Anti-Semitism used to be defined as someone who had an irrational, unjustified hatred of jews. Today, the jews have redefined it to define anyone who the jews themselves hate. And, Whites who dare to oppose their own genocide are at the top of the list of the people who jews hate most.

  2. I am reminded of a dying individual that goes through the final death throws of a person who is not long for this world…….western civilization seems to be in this very precarious situation and may be taking it’s last gasps………

    it looks to me that darkness is about to fall upon the “West”……maybe Trump can revitalize this situation we find ourselves in…..I don’t know…..I sure hope so…… nothing else seems to be working…….

    • minuteman26

      Case in point. Our illustrious Senate led by John McCain confirmed by unanimous voice vote (so no one could be held accountable) a flaming homosexual Marxist as Secretary of the Army. The morale of the military am sure just dropped to an all time low with this little move. The GOP is supposed to be in charge and they let this happen? God help us. Time to blow up the whole system. If Trump doesn’t win in November this country is fucked for the foreseeable future.

      • Add to this recent spineless capitulation – “a Senate led by John McCain confirmed by unanimous voice vote (so no one could be held accountable) a flaming homosexual Marxist as Secretary of the Army.” the recent House vote to take a massive bowel movement on the White Southern base of the GOP, by spitting on their courageous and noble ancestors who fought for the Confederacy and banning the commemorative display of the beautiful Confederate Flag on the graves of those ancestors in any National cemetery.

        I ask everyone to stop and think about these two recent betrayals for a second. Here we are, a year into the rise of Donald Trump – whereby Trump single-handedly obliterated every last establishment cuck who these same race traitorous cuck and RINO cockroaches threw at him in the primaries. And, while doing so, historical records were set in mobilizing White conservative voters – who were steaming hot angry at these same cucks and RINOs and who vented their anger by voting for Trump. So, in a sane and rational world, would it not be reasonable to expect to see these RINOs and cucks get the message and react to being hit with an electric cattle prod and start to grow a set of gonads and make at least a feeble effort between now and November to display a little bit of masculinity and stop caving in to the left’s anti-White, tranny and homo perverted agenda?

        But, instead, what do we see these RINOs and cucks doing? They are doubling down on crapping all over their White conservative base. Disrespecting our Confederate ancestors. Disrespecting and spitting on the Confederate Flag, calling it a symbol of slavery – despite the fact that the American flag flew over America while slavery still existed for far longer than did the Stars and Bars. Giving the finger to Christian morality and eagerly jumping on the Obama tranny and homo train and shoving that depravity down the throats of our US military and their families.

        What’s next, I wonder? Will Obama issue an Executive Order that mandates that all military exchanges and commissaries have to give 85 percent discounts for homos and trannies who want to buy crates of vaseline petroleum jelly or of Preparation H? Or, order Congress to boost the military budget to cover the cost of treating all of the ass pirates who’ll be coming down with AIDs?

    • carnac123

      to Bluto…
      You may be right. You and I usually see eye to eye on things. I think that you are correct about the darkness on the horizon for us but I believe it is the common patriot that can change it quickly. We are gasping but tomorrow we could be on the rise again and taking our rightful place in the world. Our answer to that revival is revolution. I believe it was Jefferson who said something about the ‘tree of liberty needs to be watered with blood of patriots’ every now and then to keep liberty alive. So it is with liberty and the west. We are a plant that has been in the darkness of liberalism and the shade of minorities too long. We need the light of freedom and liberty to reanimate the organism. When we unite in revolution here and in Europe,….we will bloom into liberty and no one can stop us.

  3. One thing this cycle has accomplished is to smoke the enemies of America out. We know who they are now. Shaming them at every opportunity should be our forever goal. Not one of them should hold sway over any meaningful conversation ever again.

    If you don’t recognize that Trump is the only America-first candidate then yes you can be classified as “anti-American”. Obama has ravaged the Country with “principled conservative” help. Swearing fidelity to “conservatism” (whatever that means now) doesn’t mean much if you’re gonna sell out the Country, does it?

    America comes first before ideology. We are circling the drain here because of Obama and we don’t need Hillary to give the final flush to America.

    • Hillary dreams each night she’s Claire Underwood and wakes up as Edith Bunker. Hillary will never be more than she is right now which is a pathetic liar kept alive by people wearing Depends, chomping Metamuecil, still reading the NYT, the Atlantic, and watching Frontline and Sixty minutes? Hillary is as interesting and relevant as leggings, the macarena, and the Spin Doctors. It’s over for her and her wretched husband; the so called Bush brother from another mutha. I find it impossible to feel sorry for her, but I can’t not feel sorry for people who actually vote for her. That is beyond madness, pathos, or believe. What the HE..double hockey sticks happened to the USA? How does that thinking go in their twisted minds. Let’s see, I’ll make $15 an hour, dope is legal, I can pee in either Target bathroom, if my girlfriend gets knocked up we can sell the baby’s parts,…gee I must be free! …Com check…Venezuela looking good to y’all?

      • Unfortunately Hillary still has tons of supporters who would vote for her even if she were to skin, broil and consume a basket of kittens on live TV. I think our best hope is that the FBI finally forwards a recommendation for indictment to the DOJ; of course the DOJ under Lynch will sit on the indictment and it won’t go anywhere but maybe just the fact that there was a recommendation for one will be enough to derail her train to tyranny.

        Additionally I’m hoping that if it is Hillary who is the Democrat candidate she will agree to debate Trump and he is able to bring out all the lies, half truths and scandals that float around her head as if she were the sun and everything else were planets.

  4. New wine in old skins has never worked. It’s called the party of stupid for a reason. Trump just walked into the prom, punched the prom king in the mouth, french kissed the prom queen, gave the finger to the captain of the football team, dropped a smoke bomb and walked out. Anybody who follows is a fool or has nothing to lose. After 50 years of Section 8 housing, school busing, abortion on demand, affirmative action, NPR, PBS, shut-up and pay your taxes, and so on, ad infinitum, I’m guessing there are a whole bunch of us who no longer give a damn what happens to the party of Bush, Romney, Rockefeller, McCain, Graham, Boehner, Ryan and the like. I say good riddance and maybe the morning hangover might be kind of welcome.

  5. when I saw this I said to myself I’m ok with is……just as long as your not in my camp….. I don’t care what you do as long as your not with us…….yes go ahead and vote for Hildabeast…..we don’t want your vote……that’s right….we don’t want your vote….. vote for Hildabeast or Bernie the Bolshevik just don’t vote for a republican, period….any republican……..

    your so damn ugly we don’t want you………..not in the slightest……..

  6. David Koch needs to be taught a lesson as to how it feels to smacked like a baseball with a metal baseball bat………or maybe he should learn to get the hell out of the way of a line-drive headed right for his head so he doesn’t get beaned……..

    get’n real tired of these billionaire assholes who think we have to kow-tow to them…….

    stick your money up your ass asshole…………..

  7. Arizona… sons-a-bitches have given us Jaun McPain for 30 straight years….you had a chance to get rid of the piece-of-sh*t the last time and you didn’t do it…..and you know damn well he is nothing but a d’himicrat in rino clothing… get rid of him….we’ve had it with you voting for this piece-of-sh*t……fu_king get rid of him……..we don’t want to see his face again…….

    build the dang fence…..yeah right……as soon as he was re-elected the piece-of-crap joined in with the gang of eight… dumb fu_ks…..not get rid of him……..

  8. Never thought I would see this site become such a hateful Alt Right piece of crap. You Trumpers are f**king insane. Enjoy Hillary you idiots.

    • Outlaw, Trump is the nominee whether you like it or not. What are you going to do? Vote for Hillary? Vote Libertarian? Stay at home?


  9. Spurwing Plover


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