RINOs, Cucks, Neocons and Trumpism


RINOS and CUCKSThe term RINO, an acronym for “Republican in name only,” got traction with the rise of the Tea Party. The slur refers almost exclusively to politicians or other party operatives who bill themselves as Republicans—which is to say, conservatives—but whose key policy preferences always turn out to be left-leaning. Any number of Republican members of Congress could serve as prime RINO specimens. Lindsay Graham might be the all time best example, but Paul Ryan and John McCain are certainly fit to carry his bridal train.

A cuckservative is differentiated from a RINO primarily by the aspect of sincerity. A RINO is a cynical climber with no core values beyond personal ambition. A RINO is playing the DC game—talking right and edging left—cashing government (or corporate media) checks for as long as he can keep his post and then moving on to lobbying or some other lucrative vocation and/or lavish life-situation. From the standpoint of personal character, a cuckservative is almost the RINO’s precise opposite—a well-meaning fool who gets nothing for his trouble except denigration and marginalization.

The first part of the word “cuckservative” derives from the somewhat archaic term “cuckold,” which describes a husband who has been unmanned, in a social sense, due to his wife giving herself to another man. The word implies a devastating level of humiliation, not necessarily because the man’s wife has been unfaithful, but because the situation came about, and presumably continues, under the husband’s nose. A cuckold is not someone who discovered the truth about his wife and immediately killed her and her lover. A cuckold is the man who is too idiotic or timid to confront reality and take action. The word has been a scathing insult, historically, because a man who could not or would not prevent the most egregious violation of his most sacred property was not to be taken seriously in his community.

“Cuckservative” is a scathing insult for the same reason. Where a cuckold has forfeited his manhood by not securing the respect of the person who should respect him most, a cuckservative has forfeited his political manhood by surrendering the principles that are most vital to his worldview.

The cuckservative is a conservative being “cuckolded” by leftists, neocons (which I will get to momentarily), and RINO agents. The cuckservative is an earnest conservative who is being put in the position of tolerating, or pretending not to see, his political power being eroded or demolished outright in the name of fighting “racism,” “sexism,” “homophobia,” etc. The cuckservative gives up the very first principle of conservatism—maintenance of Western traditions—because he cannot bear the alternative—publicly confronting the taboos associated with human group differences.

Calling a person a cuckservative serves the same purpose as branding a man a cuckold served a century or two ago. It is to say, in essence, “You are a public jackass and a waste of my time.”

In this mix we have neoconservatives, who are best understood as RINOs oriented to Jewish group agendas. Where the gentile RINO is just a used car salesman saying and doing whatever nets him the most profit—at the expense of normal white Westerners—the neoconservative uses right-wing rhetoric while advocating whatever is “good for the Jews”—at the expense of normal white Westerners. Exactly like the RINO, the neocon does a dead-on imitation of a real conservative when discussing free markets and the Constitution. But, exactly like the RINO, the neocon will not fight for the preconditions necessary to have a sane economy and the rule of law. The neocon will not fight to maintain white demographic dominance, and sovereignty for white nations, so all of his pontifications regarding “conservative principles” are completely hollow.

(There is confusing overlap, as a RINO and a neocon will generally strive for the same outcome—duping the cuckservative. The difference is that the RINO is ultimately working against his own interests, because he is destroying the nation and civilization his children and grandchildren must live in. The neocon’s allegiance is to Israel and to Ashkenazi Jews wherever they are, and as a Jew he is always in danger of being marginalized in a successful white nation, so it is in his interest to neuter Western conservatism, and to direct gentile conservatives’ energies into international quagmires and crusading against “racism.”)

For decades, the struggle for Western traditionalists has been to find a viable political identity in this situation. Fringe right-wing movements, such as libertarianism and paleoconservatism, became havens for people who would not toe the mark with cultural Marxism and internationalism, but these movements were always made non-factors in the media and national elections.

The advent of “Trumpism,” however, has entirely inverted this scenario. The RINOs and neocons suddenly find themselves shut out of the discussion as cuckservatives begin en masse to correct course, turn their backs on the Becks and the Krauthammers and accept the simple offer of borders, jobs, defensive use of our military, and conscious maintenance of a traditional demographic balance.

The #NeverTrump movement is the neocons and RINOs attempting get a leash on American conservatism again so they can bring it to heel and teach it to salivate at the prospect of endless war, and not to whimper too much about nonexistent borders.

Will the #NeverTrumpers win? Right now they are on the ropes and being hammered. If this continues, if Trump is able to take the White House and stay the course, we could see a common sense-renaissance. Cuckservatives everywhere might be rehabilitated, color returning to their pallid, withered political identities as they put aside their terror of “racism” and gain the confidence to demand concrete preconditions for a stable and robust Western society.

It could happen, and we should all pray that it does. With Europe falling and SJWs and degenerate migrants poised to capture the U.S., Trumpism may be the only hope left for the Western world.


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