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Political correctness run amok…again! In this case, this man lost his job. After you read about what took place, see if you think it’s beyond the pale and beyond belief. And as far as State Farm is concerned, they can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine! Companies that continually bow to the pressure of the nutcase leftists of all stripes are to be shunned via my viewfinder in life, but that’s just my way of thinking.

Now, as to whether or not you like or dislike Rob Schneider…see if you think he got robbed. Also, please tell me why that would be, other than he saw the light and changed his party affiliation. Maybe I’m missing something altogether and you can clue me in…it would be much appreciated if you have the answers.

Check this story out:

Rob Schneider gained stardom while starring in Saturday Night Live in the 1990s. When he left the series in 1994, he went on to have a consistent and successful movie career. Like many in Hollywood, Schneider was a Democrat that is until 2013.

In 2013, tired of California’s, a state dominated by Democrat politicians, heavy regulations and its disastrous economy, Schneider not only announced that he was switching to the Republican Party, he also endorsed Tim Donnelly for governor.

In addition to adding his voice into politics, Schneider, like many other Americans, has been critical of vaccines and wary of their safety and effectiveness.

Recently, State Farm Insurance hired Schneider to star in commercials reprising his SNL character “Richmeister” to portray an insurance salesman. The pro-vaccine, anti-free speech police did not like this hire and leaned on State Farm to cut ties with him. As is typical, these PC police types took to social media in their attack campaign against Schneider telling State Farm that since Schneider is critical of vaccines, he should not represent a company that sells health insurance.

State Farm failed to find their backbone and instead caved under pressure. Schneider, who has in the recent past railed against big government, tweeted a response.

You can check his tweet out by clicking link provided at the top of this report.

Here’s the ad:

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

Addendum: Anyone remember when they fired ‘Gunny’ for not being PC? – If not, check out below:

Actor R. Lee Ermey, Geico’s drill-sergeant-therapist, says he was fired from commercial for criticizing Obama

Check it out:


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