If this story doesn’t irk you…then nothing will. I’ve had this saved since yesterday, didn’t have time to put it here…so I’m going to today because it’s mind-bending infuriating with what the Leftist-Loons do, they are in real fear of losing any black voting power on their side of the aisle, simple as that!

First off here’s Ruth Williams on CNN with Soledad O’Brien, who just can’t stand what this woman is saying.

Summary from Mediaite:

Ruth Williams, the woman Mitt Romney handed a wad of cash to at a campaign stop over the weekend, explained to Starting Point host Soledad O’Brien on Monday morning how the events played out, and how much the handful of money meant to her.

“He paid for my light bill,” Williams told O’Brien, saying that her daughter works a 15-hour per week job at K-Mart, and that’s the only source of income the family currently has. Williams added Romney’s manager’s husband gave her money, as well, for food.

O’Brien, noting that a lot of people are cynical about politics, asked Williams how she would counter accusations that this was, “a calculated political strategy,” by the Romney campaign, to give a poor woman money in front of reporters and newspeople at a media event.

“No it wasn’t,” Williams countered. “It was a divine intervention by the Holy Spirit. I listened to what God said. I’ve never known anything about [Romney], I’ve never done anything for him, I’ve never even spoken to him. You cannot buy a vote with 55 or 60 dollars…It kept me and my kids eating this weekend.”

Williams, who kept talking through several would-be O’Brien interjections, explained that she used to run a cleaning and landscaping service company, but her son’s medical needs — he fell into a coma and has had three brain aneurysms — forced her out of business. She told O’Brien that the family doesn’t even currently have a refrigerator.

“I’ll work, I’ll work. I will work. I will clean, I’ll work, as long as it’s honest. I think that’s what most people want. I don’t think people want handouts. I think you feel better when you work for it.”

So sure enough, the next day we have msDNC doing their usual race-baiting tactics that they use 24/7 on their O/Soros run pathetic network.

So here’s what Joy-Ann Reid, who writes for The Grio had to say on Alex Wagner’s hour show about this, along with a difference of opinion from Ari Melber:

Reid, who appeared on “Now with Alex Wagner” along with panelist Ari Melber of The Nation, stated:

As an African-American woman, it galls me. I don’t even like to watch it. I felt like it plays into every sort of patronizing stereotype of black people. Oh, here’s this little lady, let me give her 50 bucks. I mean, this is the guy who offered a bet of $10,000 on stage, you know, to another candidate, but, you know, here, let me lay off 50 bucks on this woman. And I think it plays into that conservative meme that you don’t need actual programs that the government puts in place to help people in need, we’ll just give them charity. The church will take care of them, I’ll give them 50 bucks.

Melber, on the other hand, argued that Romney was simply faced with the emotional decision of wanting to help someone in need.

Melber began, “When I worked for campaigns and candidates, you often have these events and people stand up and they don’t have policy questions, they raise their personal problems.”

“And so they talk about how they can’t pay this bill, or they went down to this government agency and had a problem, and, it’s a very difficult thing for candidates because you sort of say, well, if this is a case worker issue, you should talk to someone in my office or let’s send some letters to the agency. There’s that technocratic response. And then there’s the human, heartfelt response, which is, someone’s hurting and they need help.”

You can read the full story here from The Blaze.

So let me get this straight, when Henrietta Hughes was whining about needing a house from Dear Leader, this was A-OKAY…and what presidential candidate Mitt Romney did with $55.00 isn’t…talk about blatant hypocrisy, this is it! Something very much wrong with this picture as far as I’m concerned when it comes to the msm, but that’s just me.

Whether you like Romney or not, this attempt at Divide & Conquer using the race-card issue is going to backfire on the insane left in my opinion…then again I could be wrong!

Add your thoughts…do you think this is total insanity anymore when it comes to the left and their tactics, are you sick and tired of it, do you think this will backfire on all of them come November, etc etc.

So friends…speak your mind and fire away!


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