Those libs. Those libs. Is that the putrid pile of pathetic the Democrat Party has morphed into? YES IT IS! What a bunch of whining, arrogant, little crybabies! The ghost of Vladimir Lenin was recently quoted as saying of his ideological followers in America:

“What a bunch of fags!”

Yes, what was to be the “loyal opposition” for the next four to eight years is nothing really more than a bad self-destructing joke that refuses to acknowledge the reason America did not elect this thing:

Really, Dims? Really? What the hell did you expect? Especially after 8 years of Imam Hussein! Oh, let me guess. All your friends at Starbucks sipping soy arugula lattes in Manhattan were voting Hillary! Unfortunately, you were totally unaware of all those redneck crackas at the local Golden Corrals enjoying an unending buffet of glutens who are spread far and wide across Flyover Country!

So now the Dims and the Propaganda Media are busy blaming Russia for “tampering” with the election by releasing Hillary’s emails to Wikileaks. You know, libs, the Russians might not have had any of those emails if Hillary hadn’t illegally stored them on her Nintendo 64 with saved games of Bubba’s Nintendo Creative Cigar battles with underage interns!

You better damn well believe that every country, friend and foe, with a IBM 286 or later PC has Hillary’s emails while she was SecState. And who the hell can blame them? America has hacked every damn computer in the world. If Russia did indeed give Wikileaks Hillary’s emails, they were only doing so because it was in Russia’s best interest to do so. Remember libs, every other country except America acts in its own interest. Imagine that!

But the Democrats know this Russia BS is a big steaming pot of borsht (or however you spell the rancid sh*t). They know the source of the leaks. They know the reasons. And they know why they lost the election. Democrats are just setting the table to do two things:

1. Try to delegitimize Trump’s presidency
2. Rile up the unwashed masses of ridiculously stupid Democrat voters for 2018 and beyond

Nothing the Dims have thrown at Trump has stuck. The moron Jill Stein’s recount in Wisconsin even gained voted for Trump at the cost of $3.5 million! Hell, the Dims had to call off the Michigan recount because voting records showed that 400 million people voted in Detroit alone! For what were 400 million Detroit voters voting for? They have no idea.

Now the Dims have enrolled their blood brothers in the wussypants Republican Party to push the “Yikes, here come the Russians!” BS story. Predictably, the first to join in were McPain and his man servant, Lindsey “Fredo” Graham. After all, they have wars to sell once Lindsey picks up McCain’s dry cleaning. I halfway look for McCain, Graham and a few other “Republicans” to switch parties just to keep Trump from packing the Supreme Court and getting anything worthwhile done. Remember, you heard it here first!

Here’s a guy who I like a lot, even if he is an Englishter. But hey, not his fault he wasn’t born in the South. Something tells me this Englishter could hunt himself a pig!

It’s fun watching the Dims squirm like Anthony Weiner in police questioning! They deserve it! And I do believe the wussypants Repubs have picked the wrong Jose to screw with in Trump. Look for big piles of RINO guts spewing all over Capitol Hill! Pop your popcorn, it’s going to be a fun next four years!

And libs? Don’t forget to change your diapers! Bwahahahaha!


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