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mt soledad cross

A 43 foot cross which has stood on Mount Soledad in San Diego since 1954 must be removed within 90 days. Federal judge Larry Burns made the ruling in a suit brought by the ACLU and other groups who said the cross was an endorsment of an unconstitutional state sponsored religion.

AWD isn’t a lawyer (I’m an honest man) and, if I was, damn sure wouldn’t be one for the ACLU. Not unless being an ACLU lawyer would get me closer to other ACLU lawyers so I could kick their miserable, commie asses! I’m not sure how a cross on a mountain that honors America’s war dead is an endorsement of Christianity as a state sponsored religion. If Christianity was state sponsored, the commies at the ACLU would be forced to be in church each Sunday rather than worshiping Satan.

MSN reports:

“This is a victory for religious liberty,” said Daniel Mach, director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s program on freedom of religion and belief who argued the matter for the plaintiffs in a hearing before Burns on Thursday.

“We firmly support the government’s efforts to honor the service of those who fought and died for this country, but there are many ways to do that without playing favorites with religion,” Mach said.

If Mach is so concerned about playing favorites with religion, why not just leave the cross and add a Jewish menorah, a Buddha statue, and an icicle for libtards that worship Al Gore’s false religion of Global Warming? Maybe hold a few stonings for the Muslims? Anyway, methinks Mr Mach and the ACLU wouldn’t be making a stink if there was a mosque being built on Mt Soledad. But since Mt Soledad is in California, a mosque on the mountaintop probably isn’t too far away.

If the cross hasn’t been a problem for 50 years, why is it now? Just one more poke in the eye of traditional America. So what about crosses at Arlington National Cemetery? Must they be removed from the grave sites of our war heroes there, too? What about Normandy? And all the others? With liberal judges filling the benches of this falling nation, you better believe those crosses will soon be in the ACLU’s sights!

AWD’s buddy and singer/songwriter extroidinaire Jon Christopher Davis recorded a song and made a video to support keeping the cross on Mt Soledad a few years ago. Jon’s a patriot and an all around good guy and one hell of a musical artist! I showed him a few chords.

Here’s the video titled “Don’t Tear Me Down.” If this video doesn’t give you chills, you must be a lawyer for the ACLU! Watch it and spread this around to your friends.

I’m afraid the America we knew and loved is gone forever.



  1. I’m afraid it’s long gone too. (Made a mention of this fact in the post below as well.) – Looking forward to hearing the video again pretty soon.

    I recommend everyone watch that video.

  2. Spurwing Plover

    But Stars and Crsents,Qeutzacoatyles,Pentigrams,Buddas and Gaia idols are okay according to the leftists ACLU AMD IMPERIAL PIGS IN BLACK ROBES

  3. Instead of removing Crosses and other Christian symbols, let’s get rid of the ACLU, liberals, and liberal judges!
    And we need to close BOTH borders. Build the damn fence between us and Mexico and then build one on the Mason-Dixon Line! Damn Yankees are invading! Look at Colorado, all those Californians moved to get away from liberal policies and then started voting liberal again! It’s starting here in Virginia too. Keep that mental illness out if here!

  4. I suppose when they go to tear it down, if there are enough people physically there to protest and to physically prevent it…well, who knows if this might be the spark everyone’s been waiting for. (I can’t believe I’m thinking I wish I lived in California…)

  5. Didn’t our current regime give money to muslims to rebuild mosques in the middle east? Seems that is way more collusion between “church” and state than allowing a monument to remain in place. Where were the atheists then? This B.S. is just about tearing down white America and its values. ….and yet we tolerate them.

  6. I thought some of you may like a look at the POS that ordered this removal……….

  7. Spurwing Plover

    I wonder how liberals would react if someone took a sledge hammer and smashed that quetzalcoatyle idol in Southern Mexifornia to ittsy bitsy peices after all its dedicated to a bunch of blood thirsty pagans who commited Hu,am Sacrifices

  8. The Cross on Mt. Soledad is as much a part of San Diego as the beautiful weather is. It’s also a Veteran’s Memorial. It overlooks the Pacific Ocean and the famous Torrey Pines golf course. I have some nice memories of being with a few fine San Diego babes on Mt. Soledad as a youth. We framed 100’s of houses around La Jolla for McMillin one of San Diego’s largest home builders. Mt Soledad has a rich history. Home of Dr. Seuss, Charles Lindbergh launched gliders off it, there is even a Munchkin legend. They were trying to remove the Cross the 30 years I lived in San Diego and it never happened. The Cross won’t come down anytime soon. Here’s a pretty good link if anyone wants to check it out.

  9. How sad is this!!! I would strap myself to that cross and dare anyone to try to take it down! A federal judge would never rule against any muslims or their mosques! Time to revolt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It wasn’t the Muslims that demanded its removal. They don’t man and staff the ACLU nor the SPLC. They aren’t the Bolshevik Communists.
      They don’t own the banks nor the (not so) Federal Reserve.

      But what about the menorah on the White House lawn?

  10. Anytime I see a story like this, I wonder who is trying to pull on the emotional strings. Usually it is a diversion to get you to look one way or an effort by the Republicans to get you to pony up more money. Either way, you are being manipulated. I have been doing some study on our history and the Constitution and can assure you this is a non-issue, the cross will go and should not have been in place to begin with. We do not want religion in our government. Right now benevolent Christianity is central to our lives, but what happens in those growing areas of our country under Muslim control? Are you willing to establish precedence in religious matters so that they can have there repressive laws established in a community, it is happening now. People should certainly be religious, but when government is religious, bad things happen. Our founders were religious, and prayed at meetings, but they chose to not incorporate religion in the government due to direct experience with this in Europe.

    • Our government IS religious. It is run by satanic talmudic zionists. You mistakenly think the removal of a “Christian” symbol is a secular affirmation. And that’s where you are deluded.

      Randy Weaver knew what the ZOG was. And so should you.

      • Cat,
        I am sorry, but I have to disagree with you on the government being religious. The 2nd amendment not only guarantees freedom of religion, it also prevents the government from establishing a religion. In other words, the government is secular and amoral. This has been abused in the last 100 years. The reason we had alcohol prohibition arouse from religious activity and the government trying to make moral decisions for people. At the same time they prohibited alcohol, they took control of our medical health and regulation of drugs. We are now seeing the dismal fruit of that decision and we lost a significant amount of freedom. I feel that people should be moral and religious, but when the government gets into it, bad things happen.

        • The point is not whether religion and government should partner, but that you should recognize that our government has already been taken over by practitioners of a vile, exclusive “religion” that some are too slow to recognize.

          As for government/religion partnerships; it has worked OK in Switzerland, and they never tried prohibition, but never allowed mosques to be built either. It takes an intelligent, rational and homogenous population to make it work, and that is something that the USA stopped being decades ago.

  11. The cross is an inanimate object.
    A person who looks at it is subjected only to an inanimate object.
    Its form imparts nothing.
    It is only when a person ASSIGNS their own preconceptions and motivations (good and bad) to the view that any symbol has any meaning.
    Otherwise a cross is an unusually symmetrical tree branch.
    Its meaning lives only in the brains of those see it, not in the cross itself.
    This means that active mental participation is required for an emotive response.
    Any therapist in the world will tell you: Nothing can MAKE you feel a certain way. Your feelings are choices you yourself make.
    Or, you are a child, a victim of sensory input, and a hostage to your untrained, immature mind who will find offense in the shapes of clouds.

  12. Spurwing Plover

    We need term limits and recall notices for these imperial judges

  13. I understand the reason the cross is there and I understand the separation of Religion and State….
    I do not understand why it offends ….nor why other non-christian groups just don’t shut up and simply put up their own symbols….instead of working so hard to have the cross taken down…..many of the dead soldiers gave all with the belief that a man named Jesus gave all for them……other belief systems gave their lives as well..
    it seems to me that there is room for everyone to express the way they honor the dead with out taking away from any one…..

  14. They can tear down all the crosses they want, God still exist in my heart.

    They can burn every bible, but that will not change my opinion that the teachings of Jesus inspired mankind.

    They can shred the Constitution into confetti, but I will still only accept freedom as my default setting.

    They can outlaw guns, but the stone in my hand is just as deadly.

    They can confiscate my wealth, but they cannot delete my ability to prosper and regain it.

    They can call me names like racist, cracker, colonialist, evil capitalist, or any other disparaging moniker. They can caricature and ridicule me in print, media, or public, but they cannot make me believe in their lies.

    Their only option is to kill me, and I won’t go to the showers willingly.

  15. The cross is placed on memorials not to say to observers: “This is about Jesus and Christianity” that assumption shows the moral and intellectual paucity of liberal activists.
    The cross is placed to signify that (like Jesus) those honored with the memorial Sacrificed their own lives and futures for a greater cause.

    But on the other hand, I can see how a City named after Saint Diego, which is south of the City of the Angels, which is West of the City named after Saint Bernard, and south of the city named after Saint Juan of Capistrano, also south of the cities named after Saint Maria, Saint Fernando, and Saint Francisco would be itchy about something as offensive as a Christian symbol on a hilltop that would be better suited to a statue of Che Guevara.

  16. That’s gratitude for ya. The armies that liberated Europe and the Jews from Hitler were of Christian faith and Jewish ACLU lawyers and offended complainants now demand an end of the cross.

  17. Uncle Festus

    The people behind this culture war that has been going on for the past 50 years aren’t Muslims. They tend to be dual citizens of another alien nation on the other side of the world, one that gets billions in welfare from the American taxpayer every year.

  18. Just Observant

    Federal judge Larry Burns is a jew, so what do you expect? The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the Jewish War Veterans of the United States. All they are doing is running the bolshevik play book. This is exactly what went down in the CCCP. The US is being sovietized. We are going to have a jewish oligarchy just like Russia had and those whe were in charge over there are in charge here right now. Just wait until is is a death penalty to talk about jews and even more the Holomodor phase.

    • And don’t forget what tribe the “Young Turks” were from and who brought also the Armenian genocide.

      For the latest shenanigans of God’s “chosen” tribe search and follow Brother Nathaniel Kapner.

  19. imtoooldforthis

    When this cross was erected in 1954 the people that fought and died for this country were Christians. Church going, God loving, I believe in the Lord Christians. So how is this cross in any way state sponsored. It represents the people that fought at that time and as such it is an insult to the Christians that the ACLU fought to remove it. The ACLU has just won a victory to violate the rights of the men and women that cross represents. They should be real proud of themselves for denigrating, belittling and wiping out everything these people fought and died for.

  20. Spurwing Plover

    Tear down the UNITED NATIONS place instead lets turn the area into a bird refuge with goose hunting allowed and UN Vultures are not allowed

  21. I am a veteran, but not a Christian. A couple years ago, a young drunk man wrapped his car around a tree in my parents property. They are not Christians either, but the young man’s family asked if they could put a cross out in the yard where he died. Never once has anyone in my family felt offended by the cross placed out there, even though its not our belief.
    So, if the cross existed prior to the monument being built (which it obviously did) then I really fail to see the overwhelming need for “separation of Church and State” here. It really looks to me like its simply someone stomping on a different groups’ beliefs for no other reason then they can.
    We all see petulant little children, throwing tantrums when they don’t get their way. I can’t help but feel most the people who cry about religious tolerance for all, simply wish to deny tolerance for others, and they are the adult version of the whiny little bastard child in every Walmart check out line across this nation.

  22. Mike in Grasonville

    As we speak, Harry Reid, through his destroying of the Filibuster Rule , and his scocialist cohorts, are busy stacking the courts with Judges far to the left of Larry Alan Burns. After passing Obama Care they can see the goal line, and are in a no huddle offense tring to get across the goal line.

    I believe it’s time we started to play some smash mouth defense, and put this game away once, and for all. The shots fired at Concord ushered in a Reveloution, perhaps Mt. Soledad will usher in the next one.

  23. Then can the crosses at Arlington be far behind?

  24. Spurwing Plover

    Satan is happy when these imperial judicial crinimals rule like this

  25. Spurwing Plover

    ACLU stands for ATHEISTS.COMMUNISTS & LAWYERS,UNDERGROUND this is another group that needs its tax exempt status revoked

  26. Spurwing Plover

    How about voting to remove liberal leftists activists imperial judges instead and voting to revoke the ACLUs tax exempt status

  27. They pray to God for rain, and take down His crosses that represent Him.

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