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If anyone still reads this page, let’s have an open post tonight for the President’s State of the Nation speech. Both of us.

The Dims are rumored to have a few tricks up their sleeves. Maybe they’ll walk out of the speech en masse. Maybe they’ll attack the Republicans with sticks and knives. Maybe they’ll show decorum and sit silently throughout the speech. Naaaaaahhhh!

Rumor has it Trump is dealin’ on the Dreamer Act. If he starts playing that game, he’s toast and a one-term POTUS. He was elected because Americans are sick of illegal immigration and want federal immigration laws to be enforced pronto. Like RIGHT NOW!

DC has a way of sucking in the newly elected to give up the principles that got them elected. And then nothing happens. Remember Trump saying he’d investigate Her Cankleness and the Clintoon Foundation? Yeah, me too.

Trump better get it right before he screws the pooch. He was elected to do what he said he’d do. If he doesn’t, look out. It’s on like Donkey Kong. He’ll be out of the White House faster than crap through a goose and Hillary will be crowned in 2020 to finalize the destruction of the US of A. And it will be time for ye olde revolution.

So let’s see what Trump has to say tonight. Listen, you bastids! I’ve spent boo-coo dolores on this new server! I expect y’all to at least comment!

A Yuuuuuge Muchas Garcias to all who have contributed to AWD to help offset the expenses of the new server. But you must admit that this thang is slicker than snot on a door knob. It’ll do a minute in 30 seconds. So enjoy you cheap bastids! But make a comment every now and then to let me know you’re still dialing in.




  1. Hey Dude, I’ve read every article posted on this site since June of 2012. First time commenter. I appreciate you and keep up the fight.

  2. I know Tucker will hate that Trump opened with pro-Jewish statements!


  3. Trump says “Make America Great Again” and the Dims sit on their corrupt asses! Love it!


  4. I hate that bitch Pelosi


    • “I hate that bitch Pelosi”

      I love it that Mark Dice referred to her as “Skeletor” after the address!

  5. Hey folks! Anyone else here? Damn, this place is a ghost town!

  6. Well, looks like all the Dems had up their sleeves was to sit on their fat asses. I did detect a few groans or objections when he started speaking about the families of victims murdered by illegals, so that pissed them off, but overall, Trump pretty much bitch slapped any protest the Dems had planned, then bitch slapped them again when he said both sides needed to work together FOR Americans. On the whole so far, Trump is getting more shit done, and more projects started, than any President we’ve had for a long, loooong time.

    But I do wish he would prosecute that bitch Hillary. Supposedly, the FBI is still investigating shenanigans regarding the Clinton foundation, but I haven’t heard anything lately. It’s the FBI, so I don’t expect much.

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  8. Angry White Dudette

    I thought President Trump’s speech tonight was a great speech. He outlined pretty clearly the ideas he wants to get accomplished, which I think are all great for America. I hated to see the democratic women sitting together in white. Give me a break. White? I am pretty much amazed at the accomplishments Trump has made so far. Remember, it’s only been a little over a month since he was sworn in. It’s gonna take a long time to get laws changed. I’m a Patriot and a Trump supporter. Give ’em hell, Trump. They deserve it. I love the way he has kicked the MSM’s butt. I think he’ll go down as a great President alongside of Reagan. Plus AWD, I read your posts pretty regularly. After all, I’m your mama.

  9. Very positive speech and I remain optimistic about the Trump presidency. So far Trump is fulfilling promises… now if we can get congress off their asses we’ll be in good shape.

    Even if Trump backtracks on something, we’re still ten times better off than if Hillary was in office.

  10. I have been checking in on AWD at least twice a day for the last two plus years. Thanks for saying what most of us are thinking!

  11. Daryle Atkinson

    Hey AWD, been a loyal reader for a few years now. I think I had found your site either thru IOTW, or thru Walter zoomie . You turned me on to the great Dale Watson, for which I am forever grateful. Anyways, I agree 100%, Mr. Trump had better do what he promised, or it’ll be Red Dawn time. He is a crafty duck tho, so we’ll just hafta wait and see.

  12. Paul-Harvey DuBois

    Angry White dude: You should read Colin Flaherty’s article on the site today.
    Colin maintains that during an Oval Office conference this week with black executives and black college administrators that Trump more or less kicked in on their demands for more affirmative action and more quotas. You might want to check this article out, and maybe even contact Mr Flaherty. Let us know,
    – Best regards, a reader

  13. keep it up. there is a whole slew of us that read you every day and agree with what you have to say, we just don’t comment as after reading your thoughts, what is left to say

  14. 1 Patriot

    I check in quite regularly. Went to bed early last nite, knew I could count on you to give good commentary.

  15. I’m still here too. I check in a few times a week. Love your site!

  16. Mark Riley

    Whaddya need, AWD, comments or ‘strokes’ on how wonderful it is to have your clear and cogent website available to the world?

    If it’s the former, well, see below.

    If it’s the latter, hell-fire man: we’re with you and LISTENING my man, very, very closely!
    Got that?

    Feel any more appreciated in this moment?
    (You should!)


    OK, so here’s the deal: Trump’s speech was “good enough” to mollify those who already lean his way.
    But actions speak louder than words, don’t they?

    One step at a time is, again, “good enough” at this moment.
    But now… what comes next?

    Arresting a “dreamer,” who over-stayed her visa allowed-time, was a clear example of the hard-line Trump needs to take.
    May he sustain that stance.
    And then go after the ‘sanctuary cities’ that have, so far, refused to cooperate with Federal laws.

    And when he’s done with that, continue on with the withdrawal of subsidies to various state colleges and state-supported universities.

    But first knock the Teacher’s Unions into irrelevance by pushing for a federal-level school voucher system.
    Then bye-bye to those (mostly administrators, not individual teachers) ass hats who’ve emasculated “public” schooling.


    At this point I’m less interested in repealing O-bomb-a-care and far more concerned with lowering taxation (confiscation) levels as working people experience it — weekly or bi-weekly.

    Up here in the Great White North we have to live with that every damned year. Got a “surplus,” at present, and I’ll not forget what Jesse Ventura did when he was Governor of Minnesota:


    (So-called “Jesse checks” as refunds to filing tax payers)

    Meanwhile, we who suffer under the representation of brain-dead elected office holders like Al Franken & Keith Ellison can only hope to see them take a Paul Wellstone plane ride into an early, much deserved, dirt-nap.


    Personally, I’ve enjoyed every moment of my Texas visits.
    But as a “winter snob” I simply prefer cold weather.

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