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Sarah Palin is a politician. Which means she is an opportunist. Palin figured out long ago it’s more lucrative to sit on the sidelines and make crappy TV shows about Sarah Palin than remain in public service.

Today Sarah Palin endorsed a new Sarah Palin reality show Donald Trump. But, in reality, Palin endorsed Sarah Palin. AWD would have loved to be a drone on the wall listening to the Trump/Palin negotiations before she announced her endorsement. I guess Cruz didn’t have TV shows to give on his resume.

Here’s Palin’s endorsement speech. I had forgotten how @#&*ing annoying her voice is. Let’s pray to Allah that he doesn’t pick her as his Veep. I can’t go through another ten months of listening to that again. Maybe he just bought her off with a “The Palin Family Wrestles The Bear Family” reality show.

[yt id=”oyfUu_fNQfM”]

Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t have anything against Palin. I just figured her out a long time ago. I’ve listened to her spout such beauties as “I would love to see a woman on both sides” in 2016 and other lunacies. Wasn’t the last 8 years of a woman President enough for her?

Sarah Palin has created Sarah Palin, Inc and she’s going to milk it for all she can. I don’t fault her for that. But Sarah Palin caused a lot of problems for the Tea Party movement early on because she allowed herself to be seen as the face of the movement. And the Mainstream Propaganda Media was happy to give her all the screen time she needed. I do fault her for that. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

I’ve never understood endorsements anyway. Anyone who votes one way because someone endorses a politician is lazy. Or a moron. I like Ted Cruz but I wouldn’t vote for any endorsement he makes just because he makes it. I research the topic or candidate at hand and make my mind up for myself.

As I have said, Cruz is my man. I will vote for Trump if he is the nominee. I like the fact that Trump has cojones and a knife and isn’t afraid to use either. He has totally marginalized Bubba Clintoon by calling him out on his sexual peccadillos. And Trump has smacked Hillary around so much that her face is as bloated as her cankles. No other Republican has the guts to do that. Not even Ted, who according to Trump, is sooooo mean and nobody likes him.

But Trump has done a great job of hiding his hand of whether he’s a conservative or liberal. I suspect he’s really a moderate playing the part of a populist. It’s working for him but he’s hardly established himself as a conservative. Just last week he said liberal Republican and former Massachusetts former Senator Scott Brown would make a great VP. Yes, Brown would make a great VP. For Hillary.

So it’s very suspect when the uber-conservative (just ask her) Sarah Palin comes out for a guy who no one really knows where he stands on anything outside of immigration. But AWD’s spidey sense is tingling that we will see Mama Palin rasslin’ Mama Bear on TV soon after the election.



  1. Trump’s candidacy is built on his immigration stance period. That is all that matters at this point. If we don’t enforce and deport we are done. Cruz is a good man, but does not have the balls on this issue like Trump, that is assuming Trump wins and keeps his word. Another 8 years of current immigration flow into this country and our demographics will flip to a point were we will have no representation at all.

    The GOP is dead, Trump put the bullet in it, thankfully. If he did nothing else, he put immigration on the agenda for 2016, and exposed all of the GOP, Fox news etc. for who they really are. Globalist whores.

    • I must disagree to an extent. Our country is toast, it is gone, there is little that we can do to bring it back. The current atmosphere in which the politicians are allowing 3rd world people in without restriction is a symptom, not a cause, of the death of the country. The politicians or elite class have been only interested in furthering their own self preservation and could give a flip about us. Somehow, they have a use for illegals, I see some value to them for the politicians, but in the end feel they will be a very poor choice, but the elites don’t care as they will have moved on elsewhere and only we will feel the ultimate impact.

      Now, what is the attraction of Trump? Immigration is only a small part. He is actually a liberal if you look at his past. Did he have a come to Jesus moment? Hard to say, but he does know how to manipulate the common man. He is doing this by sticking it to the elites, and that is his attraction. We need someone who is going to declare war on our government, politicians, bureaucrats (even to the secretaries), and all the other trash in Washington. There is a hope that Trump will at least start the charge.

      If Jeb, or Hillary or any of the other elites get into the office, the timeline of our destruction will be much faster. With someone like Trump or maybe Cruz, we might have a small chance of resurrection, but I doubt it. Best to prepare for an effort on secession and starting over.

      Rush had a good breakdown on Trump a few days ago, it is on his web site.

  2. Angry White Dudette

    I think the Donald is hiding his true colors. He is very ‘left’ thinking supporting gay marriage and late-term abortion. He’s popular with conservatives cause he’s saying what we’ve been thinking for a LONG time. We do have morons running Washington… Trump verbalized it, we were thinking it and for a long time. Cruz was correct when he said Trump has NY values and not many conservatives call Manhattan ‘home’.

  3. Mr. Rational

    You may want to reconsider your support for Cruz.  Word over at Vox Day’s blog is that he’s married to Goldman Sachs—literally.  Wall Street controls him through the money.  It doesn’t like him but it does like controlled opposition.

  4. IMHO Sarah Palin is addicted to media attention and couldn’t resist the attention. Abandoning Ted Cruz and hooking up with Trump is just what it looks like. She’s a media whore and Trump is happy to use her. The Tea Party’s support is not hers to convey. Evangelical Christians’ support is not hers to convey.

  5. Quartierleblanc

    I agree. She’s probably short on cash because she put a house on the market and Todd has his toys and the daughter needs more lessons in birth control. You have to admit, she’s a bit of a flake because she screwed up the gig on Fox News. How do you botch that?

  6. captainmike

    Immigration is THE issue. You may recall Obama’s words “fundamentally transform America”. No one at the time cared to ask the question “into what?” The United States in 2008 was a predominantly white, English speaking, Judeo-Christian nation and the world’s lone superpower. The wide open borders policy and importation of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of so-called refugees, mostly Muslim, is by design to complete the “fundamental transformation” of this country into a third world dysfunctional ghetto. Trump is the only one who really seems willing to fight this transformation.
    Things like abortion and gay marriage, while important, pale in comparison to the destructive forces that have our country’s very existence in their sights. While these are symptomatic of the general moral decay, it doesn’t bother me terribly if liberals want to destroy their offspring. And if Rosie wants to “marry” Ellen I really don’t give a damn.
    As far as Ted Cruz is concerned I have two really big issues with him. Firstly, he was until recently a huge proponent of increasing the H1B visa program from 65,000 annually to 325,000. He recently flip-flopped on that (sort of) and said he would like to see a 180 day moratorium on that. Big whoop. Ask the replaced Disney, Socal Edison, Verizon, et al Americans how they feel about that. Secondly, he was all in for the Obamatrade bill and voted in favor of it before he voted against it. His excuse was that McConnell lied to him or something but, let’s face it, he didn’t read the damn thing since it was locked up in some basement. Part of this abomination presumably cedes some of our immigration control to foreign countries. He changed his vote in the face of a lot of criticism but again it was just for show since he knew it was going to pass anyway.
    Ted Cruz has a lot of explaining to do. He has a talked a very good game but we have seen that before…Gowdy and Rubio come to mind. Cruz has “raised” a lot of money….somebody expects a lot in return.
    As far as Palin is concerned, I think she is pretty sincere and consistent in where she stands on any given issue. Poor lady has endured the most hateful and vicious media smear campaign that I have ever seen. Give her credit for standing her ground.

  7. We all know that the Cruz -Trump battle is not what is important in America today…No is the fact that Blacks will not get the Oscar this year …that should really get ya up set…I mean Whoppie and Spike are pissed..
    Then there is the tiny thing called Rule of law…I mean come on no one pays attention to that any more …so what if Hillary has exposed the world to our Top-Secret files…what difference does it make…?????
    I mean we need to get Bill back in the White House ,hell he needs a place to keep those cigars moist…
    I will take Cruz or Trump over the rest of those running….but I think Trump has a better chance of over turning the apple cart of Rino /democrooks.
    Either one Ted or Donald will have to battle the corrupt in DC….both are hated ..
    and those in power are doing all they can to take both of them down….
    I like Palin she makes me smile ….is she a nut …yes but no more so than most..
    As far as VP goes Cruz would take Lee I think….Trump!s pick will be researched and he will use all his marketing skills in the selection I am sure….I do not think it will be the Dude ,but he could do a lot worst I tell ya..
    I thought about voting for Bernie ,but then I took my meds..and feel much better now..
    I have totally given up on all TV news …Fox is as bad as CNN now…
    how nice it would be to have a News show that did not have reporter that think they are Stars…just report the facts and keep ya opinion to ya self …don`t spin it just report it…
    long legs Blond hair and tits do not a News show make…
    at the Jigg Digg News Minute we are ugly old and we admit we will lie like hell… that`s news ..

  8. Disgusted Caucasian

    Palin’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Her endorsement delivery seemed squirrely to say the least. I’ve never been a fan of her personally, but this is about politics and not personalities. She has endured the most brutal attacks from the leftist media ever in American politics. When you’re right over the target, you take the most flak. Palin has proved that the media despises her and that makes me sure that she’s in the upper ten percent, at least, of Conservatives. However, I would not want her, or any woman, to be president.

    I like, but do not trust, Cruz for the reasons captainmike pointed out. The other thing that bothers me about Cruz is that he always gives himself an out when making promises…or pretending to make them. He says “I intend” instead of “I will” when he speaks of what he’ll do if elected. That really bothers me. Cruz does have a sugar daddy I believe his name is, Robert Mercer, and I’m sure he’ll be wanting policy favors. Just what will be those favors exactly….business as usual? Mercer is a billionaire hedge fund manager and just may want business to continue as usual. I’ll probably vote for Cruz if he gets the nod. If Cruz or Trump roll over, I’m done with voting for good.

    Trump is not the perfect candidate for me. He doesn’t speak of getting rid of Obamacare and he has not explained himself very well on social issues. Although his tax plan is better than the existing one, it’s still progressive and isn’t what I want to see. On the up side, he’ll be great on trade and foreign policy, he’ll set the PC movement back ten years, he’ll build the military and he just may veto omnibus spending orgies. The number one issue for me is immigration/invasion. Unless this is stopped, not controlled, none of the other issues really matter because I’ll be living in a third world hellhole that I’m no longer a citizen of. This is why hardliner Conservatives, like me, are willing to give Trump the bully pulpit.

  9. I’d still bang her.

  10. Spurwing Plover

    She is from Alaska where their a pretty rugged bunch they dont care too much for the eco-freaks other this polar bear designation they dont like tree huggers up there

  11. Palin was foisted on the Republican Party by the neo-cons, led by that twit from Fox News, William Kristol. We have had to watch her decline from the smart, savvy, Alaskan Governor and candidate for Vice President on the RINO ticket to the Mouth of the Frozen North and Governor Drop Out. Then we got to watch her screech and spout on Fox for a few more years. For the last several years we have been following her lead role on the continuing saga of the Klassiest Dysfunctional Family In Alaska. She’s a real piece of work, and Trump will discard her like a used rubber when he no longer needs her to keep his road show going. Ted Cruz is a true, proven Conservative, but he’s not abrasive enough for a mad as hell electorate.

  12. Most of ted Cruz’s donations are from regular people in small amounts….not Wall St.I think Trump offered her a cabinet position. And yes…I would do her if she let me as would most of you red blooded men.Bottom line is Trump is all about immigration ..nothing else matters.Cruz is my guy but I would vote Trump if he were nominee.

  13. I do NOT see an endorsement from camera seeking attention seeking has been wanabee Palin as being a positive event on the Donald trump train. I support Donald trump but if he pays her a lot of attention I WILL drop him like a hot rock an support CRUZ.

    Palin basically disgusts me.. reminds me of the George bush era an all the idiocy that involved. All Trump needs now is for loser bush to endorse him.. an wtf is up with that Mexican urinal gnat el jeb bush STLL being in the race? my ass. yall have a nice day.

  14. Palin is OK. She is conservative but she desperately needs a voice coach.

  15. there are only two candidates worth their salt…..Cruz and Trump…..and I prefer Cruz over Trump but you damn well know I will vote for Trump if he’s the nominee………..

    and here’s why……………………

  16. Obama has 365 days left….
    damn that seems like a long long time..
    and it will take many many years to undo all his crap….
    I hope we have learned some lessons here….

  17. Breaking News …This Just In…..
    The Jigg Digg News Minute has learned that we the people of America have a real chance to make it more beautiful..

    yes folks if we just elect Trump Whoopie da wookie will leave the USA thus making it more beautiful..
    perhaps she will take a few more with her….
    so do what ya can to help make America beautiful again….
    and thank you
    this has been jigg reporting from deep in the south

    • If rosy and the rest of view joins in leaving my country I’ll personally campaign for trump. That alone would be worth it.

  18. I like Trump, but I think that associating himself with Palin is a bad choice. Palin is a failure, and why would a winner tie himself to that?

  19. Here is one pissed off woman…
    I really enjoyed her rant against label makers like Kelly ..Fox news and those that want to tell us how to think how to act…

    see if you agree..
    have a wonderful day…stay safe ..hang tuff

  20. When it comes to trump and Cruz I’m torn. I know Cruz is a good man and would be a great president. But after keeping track of politics for 7 years and seeing what both sides have done to this country i so what to see trump destroy there elite club and make them howl with rage. May the best man win.

  21. getting pretty preturbed about what is going on in the republitard party………………..

    the god damn republitard establishment is coming out for Trump……Bob Dope, Borin Hatch, and a shit load of other establishment republitards have come out for Trump because they believe they can do business with him………according to Trump all these establishment bastards are warming up to Trump……calling him……trying to get on the Trump band-wagon…………..

    I don’t like it………..these republitards hate Ted Cruz so much they will throw their lot in with Trump believing they can remain in power and the money will continue to roll in because they can “deal” with Trump…….that Trump won’t upset the apple-cart……….the problem I am having is I think they are right…..I think Trump will throw in with them and we will still be fighting to prevent the country from totalitarianism….top down control……forcing us into accepting their crony capitalism……….

    I’m getting a bad feeling about Trump………………I know Cruz wants to eliminate the establishment……get rid of them….take over the party and kick these old bulls to the curb……..and that is what has to happen if we are going to take back the country…………….

    Cruz…..not Trump………..I got a feeling if Trump wins the nomination and the election nothing will change and things forour country will only get worse………we must eliminate the establishment or they will relegate us to serfdom in order to serve them……….

  22. Thank God I have nevewr been a Democrook or a Retardepublican…
    both parties suck the big one …self serving elite ass wipes all…
    what is lower than a politician and lawyer …???
    and what the hell is this tea party …I mean what does it stand for???…how can you tell if someday is really with them and not just using the grass root platform to reach their goals and get or stay in office…
    I see no perfect person running for office not Trump not Cruz none…but what we have controlling this country now has got to go ..
    The Demos have a Socialist and a Crook running….both parties have kissed Obammy ass so often he has become more of a dictator than a Prez…
    never has this nation been so very divided …we the people is now I the person..
    Isis exist because those in power want it to exist….who benefits from it???
    If Cruz were elected he would have both the Demos and the Establishment Rinos against him…they would fight him on every issues..
    and what of Trump…I truly enjoy him exposing the useless folks in DC…but if elected he too will be both fought and used…..the Evil in our government runs very deep is global and will take more than one man to rid us of it…
    No one in power or rich is ever held accountable for their crimes ….and we shit on our Vets and treat them as cannon fodder…only give them honor during an election year and then only to get votes…
    None of these politicians really give one great God Damn about any of us…
    We hear lots of fancy talk….but I see few that walk the walk…
    ego and asshole ..that is what this election year is really about….
    disgusted …end rant

  23. If you don’t like Sarah Palin, then you don’t like America!

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