Sarah Palin is a politician. Which means she is an opportunist. Palin figured out long ago it’s more lucrative to sit on the sidelines and make crappy TV shows about Sarah Palin than remain in public service.

Today Sarah Palin endorsed a new Sarah Palin reality show Donald Trump. But, in reality, Palin endorsed Sarah Palin. AWD would have loved to be a drone on the wall listening to the Trump/Palin negotiations before she announced her endorsement. I guess Cruz didn’t have TV shows to give on his resume.

Here’s Palin’s endorsement speech. I had forgotten how @#&*ing annoying her voice is. Let’s pray to Allah that he doesn’t pick her as his Veep. I can’t go through another ten months of listening to that again. Maybe he just bought her off with a “The Palin Family Wrestles The Bear Family” reality show.

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Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t have anything against Palin. I just figured her out a long time ago. I’ve listened to her spout such beauties as “I would love to see a woman on both sides” in 2016 and other lunacies. Wasn’t the last 8 years of a woman President enough for her?

Sarah Palin has created Sarah Palin, Inc and she’s going to milk it for all she can. I don’t fault her for that. But Sarah Palin caused a lot of problems for the Tea Party movement early on because she allowed herself to be seen as the face of the movement. And the Mainstream Propaganda Media was happy to give her all the screen time she needed. I do fault her for that. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

I’ve never understood endorsements anyway. Anyone who votes one way because someone endorses a politician is lazy. Or a moron. I like Ted Cruz but I wouldn’t vote for any endorsement he makes just because he makes it. I research the topic or candidate at hand and make my mind up for myself.

As I have said, Cruz is my man. I will vote for Trump if he is the nominee. I like the fact that Trump has cojones and a knife and isn’t afraid to use either. He has totally marginalized Bubba Clintoon by calling him out on his sexual peccadillos. And Trump has smacked Hillary around so much that her face is as bloated as her cankles. No other Republican has the guts to do that. Not even Ted, who according to Trump, is sooooo mean and nobody likes him.

But Trump has done a great job of hiding his hand of whether he’s a conservative or liberal. I suspect he’s really a moderate playing the part of a populist. It’s working for him but he’s hardly established himself as a conservative. Just last week he said liberal Republican and former Massachusetts former Senator Scott Brown would make a great VP. Yes, Brown would make a great VP. For Hillary.

So it’s very suspect when the uber-conservative (just ask her) Sarah Palin comes out for a guy who no one really knows where he stands on anything outside of immigration. But AWD’s spidey sense is tingling that we will see Mama Palin rasslin’ Mama Bear on TV soon after the election.


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