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When Pete Sessions was elected to Congress waaaaayyyy back in 1996, he drove a pickup filled with horse manure to signify the stench of Washington. He was going to fix things and make it all better for Texans in his district. Yeah, right. Now 20 years later, Sessions is one of the lifelong GOP Establishment and is part of the DC stench.

To make matters even worse, Sessions doesn’t even live in Texas! He moved to Florida. I crap you negative! He actually lives in Florida as a Texas congressman. I guess he loves him some Disneyworld. Or being far away from his constituents. Or something. These are the games played by lifetime politicians who have been bought and paid for by special interest lobbyists and corporations in DC. And they are what is wrong with Washington.

This year, the voters in the 32nd Congressional district can retire Pete Sessions. Maybe Disney has a Goofy outfit ready for him. A real fiscal conservative is challenging Sessions for his seat and is doing quite well in preliminary polling. His name is Russ Ramsland and he is a Tea Party leader who has been very involved in supporting conservative principles and leaders in Texas and beyond. Russ is a successful businessman who knows what it’s like to create wealth, not seize and waste it.

Russ has his act together with a quality organization that is busy canvassing each of the 209 precincts in the district. He looks to be the first serious challenger to Mister Florida.

Here is a video released by Ramsland in true Texas badass fashion:

[yt id=”WU3ioEmQCfM”]

Awesome! AWD will be happy to send several tons of Tannerite with Russ to explode the overblown monster of DC when he wins!

Here’s some of Ramsland’s mailers and door hangers his team is using to blanket the 32nd district to illustrate Session’s failure as a Congressman:



It’s pretty easy to figure out a politician has been in office for too long when they don’t live in their district. It’s even easier when they don’t even live in the same state! Actually, it’s pathetic.

AWD was telling a buddy the other day that I want to go to each of the North Texas Republican congressmen’s town hall meetings and ask them this one question:

Other than death, what would cause you to step down from office?

We all know the answer is nothing! These sellouts live like kings. They have written election laws where they are reelected at a rate above 99%! And what have lifelong Congress critters achieved besides a $19 trillion debt, open borders, terrorist attacks on American soil, and doing NADA while Obama has trampled the Constitution! Well, they’ve thrown billions of dollars to Big Business and the Chamber of Commerce! And themselves, of course.

Texas deserves better! Hell, America deserves better! Pete Sessions has had 20 years and has failed us. We need to remove these tired Establishment relics who have polluted Congress for decades!

If you have a few extra dollars, throw a few the way of Russ Ramsland! He’s the best chance we have of retiring Pete Sessions! Here’s his website:

If you’re in the 32nd congressional district, don’t you deserve representation from someone who actually cares enough to live in Texas? Let’s retire a lifelong Congress critter. I hear Orlando is quite nice this time of year. This is the year! Now is the time!



  1. Spurwing Plover

    The outright stench form our nations capital would gag a skunk and make vulture puke

  2. Blogger TEXAS FRED has had his run-ins with Pete also.
    Now is the time to vote this carpetbagger politician out of representing TEXAS!!!
    God, how I hate a lying false flag politician!

  3. every one of these go-damn rino pieces-of-crap must be primaried….primary every one of these sons-a-bitches………..

    we must take over the republitard party and control it from within………….if we conservatives don’t get control of the party apparatus we will be relegated to the side lines and left outside looking in…….we must take over the republitard party if we are to get this country back and headed in the “right” direction………..

    these elitist bastards like Sessions have sold us down the road for bigger and even more bigger government…….this god-damn government is so freak’n big it’s unreal and it’s the d’himicrats and the rino republitards that have grown this behemoth……the only reason they haven’t stood up to Obongo and his treacherous henchmen that are transforming America into a shit-hole for illegals is that republitards like Sessions agree with growing government into a monstrosity……..they are in agreement with what Obongo is doing to the country……that’s why they won’t stand up to Obongo….they’re complicit……this is what they want…..a country that is subservient to them, the elites…….it’s bastards like Sessions that want us to be the serfs and him and his buddies will be our lord and masters………

    Fu_k him……….hope that he gets his ass kicked…… him out of Washington on a rail…..expose him for what he is………”a traitor to the republic”……….

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      “run him out of Washington on a rail” I hope that’s a big train Bluto. All the democrats and almost all of the Republicans in Washington are traitors.

  4. Rancid Crabtree

    This country is already lost, we just don’t quite know it yet. It doesn’t matter who gets elected, in a couple years they are the same as the bum we threw out. Republicans or Democrats are exactly the same in the end. One takes your money and gives to their parasitic rich friends, the other takes your money and gives it to the parasitic welfare crowd. Either way your money is gone. Maybe Trump can change things but I doubt it.

  5. Disgusted Caucasian

    Not to be confused with Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama. An important note.

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