F'IN' A!

F’IN’ A!

AWD saw this over at The Truth About Guns and think it’s a worthy endeavor for us here at Angry White Dude.

There is a Face Book page called Stand Strong, Connecticut supporting gun owners in that state to not comply with the fascist Connecticut law to register their so-called “assault rifles.” AWD stands with other pro-Second Amendment groups and all lovers of Constitutionally-guaranteed liberties to encourage Connecticut gun owners to NOT comply with this tyrannous law! Here is a snippet of the law:


With minor exceptions (not included here), it is illegal, under Connecticut law, to possess assault weapons unless the owner possessed it before October 1, 1993 and obtained a DPS certificate of possession within the deadlines specified in law (CGS §§ 53-202d(a) and 53-202m).

Although the statute requiring the certificate does not use the term “registration,” the features of the law are comparable to the machine gun registration statutes. The certificate of possession must contain a description of the firearm that identifies it uniquely, including all identification marks. It must also include the owner’s full name, address, date of birth, thumbprint, and any other information DPS deems appropriate (CGS § 53-202d).

Screw that! And screw the Connecticut lawmakers who voted for this abortion of a law! AWD applauds and sends his deepest respect to the patriots in Connecticut who have refused to register their guns in Connecticut! Registration always…ALWAYS…has led to gun confiscation!

The Second Amendment is the only thing Americans have that keeps us from being totally controlled and eventually annihilated by the ever-growing government leviathan.

AWD will soon send a photo of himself to be posted at Stand Strong, Connecticut and calls on all AWD Dudes and Dudettes to do the same. Even cooler would be for us to submit our photos wearing Angry White Dude t shirts! Point of the spear!

Tyranny must be met straight on and punched in the nose at every occasion. Americans cannot depend on elected politicians to protect our rights. They are only interested in protecting ‘their’ rights and would just as soon see the Second Amendment banished by a Supreme Court that is only a vote or two away from doing just that!

To alter John Galt’s pledge in Atlas Shrugs, AWD asks everyone who reads this page to pledge:

I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never surrender my guns. Even though the government may take my life, they will never take my Constitutionally protected rights to own firearms.

This is not radical talk from a bomb-throwing maniac. This is a pledge from a law-abiding American patriot who will not stand idly by while corrupt bureaucrats take apart the Constitution right by right. I love the Constitution. I hate politicians. And I will not abide by laws that infringe on my rights!

Please send your photos to STAND STRONG, CONNECTICUT and let them know the Angry White Dude family supports their resistance to tyranny.


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