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OK, it’s Friday. AWD has had a hellacious week making multi-billion dollar business decisions in the exciting but dangerous world of plumbing fixtures sales. I can’t give details but let’s just say I have those bastids at Moen by the cojones!!!!

So one entire week in Texas without monsoons, a week of successful bidness, a good looking curvy babe on the agenda for tonight, and it’s Friday! So instead of talking about Our Corrupt Lady of the Cankles, wussypants Republicans, evil Joooos, or other annoyances, I thought it was time to take up a serious topic that begs discussion. And another episode of Music That Doesn’t Suck!

I’ll just say it. ‘Serenade’ is Steve Miller’s best song ever. I will allow dissenting views. No, I won’t. OK, I will, but watch it. I’m ready to go toe-to-toe with any fool who serves up some lame “Ohhh AWD, ‘Fly Like An Eagle’ is my all-time favorite song! It’s got all that freaky synthesizery sh*t going on in it and reminds me of smoking doobies at the beach with Jenny Sue back in high school.” I will beat your ass like a red headed mule if you come at me with that weak sh*t!

Even worse would be, “But AWD, ‘The Joker’ is Steve’s best because…well, just because.” Maybe because you’re a no-good-music-listenin’ tard who can’t piss and hit terra firma in the realm of knowing a great song from a monkey screwing a football! And what the hell is a “Pompatoose of love” anyway?

Speaking of “The Joker,” how many times have the Gods of Rock cursed me to hear that song! Yeah, it was cool the first 1,453,987 times I heard it. But that was back in ’75 in the 8th grade! I just did the math and calculated that I have heard ‘The Joker’ on the radio more times than I have taken breaths in my life! Sh*t ain’t right! Enough with The Joker! I got it! You had me in ’75. You lost me.

No, while putting on my body armor this morning for another day slogging it out with the evil American Standard comm-a-mists (your faucet gaskets suck, a-holes!) in the plumbing fixtures section battleground of Home Depot on Highway 12 in Dallas, AWD had this thought pop into my big, sexy melon: ‘Serenade’ is Steve Miller’s best song ever. I must inform the world.

Oh, and Steve is from Texas. So there.

So, for all you Yanni/Kenny G-listening, mini-van driving, Gap-dressing, musical infants out there, here’s Steve Miller’s greatest work in the history of Steve Miller great work. I present you…..Serenade!

I’m still prepared to kick your ass over this!



  1. AWD, stop huffing that pipe dope, it’ll rot yer brain! Well, judging by your claim that Serenade is is Miller’s best song, it’s too late for ya already. Everybody with an IQ above 3 knows that Rocking me Baby is Millers best.

    So there.

  2. bluecollar

    Wild Mountain Honey- Steve Miller Band – YouTube

     The Stake- Steve Miller Band – YouTube

  3. “And what the hell is a “Pompatoose of love” anyway?”

    Lol, AWD I cant believe you went there. So I Googled that shit, and I can’t believe how every goat roper in the world got it wrong too.

    But I will cut you some slack for having the IQ of a Drummer and the fact that everyone else got it wrong too because Lil Stevie (Gibson Gitar) Miller had dry mouth in the recording studio.

    The phrase sung was “Prophesy of Love”

    The word prophesy is a verb. (The last syllable of prophesy is pronounced sigh.) To prophesy means to predict the future – usually with divine inspiration. Which fits the thematics of Steve’s lyrics.

    So you may be asking yourself, why is Waspish right and and ‘errbody else wrong?

    Well that’s a fair question.

    Because I listened to that song over and over for four hours one day in Glenna Rae Tyler’s Pool-house until I got to third base with her.

    She was the hottest cheerleader in Junior High and I was the only one to ever figure that ‘Propheses of love’ shit out.

    So go jump on a Big ol’ Jet Airliner cause bottom line is… there ain’t no best Steve Miller song,

    They’re all great.

    Still wanna fight?

    • I’m gonna hong kong on all y’all’s asses except Rebelpatriot.

      Waspish, Glenna Rae Tyler? I think I know her. 😉

      Serenade, y’all! AWD just got back to the stately Dude Manor and am cranking out some Serenade on the stereo! The filly’s on her way over tonight to discuss the Pompatoose of love! Woo, bay bah!


      • I can’t stop saying Glenna Rae…Glenna Rae; I think that is the sexiest name I’ve ever heard. Glenna Rae…Glenna Rae.

  4. Rebelpatriot

    Was that the theme song for the tv show Lost in Space? Kidding you AWD, that was a great song.

  5. By your post, you are 55 years of age.
    Glad you are making money.
    Enjoy your viewpoints here for quite a few years now.

  6. AWD
    Tell those a-hole in the engineering dept at Moen, Price Phister, American Standard ,Crane etc that there is gona be a revolution if they keep restricting the water flow in their products, I know it’s the Dept of Energy and the EPA twisting their arms and forcing their stupid regulations on them but they got to stand up for the lowly plumber, One gallon flush toilets just dont move what’s got to be moved, wait till 2020 and all toilets will be made with 2 1/2 inch outlets, it’s gona be nothing but backed up sewers all over the country, Water savers and energy conservation just ain’t American. its a Communist plot or something,

    • GA Steve, didn’t you know that the EPA is gonna create new rules forcing all of us ‘mericans to restrict the size of our turds? By 2020 the average ‘merican will be dropping turds no bigger than a deer turd, or else they’ll fine the crap out of us. (Pun intended)

  7. Red Ruffansore

    I always liked livin’ in the U.S.A. It had special meaning in ‘nam circa ’69

  8. Max & Eric

    Who`s Steve Miller, I wouldn’t know because when he comes on I change the station. And I listen to everything from Lindsey Stirling to Five Finger Death Punch. And that’s my opinion, as my late mother said, your just like your Father a real Opinionated SOB. I just don’t get steve miller…. But then again I like the guys that play music with guns.

    • Thumbs up for the Lindsey Stirling. Damn Mormons never looked so good. Never heard of Five Finger Death Punch, but then that means nothing because I don’t know squat about music.

  9. Guns&Butter

    I’ll bite.

    Take the Money and Run.

  10. You guys wouldn’t know good music if it raped your face. This is the best song of all time:

  11. PS, Steve Miller’s real name is (((Steve Schwartzbergcohenski))).

  12. BubblePuppy7

    At the risk of showing my age…early Steve Miller Band was the best. ‘”Your Saving Grace” and “Baby’s House” are two prime examples.

  13. In the moonlight’s ghostly glow
    I waken in a dream
    Once more upon that raft I stand
    Upon a raging sea

    In my ears the moans and screams
    Of the dying ring
    Somewhere in the darkness
    The siren softly sings

    Out there in the waves she stands
    And smiling there she calls
    As the lightning cracks the sky
    The wind begins to howl

    The architects of our doom
    Around their tables sit
    And in their thrones of power
    Condemn those they’ve cast adrift

    Echoes down the city street
    Their heartless laughter rings
    Waiting for the curtain call
    Oblivion’s in the wings

    The casket is empty
    Abandon ye all hope
    They ran off with the money
    And left us with the rope

    • You are best while drinking. A writer’s curse perhaps. Just need a good anchor and you’ll be fine. Miss you too, bud.

  14. eclectic kelvin

    Gads, If you can’t see that “Mercury Blues” is clearly the best of Steve Miller then you seriously haven’t listened to his music

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