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AWD was watching some footbaw this weekend while clasping my offspring to my big, sexy bosom when this Cadillac commercial came on and severely harshed my mellow huge.

Is this how Cadillac tries to sell cars? You’d have to look hard all over Nueva Jork and Mexifornia to find a poofter more effiminate than this half-a-sissy. And even then you wouldn’t be able to find a more pathetic creature than that pencil-neck turd!

Geraldo Rivera and Alan Colmes better look out because the poofter in that commercial is on the short list to be the next libtarded cannon fodder they serve up on Fox News. And we never thought we’d see a male more pathetic than Geraldo or Alan Colmes.

I see Lance in the commercial driving a Smart Car or some other retarded vehicle of that pitiful class. And NO woman without flannel shirts and hairy legs wants anything to do with a male who drives a Smart Car. Or looks like Lance.

Cadillac serves up the latest male bashing commercial by showing some Skeletor-looking Charlie-male (i.e. homosexual) type thinking they’ll sell cars. Bwahahaha! All that’s missing is a man purse!

If Cadillac really wants to sell some vehicles, they better come up with a full-size bad-ass pickup pronto. The kind like AWD drives. And long is the list of hot fillies who have scooted across the console (which stows numerous articles of warfare) to make the Big Sexy happy. Trust me.



  1. Cadillac destroyed itself years ago when GM started using Chevie engines and other generic parts and downsizing it to appeal broadly across the male realm. Its now an over priced pile of junk good for a few years before they start falling apart. The finest luxury vehicles America makes in todays world are Pick Up Trucks. Ford and Toyota lead the pack. Hell even my beloved Tundras are made in Texas. Ain’t picking a fight with Chrysler or Chevies, they’ve been blessed with lousy management and Union idiots.

  2. I think you missed the point of the commercial, AWD.

    It’s really saying, “If you’re a dickless loser geek who’s never gotten laid,

    then owning a Cadillac can turn you into the ultimate pussy magnet.”

    Stupid, I know, but then again dickless loser geeks who have never been laid just might fall for it.

  3. Guy in the commercial looks like he would pick a guitar over an AR-10 with no hesitation. Just sayin’.

  4. Gary Nelson Harper

    Libtard here. Yeah.. it’s clearly bash the white guy infoganda.. I met a guy who looked like this guy about 15 years ago. Big thick glasses. He ran (CEO) an outfit that I am not at liberty to name. He seemed out of place as the guy running the operation given the customer I was working for. He and I were shooting the shit and I asked him, “How the hell did you land this gig?”… He told me about how he was a C3 guy that was dropped into Iraq prior to Desert Storm and his job was to reign electron HELL down upon the Iraqis when the insertion began. He did that, and in short turned off the entire country. The firm was supposed to extract him from his location when the hell broke loose. He waited… waited.. waited.. hmm.. no one is coming. The dude walked out of Iraq by himself and into Kuwait. When he got home, he went right to Congress and testified that the firm had left him there to die. He kept at it until the head of the firm asked him “What is it going to take to shut you up?”… CL answered, ” A Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering”. A check was cut and he became the CEO of a company that specializes in electronic surveillance activity. Moral of the story. There are many pencil necked geeks that should not be F***ed with.
    Been there, done that, but I didn’t.

  5. My kind of Cadillac commercial………


    Neal McDonough……………….aka Justified’s Detroit gangster Robert Quarles.

  6. I am surprised he wasn’t black. All males on tv are black and I am tired of it. I do not care to see any male because I am not gay but it seems to me that every time they show a pretty white woman on television she is standing with a black. I am tired of this. There are white men in this world but you would think we all disappeared if you watch television,….especially in commercials.

  7. Cadillac is nothing but an expensive Chevy. Anything made in Detroit is suspect.

  8. Stranger in a Strange Land

    An old Cadillac hearse netted me plenty of freaky fillies…so did my mud loving truck…hmm. I’m starting to think it wasn’t the ride! Ok, I don’t see a problem with the commercial because if it wasn’t for pansy soft skin males making real men that much more appealing to the ladies we would have to actually try to find a good woman!

  9. Spurwing Plover

    I can still remember when the Aqua Velva Man A MAN WANT TO SMELL LIKE A MAN or FEEL LIKE A MAN or when Campbells made those MAN HANDLER soups Just as rediculous as the christmas ad from last year the liberal pansie guys in the shorts wiggling their hinies and making ding-a-ling sounds

  10. Duke of Earl

    Cadillac needs to go back to tail fins. Jeeze, give those cars some character.

  11. So sickened by the media’s presentation of white males as either metrosexual twits ot racist hillbillies.

  12. Ha! It’s Steven Merchant creator of the office and the lead in Hello Ladies. He basically plays a dickless loser in the latter.

  13. the solution is for all white men to start working out, train in salat, Chinese boxing or any self defense training that is reality based, and the use of edged weapons, stop f***** around if you get your ass kicked its because your are a pussy,the fight is won or lost in the gym, get busy or perish!

  14. Spurwing Plover

    Duke of Earl. we used to have some woman who lived in our town she drove a big white late 50’s cadillac with the big rocket fins on it

  15. That ain`t a real man, and that ain`t a real Caddy. A real Caddy was big, fast , luxurious and loaded. The last real Caddy was the Fleetwood which died in `95 when GM Killed of all its full size cars. Since BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, Audi, and Lexus have dominated the luxury market by appealing to yuppies-metrosexual pansies and hipsters who aren`t buying them anyway.Cadillac is only following suit in a vain attempt to woo these types. Give me a Caddy-ANY Caddy except the Cimmarom and downsized Seville from `49 to `95 and I`ll be as happy as a ….well, you know what.

  16. Intel loves them some pooftah. The one comment was quite interesting….


    Next is one from the Houston Convention & Visitors Bureau. Maybe they want more pickle puffers and Bohemian BFers to visit and convene there…


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