AWD must admit I don’t know much about Shia Lebeouf. At first, I thought it was the name of the latest Muslim terrorist group in France. Those French sensitive guys are known to do a lot of lebeoufing over in the streets of gay Paree. Maybe it’s the Shia Muslims lebeoufing the Shiite Muslims when they’re not lebeoufing goats. It’s difficult to stay up with all this shiite!

All I know is this Shia Lebeouf keeps stirring up a lot of trouble.

Then I come to find out that Shia Lebeouf is not a gay French terrorist organization but some worthless Hollywood actor! Why am I not surprised? Is he a Muslim? Well, he certainly acted like one when he was arrested in Georgia for being a drunk a**hole:

Threatening to shoot a law enforcement officer is not a good idea these days unless you’re in Black Lives Matter. But Lebeouf is a cracka and enjoys no such privilege or protection. And AWD surmises that the judge in GA will look none too kindly at a Hollywood bigmouth threatening one of their own. I’m not a fortune teller but I predict a severe bout of hoosegow leboufing taking place very soon in Shia’s little buttoid region.

What would make Mr Shia Lebeouf throw such a little hissy fit? Oh, Donald Trump! Should’ve guessed! A quick Youtube search turned up Mr Leboof in action:

One has to love the irony his message, “He will not divide us,” as he assaults and screams in the faces of Trump supporters. It appears Trump has succeeded in dividing leftards from what little sanity they once may have had. Nicely played, Mr President.

I don’t know why I posted this because I couldn’t pick Shia Leboof out of a crowd of one. AWD has long believed that actors are the most worthless and untalented people on Earth? Why? Because rappers are in movies and rappers are the second most worthless wastes of space on the planet. But rappers can act while actors cannot rap.

One thing is for certain, Shia Leboof is dogsh*t crazy and will end up hurting someone or, more likely, spitting chiclets courtesy of some cop or Trump supporter.

Other than that, I don’t have much to say about this cat. If y’all know anything, feel free to post it.


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