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If We Shot Them All Today, There Would Be News From Hell Tomorrow



The above is a paraphrase of William Tecumseh Sherman’s comment on the press during the War of Northern Aggression and the version I first heard. He’s properly quoted as saying “If I had my choice I would kill every reporter in the world, but I am sure we would be getting reports from Hell before breakfast. “

What I like about Sherman was that he probably meant every word. Don’t get me wrong, as a southerner, Bill was not one of my favorite bluecoats, not in the least. I would have liked nothing better than if one of my rebel ancestors would have lined him up in the crosshairs of a scoped Whitworth rifle and sent his sorry Yankee ass into the hereafter so he could spend eternity with the press corps. However, I would not have wanted this to happen before he provided us with a few more of his famous quotes. The guy was truly king of the one-liners. Here’s another quip about the press.

“I hate newspapermen. They come into camp and pick up their camp rumors and print them as fact. I regard them as spies, which, in truth, they are.”

Simply brilliant. It seems that Bill Sherman was not only prescient in his ideas of the press, but he truly hated them and recognized newsmen for the scumbags they really are. Can you imagine bringing Bill back from the dead and have someone like Chuck “Odd” (yeah, he really is a squirrelly looking little bastard) interviewing him? Envision Chuckie on Meet the Press asking WTS a stupid question? I can see Sherman putting the barrel of his Colt Army into Chuck Todd’s mouth then asking him to rephrase the query before he scrambles what little brains he has left. Such were the days when men were men and there was no confusion about which restroom to go to. Priceless.

It’s really funny and sad as to how little has changed. In fact it’s getting worse. The MSM is the least trusted institution in this country. Frankly I don’t believe a thing they say, write or report. I’ve seen better bullshit artists who were dead drunk at one o’clock in the morning than most of these people.

But it’s not just about the overt lying that is rampant within the MSM. It’s also about the hypocrisy. I was watching one of the cutsie bubble headed news readers on a major network who was aghast at the so called “fat shaming” of a former Miss Universe with a bit of thug past. Hey sweetheart, for one this is not news. Secondly, if you gained a hundred pounds, made a porno and was caught hanging around a known gangster your career would be toast. Your job is based upon the fact that you’re nice to look at, you can follow a script and read a teleprompter. Nothing more. There are plenty of women just like you out there and your replacement is just around the corner. You’re not that special.

Then there is the endorsement issue. Why should a news organization endorse anyone? Their job is to report the news and the facts. I’ll do my own thinking. I don’t need a group of nitwits making suggestions for me. An opinion page is great, however you might want to think about opposing views. Anything else is just propaganda and pushing a personal agenda. Some of the endorsements are outlandish. The Houston Chronicle each election cycle has endorsed Sheila Jackson Lee who is an utter imbecile. I can see a rag like “ The Barnacle” endorsing a leftist; just don’t push one that is brain damaged. Newspapers are notorious for this practice, yet they wonder why their circulations are falling. Go figure.

What is clear is that the MSM is just a propaganda tool of the left. When people say they lie like a whore, it’s only impugning the reputation of whores. They are not to be trusted. Recognize them for what they are.

I usually write about guns and gun rights. IMHO there is no greater enemy to your 2nd Amendment Rights than the MSM. The complete lack of veracity about gun issues is quite simply astounding. It’s just another example of why liberalism is insanity and societal suicide. Just know that if Cankles is elected POTUS, she will make these useful idiots press her agenda about extreme gun control.

If you didn’t think that William Tecumseh Sherman was a bit of an oracle, I’ll leave you with one last quote.

“There will soon come an armed conflict between capital and labor. They will oppose each other, not with words and arguments, but with shot and shell, gunpowder and cannon. The better classes are tired of the INSANE howling of the lower strata and they mean to stop them. “


Stay armed by friends




  1. there was a time not too awful long ago that news men and especially anchors were thought of with respect, and reviled as the ones who new what was going on and were trusted…….there was a time when these men were thought of as great men…..listened to by all of us……these men could sway a nation……..

    today, they’re nothing but weasels……”weasels”……lying-ass weasels………..scum……worse than scum……….not one can be trusted to tell the truth…….not one can be thought of as honest……..snakes in the grass…..newsrooms today are a den of snakes and they spit their venom trying to make us believe it’s the truth…………

    they can all go to hell………..

  2. What we have is not ‘media’, and it is not the ‘press’. We need to stop referring to the government’s propaganda bureaus as media…But then we have no mass media. We only have a liberal cheerleading team in our faces day in and day out.

    It’s simple. Pull the lever/press the button for Trump and you’ll be sticking a knife in the Old Guard, the Press and the DNC.

    Watch them all jump like lemmings off a cliff when President Trump sicks his new DOJ, Trey Gowdy on Hillary, Comey, Obozo, and a list of many more. They can’t hide from the truth.

    How is that not gloriously American?

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  4. Quartierleblanc
    Enjoyed the story about Sherman, I always thought of him as the Bastard that burned my family out, There was a pistol factory close by that made the Brass Navy Colt and when it was burned they enjoyed it so much they burned everything else. He was right about the press though.

  5. “There will soon come an armed conflict between capital and labor. ”

    Historian Clayton Cramer wrote a monograph entitled: “Fear and Loathing in Whitehall:
    Bolshevism and the Firearms Act of 1920.”

    The British Ruling Class feared the masses and slowly but surely, as the Cosmopolitans are attempting in the USA, clamped down on gun ownership. It took them nearly a century, but they got it. Remember, the gays got their “marriage equality” after working on it for a century in the USA, courtesy of a compliant Judiciary, the same ones that tell us ALL gun control laws are constitutional.

  6. “If I had my choice I would kill every reporter in the world, but I am sure we would be getting reports from Hell before breakfast.”

    This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard and only a Yankee would come up with something like this.

    Everyone knows Satan wouldn’t put up with the kind of lies the press tells.

    • bwahahahahahaha !!!!!!!!

    • Quartierleblanc

      To quote Cormac McCarthy, “Hell ain’t half full.” The last Trump “scandal” just proves that what scumbags and hypocrites they are. I don’t know a man alive who hasn’t engaged in so called “locker room talk.” Plus I’ve heard a lot worse from women.

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  8. Case in point re lying media scumbags. Yesterday in Hungary a referendum was held on the EU imposing quotas of “refugees” on assorted Eastern countries. A resounding 98% of voters rejected the plan – they want to keep Hungary as a recognisably Hungarian country, the evil bastards!

    The BBC is reporting this as an “embarrassing setback” for the patriotic Hungarian PM Viktor Orban. So 98% of voters back your anti-immigration position, and it’s an “embarrassing setback.”

    Makes you wonder what they’d make of a 100% vote. Total failure?

  9. Timmy T. Bone

    Realize that the (((media))) has been heavily controlled by the left and (((Amish))) going back decades. This is not really new. What is new is their now totally open bias veering toward blatant communism and openly anti-majority. Years ago the public would have never tolerated that crap. But today its wide out in the open and they are operating with their own (((Amish agenda))). Who do you think continually pushes diversity, multiculturalism, gay rights and everything anti-gun. Do people think its the WASPs? The Italians? The Irish? The Poles? Not even the Germans. (((The Amish))) are working overtime to make Americans a minority in their own country. And hate to say it but they may be winning. People say oh you are just (((anti-Amish))) but I say lets play a game. Every time you seen an article about diversity, racism and multiculturalism lets identify the author. Sounds harmless, right? Well once you start paying attention, you cant stop paying attention. Your eyes are slowly opened. Lets to back to the Northern War of Aggression, since I was a child it was portrayed as war against slavery and how the north were the good guys and the south were horrible. Its not till you start reading that you find out they are LYING TO YOU. This is the media today. Same deal.

  10. Travis Bickel

    In these times it’s important to make a distinction between PROPAGANDA and reporting. REAL repoerters are not propagandists, but all we have in the.MSM anymore ARE propagandists. To hell with the ABCNBCCBSCNNFOX & the internet Ghettos like Farcebook & twitter – they are all bought & paid for by Globalist interests (International Capital) trying to push a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT borderless agenda..

    We must turn our attention to the Alternative Media, which actually reports REAL news in the national interest (think DrudgeReport, Infowars, Briebart, NextNews GatewayPundit, AWD, etc)..

    MSM = PROPAGANDA. Their talking heads are PROPAGANDISTS

    ALT Media = NEWS. Legit REPORTERS & they bring us the facts..

    • Quartierleblanc

      FYI, Chuck Odd announced this AM on Meet the Depressed that the POTUS race was effectively over. Just who the hell does this little prick think he is? He along with the MSM is dragging Cankles across the finish line by NOT doing their jobs.

  11. libtard media ordered to destroy Trump…….news media organizations are ordered to do all they can to destroy Donald Trump………they are holding nothing back…..not even the pretense of being impartial……just get Trump……..their hatred and bias is all that matters to them……..”get Trump “is an all out effort and to hell with what the American public thinks about it……just get him……………….

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