Smoking in the Boys Room


The above caption pics show Sarah Fowlkes 27, a Lockhart, Texas high school teacher recently indicted for having sexual relations with a 17-year old “boy.” Newsflash, if the kid was doing the horizontal bump with Sarah something tells me he is way past the “boy” phase in his development. Besides being smoking hot, Mrs. (yes that’s right Mrs.) Fowlkes gained a bit of notoriety for flashing a huge smile with her mug shots when the story and the images went viral.

I have to admit that times have changed considerably since I went to high school. I would have sworn that most every female teacher I ever had was either a former prison guard, ex German SS concentration camp employee or had serious and significant problems with sado-masochism. None of them looked like Sarah.

I was fully convinced that most of my lady educators hated me and their purpose was to cause as much misery in my life as possible. Of course in retrospect some of this might have been self-inflicted.

But back to Mrs. Fowlkes and the shizer show she has started for herself. If guilty as charged I have no idea what sort of kink she and quite possibly her hubby are into, but I suspect that it’s considerable. Hey Sarah, I have three suggestions that might have made a difference. A) You could have waited a few weeks till the “kid” got his diploma and then you could have given him a graduation present he would never ever forget. B) You could have waited a few weeks till he turned 18 or C) You could have just quit being a teacher and then banged his lights out about two seconds after you resigned. But no, the millennial generation doesn’t seem to have a lick of delayed gratification.

I have to admit I have very mixed feelings about this particular story especially with it involving a 17 year old. Some of the comments are priceless such as calling the young lad a victim. A victim? Really? Trust me he was not even remotely a victim. The school even brought in counselors for the student body who might be affected. Affected in what way? I’ve got to know just how that one works. The police even got into the act saying the kid was “traumatized” by the events. Traumatized? How so, by the handcuffs in a little role-playing? What is astounding is that Child Protective Services was called in. I’m reasonably sure that no children were involved and what they have to offer would be quite worthless. However if the “kid” were interviewed by a female CPS employee I suspect the conversation would have gone as follows.


CPS woman: How do you feel about things?

Kid: I feel terrible.

CPS: I’m so sorry that young woman did those things to you.

Kid: (incredulous look on his face) I’m not. However you’re not quite getting it. I’m porking the hottest piece of ass in the school, maybe in the whole town and then it gets taken away. It would be like Liam Helmsworth doing you on demand and then poof he’s gone. How would you feel?

CPS: (finds herself nodding in acknowledgement about the comparison) But do you think you’re mature enough for a sexual relationship like that?

Kid: (laughs) Do I look like Beavis or Butthead to you? Besides I’m a guy. We never worry about stuff like that. Never have. Never will.

CPS: (notices the kid does have a little something going for him and has more than a passing resemblance to James Deen, the boy next door porn star) Don’t you think she took advantage of you because of your age and lack of well er, worldly experience?

Kid: (slyly winks at CPS woman while softly singing “If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right.” CPS woman starts to feel tingly down there) Well the experience “came” pretty quickly and right now I’d say I’m way ahead of the average 17 year-old. It’s an education that Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein couldn’t buy on their fantasy island.

CPS: (now flushing after the kid puts his hand over hers.) Don’t you think what you did was wrong?

Kid: (smirks)  Society has set the morality bar pretty low. Besides, lets look at things here. At Cesar Chavez and MLK middle schools there are real kids as young as 12 getting knocked up and infected with STD’s. You don’t hear jack about that. I, on the other hand take up with a mature woman without the risk of disease or pregnancy and everyone gets excited. Who do you think is the more responsible person here? (Kid looks deeply into her eyes and put his other hand on the CPS woman’s thigh)

CPS: (now beginning to sweat as well as feeling hot and bothered) Aren’t you worried about your reputation?

Kid: (laughing very hard now) Please, when I walk up the aisle to get my diploma, I’m going to get the biggest standing O in the history of the school. Just about every woman there will think I’m packing a Buick inside my shorts and more than a few will want to take a test drive. I’d say I’m going to have a great summer and that my reputation is only going to get “bigger.”

CPS: (now trying to adjust her thong without attracting too much attention) I have one last question.

Kid: Shoot. (begins to make motions with his tongue)

CPS: What are you doing tonight?


My take on the whole mess is that this is nothing more than a product of the insanity that is liberalism. Kids are told not to have sex but then are also encouraged to have sex with offers of free birth control and abortion in the process. To add to the bedlam, there is now confusion on what bathroom to use. In short, in a world of free condoms the message is that anything goes. In years past, Sarah would have been quietly removed from teaching with an agreement that she would never enter the profession again. Mrs. Fowlkes is also a product of this environment. As a millennial, she’s an adult by age only and may lack the maturity or morality to be a teacher in a high school. But hey, Bill Clinton could do pretty much the same thing to a young intern, ruin her life and then be a hero in the process. No wonder the younger generations are so messed up.

Then there is the alternative explanation. Maybe, just maybe Sarah is innocent and behind that grin she may be holding a few cards that no one knows about. Money says that she doesn’t do a day of time and that we haven’t seen the last of Sarah Fowlkes. If, however she is proven to be not guilty of charges, then I hope she makes the powers that be pay up the wazoo.




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