I don’t know where this idjit lives but I read she works for Our Lady of the Cankles. I’m sure SJW’s find that name for Hillary offensive. I certainly hope so.

Annaliese Nielson hates her some hula girl bobble heads. Because, as we know, hula girl bobble heads are destroying the image of ugly, fat feminists. And there’s probably a #BlackLivesMatter riot in there somewhere. I mean, I’m sure somewhere, sometime, a black woman put on a grass skirt. Oh, and let’s not forget the hatred hula girl bobble heads show to illegal immigrant lawn maintenance workers.

But as for me, I love me some hula girls in grass skirts. And no woman ever wore a grass skirt better than my beloved Marcia Brady. Ohhhh, Marcia. You wore your grass skirt so much better than that skank Lori Partridge ever could!


For those who are just plain stoopid, Marcia is second from right. She’s only the most perfect female ever created. But I could have done without seeing Alice in a grass skirt. She was much better in the kitchen hid behind the counter. I never understood what Al the butcher saw in her.

Here’s the rant from this SJWarriorette Annaliese Nielson to some poor Lyft driver just out trying to make a few bucks to pay his surging ObamaCare premiums. You need to watch this! (Update: the original video was taken down so I found this one)

Like, can this valley girl, like, complete a sentence, like, without saying the word “like” a dozen times? Her pathetic little valley girl accent would have gotten her about 100 feet before I ditched her little PC ass in the dark side of town. This Lyft driver guy has the patience of Job. After her first “like” and commentary on said hula girl bobble head, how long would it have taken any of you to drag her out by her greasy hair?

Oh, but she’s going to put him on Gawker! Oooooh, the horror! Because he’s privileged! Yeah, he’s real privileged having to drive for Lyft to make ends meet! She promises to make the driver the next internet meme! Well, little SJWarriorette filly, I’m happy to tell you the piece of sh*t Gawker was put out of business by Hulk Hogan recently and the owner has declared bankruptcy. And YOU are the internet joke! Bwahahahaha!

The SJWarriorette was lucky she didn’t have the same driver as Jeffrey Lebowski:

Jeffrey just hated the f#$*ing Eagles, man. And that alone got him thrown out of his ride! Imagine if the Dude had complained about a bobble head!

Lyft should cancel her account immediately and make the driver of the car the @#&*ing CEO! And they should require that all Lyft drivers have Hawaiian hula girl bobble heads on their dash. And .45s under their leg.

For the record, I might start driving for Lyft in hopes I can pick up someone like this SJWarriorette. If she thinks a bobble head is offensive, what would she think when she finds AWD has a .45 under his leg and pepper spray in plain view? I dream about moments like this!


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