Soldiers of Pension


BLM Agent

Big man with a taser.

Say what you will about cops; at least they’re theoretically protecting home turf. Most sheriffs are elected, and anymore seem to be the only true representatives of the people (we’re seeing that here in New York State as many sheriffs disclaim the S.A.F.E. Act).

But what about federal agents? What are they protecting besides the behinds of corrupt politicians? And, certainly, they’re really not doing that so much as they’re just the dumb, brute force advancing and enforcing said politicians’ power grabs.

(This is all said excluding certain federal agencies which have clearly defined law enforcement duties, such as the US Marshals, CBP, etc. I’m talking about agencies like the BLM, HUD, USPS, etc.)

I look at these hired goons and can’t help but think that they’re just a bunch of meatheads playing soldier. But playing soldier is all it is. All the real soldiers I know have this little thing called honor. What honor is there in sic’ing canines on unarmed women while confiscating the property of fellow citizens?

The most irritating aspect of it is they’re no doubt cheerily following tyrannical orders because they’re getting paid handsomely to do so. And who’s paying them their royal salaries, overtime, bennies, and golden retirement? Yup—you and me Joe Taxpayer. We who, mind you, would be mercilessly crushed under these agents’ boots should they only get the orders from above to do so.

So to you wanna-be studs with your high-tech military gear and weaponry, blithely doing the bidding of the Powers That Be for a paycheck earned for you by the people you are so callous about oppressing, I can only say that whatever hornets’ nest you decide to kick, you’ll have earned every sting. I’ll pity you not.

Order of Things

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