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Soldiers of Pension


BLM Agent
Big man with a taser.

Say what you will about cops; at least they’re theoretically protecting home turf. Most sheriffs are elected, and anymore seem to be the only true representatives of the people (we’re seeing that here in New York State as many sheriffs disclaim the S.A.F.E. Act).

But what about federal agents? What are they protecting besides the behinds of corrupt politicians? And, certainly, they’re really not doing that so much as they’re just the dumb, brute force advancing and enforcing said politicians’ power grabs.

(This is all said excluding certain federal agencies which have clearly defined law enforcement duties, such as the US Marshals, CBP, etc. I’m talking about agencies like the BLM, HUD, USPS, etc.)

I look at these hired goons and can’t help but think that they’re just a bunch of meatheads playing soldier. But playing soldier is all it is. All the real soldiers I know have this little thing called honor. What honor is there in sic’ing canines on unarmed women while confiscating the property of fellow citizens?

The most irritating aspect of it is they’re no doubt cheerily following tyrannical orders because they’re getting paid handsomely to do so. And who’s paying them their royal salaries, overtime, bennies, and golden retirement? Yup—you and me Joe Taxpayer. We who, mind you, would be mercilessly crushed under these agents’ boots should they only get the orders from above to do so.

So to you wanna-be studs with your high-tech military gear and weaponry, blithely doing the bidding of the Powers That Be for a paycheck earned for you by the people you are so callous about oppressing, I can only say that whatever hornets’ nest you decide to kick, you’ll have earned every sting. I’ll pity you not.

Order of Things
About right.



  1. Spurwing Plover

    Come to think of it didnt the nazis also conifiscate private property from the public after all the communists reject the ideas of Private Property and the nazis also used dogs on those who resisted and if Jessie Jackson,Al Sharpton and their kind would care to remmeber Bull Connor

  2. these gestapo type dipshits with all their militarized gear and tactics are going to go to far and provoke an incident that this government if going to regret……..all it takes is a spark and the revolution will be “on”…………

    I know we are all “feeling” the oppression of this authoritarianism, this oppression, this fear of the government……lets tell the truth about what is going on and happening to all of us……people are afraid to confront or stand up to these militarized thugs…..make no mistake about it, they are militarized thugs who have the intentions of invoking fear in the public…….we are being pushed into submission while we face jack-booted thugs, their M-16’s, their armored vehicles, and their dogs……..raiding our homes, searching cars, confiscating our personal property, and detaining us personally……forcing us into their system of courts claiming they are giving us our day in court when they know full well they are trying to hurt us, their victims, with financial burdens and dragging us through countless courts and fines………..

    they will go too far……..and ignite a spark……and then we will respond…….they will get a fight they will not believe……we will find our backbone and we will stand up against this tyranny…..and those that who are the oppressors will find themselves one day in a court that we will be running and they will be judged for their crimes…..against us……..

    our Bunker Hill may be soon……very soon………..


  3. Red,
    well said …that little thing called Honor is a hard won thing ..it does not come cheap and all the high tech gear all the studdly bad guy talk all the bully controlling ways will not earn that honor…

    it can not be purchased by the elite`s money nor learned in a Call of Duty video game …..Honor is born in the heart and feed by the spirit…..it is not available at Wal_mart.

  4. GrimmCreeper

    Hussein Obama 2008: We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set.

    We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.

  5. Spurwing Plover

    I see that Scary Harry Reid is now calling Bundy supporters DOMESCTIC TERRORISTS just more proof of his arrogance and why him and his stupud son Rory no longer deserve to be american citizens and no longer deserve to live in american anymore them and the rest of the Dirty Demacrat party of the Dastardly Donkey

  6. anyone else having problems commenting

  7. Eschewing the proviso about most being earnest protectors of the land; what these cast-offs from real Law Enforcement agencies are doing is making sure that after the crash, anything wearing riot gear will be a target for every Arrow, Crossbow Bolt, thrown object, pistol and rifle bullet in the land.
    They are seeing to it that all personnel carriers will be immediately set upon with a lot more than rocks like those lazy bastids in the middle east.
    They are ensuring that after the crash, every law enforcement official in the land will doubt the certainty of his returning home each night. Because every hand will be against him. Behind every blade of grass their lies a rifle, a bow, or a bizarrely constructed hideously destructive device built by an evil cadre of little rascals types who do this for amusement.
    Every bush, building, ditch, and overpass will hide a tribe, out for either revenge, or resources.
    Then there’s all those McGyvers out there, off their meds and off the reservation, and now they’re hungry, too.

  8. The only reason the Fed goons backed down in Clark county is because they realized how badly they were outnumbered. A couple hundred armed Feds were pretty much surrounded by a couple thousand armed civilians.

    After threatening to open fire on the civilians, at least one Fed with an IQ greater than that of a rock realized that if indeed, they did open fire, the would have been wiped out, to the last man. Not even the snipers would have survived, and the choppers may have been brought down too.

    Therefore, self-preservation kicked in, and is the one and only reason for the back down. Rest assured, the next time they go after rancher Bundy, if it’s by force, there will be an overwhelming number of armed Fed goons, and it will happen in the dark of night, under a news blackout, with no witnesses left alive to testify.

    There is strength in numbers people, the only way to beat the Feds, is to back each other up, with massive numbers and arms, whenever and wherever the Feds try to exercise tyranny over the people. Sooner or later hotter heads will prevail, and blood will be shed, and the only way to prevent the Feds from continuing the spread of tyranny is to show no fear and to give no quarter, if violence begins, it can only be quelled by overwhelming and unstoppable force.

    The standing army of armed citizens is many times larger than anything any branch of the Feds have.

  9. what the hell is going on here……….did the democrats sabbotaged the site……………..

  10. CombatMissionary

    A buddy of mine recently asked a valid question. When the courts find someone is in the wrong, they seize bank accounts immediately. Why were these dillholes trying to seize cattle? If he shouldn’t be on federal land and he’s delinquent in payments, seize his accounts and push his cattle back onto his land. You don’t try to provoke a Ruby Ridge.

  11. I don’t think the voting booth will help any more. The criminals are the same the names just change.

    American Operation Spring. Good idea but will it change anything when it comes to this tyrannical government? Probably not.


  12. Angry White Boss

    Cops do have some honor, but feds don’t, as you stated above. I like that final pic, too funny!

  13. Spurwing Plover

    Harry and Rory Reid with boot marks on their backsides america and do without these spoiled little snots

  14. RidinShotgun

    A friend of mine put in his 20 and retired a few years ago. I asked him his thoughts on everything that went on out there and he said, “Those guys aren’t cops, most of those guys would have failed the psych test and interview. I mean why in the hell do you have to tazer a sixty year old lady? It’s obvious from the stuff I’ve seen on line that no one ever taught these guys how to speak to people and you know why? Because they’ve probably have been told that they don’t need to.”
    He told me (At least at the federal level) that it seems the bigger the tool box you are, the farther you go and he said it scares the crap out of him.He then told me of how one of the DHS suburbans stopped him at a light the other day and the driver demanded ID from him, he said “What for?” the guy just said, “Give me your ID, you were going a bit fast back there.” He said, “You don’t have police powers in New York State, let me see the ticket your going to write me.” Said DHS guy said, “Just give me your ID.” My friend refused and just then a trooper pulled up to the scene and asked what was going on. The DHS guy said, “Nothing” and started to get back into truck. My friend asked the trooper to stop the DHS guy, telling him the story and then the trooper told the guy, “Hey man, this guy’s right, you have no police powers in this state, so why’d you want his license?” DHS man got back in his suburban and drove away.
    He also told me about a guy he dealt with about eight years ago who he wrote a ticket to. He told me that the guy tried to go around a school bus that was stopped with the lights on and was allowing children to get on. He said the guy in question was in front of him, knew he was behind him because he said he saw him glancing in his rear view mirror, then decided to weave his way through the crowd and try to dive away. He pulled the guy over and asked him what possessed him to do such a thing, knowing full well that he was behind him a marked patrol car. He told me the guy said, “I’m late for work and don’t have time to wait around.” My friend wrote him up and while he was in the process of explaining the court date and everything to him, the guy decided to argue with him. My friend simply told him, “You have you court date and we’ll discuss this then. I’m leaving.” Said guy then grabbed him by his arm and said, “No, we’ll discuss this now. I’m not finished yet.”
    Said ticket then turned into an arrest and yes the guy didn’t change his line of thinking, even in front of the judge.
    The scary thing was that he told me about eight months later he bumped into the same guy at a mall while he was out with his wife and then three year old son. Said guy walked right up to him and did the, “Hey pig, remember me?” bit. Fortunately for him, the girl behind the counter of the store he was in immediately called for security and the guy was hauled away before anything ever became of it.
    My friend, (Ok, we’ll call him Ned for the purposes of this discussion.) asked one the detectives from his job to do a bit of rock turning on the guy and after a few weeks they found out that shortly after the guy lost in court, he immediately did a freedom of information request on Ned. Although he wasn’t able to get a hold Ned’s home address, he did manage to purloin a bit of other information (Date of birth, how much he made per year, how much he had left on his mortgage, as well as who it was held by.) They also pinged the guy’s cell phone and determined that he had followed him home from work on three separate occasions before discovering where he lived. From there, he followed him around until Ned was out of the state and into Connecticut (Knowing he had no police powers in a neighboring state.) and then he decided to approach him, trying to make it look like coincidence that they met.
    I was floored and I told him so, he said, “I read a lot of blogs on the web and I’m seeing way too much “kill all the cops” talk from too many quarters out there. After what happened to me, I know that this asshole is just waiting out there, waiting for the right moment to pay me a visit and why? Over a friggen ticket.”

  15. test test tried to post here 10 different times……what the hell…….

  16. I’m going to toss this in here, we should all care…but this one is for Red and other NY’ers.


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