AWD has been waiting a few days before writing about the Waco biker shootings that left 9 motorcycle riders dead. At first glance after listening to initial Waco Police reports, a bunch of biker thugs killed each other over some turf battle. At second glance, not so fast there!

What first got AWD’s spidey sense tingling was the fact that the police arrested over 170 bikers who were each held on bail of $1 million. That’s a lot of people and a lot of bail. If this was a rumble between 170 violent bikers, there would have been a whole lot more than 9 people dead. And again, $1 million each is a lot of bail so many people. Something isn’t connecting.

Then came the report that 1,000 weapons were seized. Well, this is Texas we’re talking about. AWD has two handguns on him and a Ken Onion designed CRKT knife with him at all times so I guess that could account for three. But 1,000 weapons? Were they counting forks? The police spokesman initially said that the bikers were fighting with knives and chains….who the hell fights with chains anymore? Was this a production of West Side Story with the Jets and Sharks? Again, not adding up. Now it’s being reported that 1,000 weapons were not seized. Are they making up what happened as they go along??

Now it’s also reported that the police were there in force including a Waco PD Deputy Chief. Why haven’t he heard from him instead of the police spokesperson whose story keeps changing? The Waco Police spokesperson, Patrick Swanton, originally reported that those in attendance and killed were violent biker thugs. We are now finding that is not true. One of those killed was a veteran who never owned guns and had never been arrested. Many in attendance were veterans and it’s also being reported now that the vast majority of those arrested have never been convicted of a crime in Texas.

What is most telling of the reports emerging is that ten members of the Waco SWAT team were present (what the?) and fired over 1,000 rounds! That’s 100 rounds per SWAT team member? Three 30-round mags and then some.

Ten SWAT members and 22 uniformed Waco police were reportedly at the event. That’s a whole hell of a lot of cops. 1,000 rounds from ten SWAT members sounds a lot like Rambo-type cops shooting fish in a barrel. And not all the fish were sharks. I have no problem with the police using force to put down criminals posing a violent threat to others but we now know at least one of the dead had never committed a crime and was not part of the violence. The AP reports the restaurant’s video (which has not been released to the public) shows several bikers trying to direct innocent bystanders to safety.

AWD doesn’t know what happened. I wasn’t there. But having guns is not a crime in Texas. Neither is being a member of a motorcycle gang. I agree there are bad elements in some motorcycle gangs. There are bad elements in police forces too. But I believe there needs to be a full investigation of what occurred in Waco by a Texas entity other than the Waco Police Department.

AWD calls on Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to call a Special Investigator in this tragic event. It appears that most of the dead were shot by the Waco Police SWAT team. The shootings might be justified, maybe not. I’m just not comfortable taking the word of the Waco PD. Not after the Branch Davidian and Ruby Ridge murders.

What I believe is there were violent bikers who appeared and started the violence. But I also find it very plausible that Waco SWAT started shooting and a lot of people are dead who shouldn’t be. I also believe the police overreacted by arresting everyone in sight. And I also believe the judge is out of order with $1 million bonds across the board. And I also believe that the taxpayers of Waco will one day soon be writing big checks to those arrested and families of those killed.

AWD supports the police and has no problem with them enforcing the law to protect innocent lives. I also detest criminals and have no problem with them being put down if they present a lethal threat to any innocent. Something just doesn’t jive here. And Ken Paxton needs to get to the bottom of what happened. The sooner the better.


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